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Hello little master. Hello. Hello little master Hello. Hello little master. where is everyone? Madam is in her room, Abeera is with her. In her room at this hour? She is unwell. what happened to her? sir… the message your uncle sent through you, he implemented it. What do you mean? She got her newly married wife here. She is here at the moment. he should have thought about it, he got remarried and then got her here. Saad, did you know about papa’s second marriage? I didn’t know. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Mama. You would have been hurt and I didn’t want to see you hurt. I am still sad. your father gave you this pain, not me. I will talk to papa, see how he doesn’t take her out. this is our battle son, talk to her, let me fight it. She should stand against her father. What do I tell her and will she listen? She might if you talk to her.

I will have nothing left, I will be ruined and I don’t care

I don’t want that she stands against her father. I will have nothing left, I will be ruined and I don’t care. please mama, please don’t crush. I will force uncle leave her or at least take her from here. I am with you. Thank you son. Haris, aunt wasn’t upset with me, right? Why would she be upset with you Maha? I made a mistake once, after that j didn’t gIve her a chance to complain I know. I kept on checking you. Maha, I was really possessive in mama and Raima’s matters. U trusted no one. Not even me? I trust you. I trust you now. You know why mama liked you so much? Humm, Cause you cared a lot for her, just like Raima Aunty, was happy with me, right? She was really happy with you and she would talk to me regarding you. what did she say? She used to say I should keep you happy, care for you, treat you with love and scold you less. Hey, don’t cry. If you cry, she won’t be at peace.

I couldn’t come meet you one last time

Her clothes, all her things are in this room. So this is my home, I have come here, but I hope it’s not temporary. first my own home, then uncle’s, I thought that would be my home and I would live my life with Haris, but fate had other plans, then Saif’s farm house where I was imprisoned, then forcefully married, that too was not my home and now this home, I don’t know if this is my permanent home or not. I wish I had seen aunt one last time but Haris dragged me out caring about anyone. Aunt wasn’t there to stop his hand, aunt, forgive me, I couldn’t come meet you one last time, couldn’t see you because I am fighting the battle of my life. This color suits you. Sardar, I want to talk to you. I have to be somewhere I am getting late. We will talk later. You have to hear me out. Why create this scene? You are making a scene. Saif, hear her out, please. Yess, Sardar, I knew a long time back you would show up with your second wife here.

she will not live here. Where will she live?

Okay, what about the scene you created in the morning, what was the need of it? Cause I had not thought you would bring her here, in my home. When you thought so much, you should have thought of this too. Where else would my wife live? she will not live here. Where will she live? Tell me. you take her, but she will not live here, that is my decision. I made a decision and got Raima here, that she will live here. Fine, I won’t live here. Fine, go to your mom’s. You are doing wrong. I married her, I didn’t commit a crime. In this age? Raima doesn’t have an issue, so who are you? Sardar, you will have to agree to our decision. Only I can make decisions in this home, no one else. The decision has been made, that’s it. Come love.

Take it easy, we are going for dinner

what is the matter love? You are worried. Saif, your wife.. That is nothing to worry about. What if she does something to herself? She won’t, I know her well. I am scared. what is wrong love? I am with you, don’t worry. I think I was wrong with my wish, I shouldn’t have come here. you did nothing wrong, I had to bring you to this home, so this drama is fine. I don’t get it. Take it easy, we are going for dinner, fix your mood. Be strong, this will happen a little. Relax, Look at me, smile, we are together. You didn’t do right with me. Who will pray for me now? This isn’t right mama, you left me alone. Who will send me away to work in the morning? I am alone without you. Haris, be strong. Come on, have food. I am not hungry. You have not eaten since morning, don’t do this. I am not hungry, leave me alone. Fine, I will ask uncle. No.

You will have to be strong

then listen to me. did papa eat? Yes, he asked me to check on you. what happened, Haris? My mama left me. I am alone, Maha. Look, be strong, this is God’s decision. You know Maha, I am looking for my mother, I never imagined living without her, all life has lost color, what is the point of living now? What are you saying Haris? You will have to be strong, for me and uncle. We have to pass a long life together, please, be strong. Come on. Come. Sit. I know you haven’t eaten either. hey madam, leave. Hey, what nonsense is this? I won’t tolerate this papa. I don’t care if you tolerate it or not, I don’t care. Papa, you will have to leave her, that is it. What if I don’t? Abeera child, you go to your room I will talk to your father. What do we have to talk about? Papa, I am telling you, you will have to leave this girl. Who are you to say this to me? Me? Who am I to say this? Child, your father had forgotten, all relations, all customs. You are teaching the child the wrong thing.