Yeh Hai Mohabatein

Faham, why did you leave me alone like this? There is no peace without you, I can never be at peace. All of it is cause of this Rida, my Faham went away cause of this Rida. If I don’t ruin Rida’s home, then my name is not Shamila, Faham. All this is cause of her. Your wife can never be sincere with you, she has affairs with boys other than Tauqeer as well. I am sending you the messages of Rida’s lovers, read them yourself.

What did you give me in return of my clean, pure love? You are a liar! A cheat! You are not worth it. Not worth it! What are you two doing here so early in the morning? What do you mean early morning? Yes, they are not used to eating so early in the morning. Where are they going? What is this? Its time for breakfast. Asim sit, Rida, sit. Come on, let them go. Sit child. Start. Asim, what nonsense is this? I am not hungry. Brother. Brother, for God’s sake don’t torment me like this, look at me. How can you be so stone hearted? I am innocent.

I have no fault, I know nothing. I wish, I wish you had died in place of brother Faham. You slapped me cause of her? Yes! So that you don’t dare say this to Rida. You can be her enemy, but not me. I am her mother. You are only Rida’s mother. Hey, why did you have to do this? You always said I was wrong mama, then what is all this? Is all this fine mama? You are trusting Shamila, she sent you these messages, she is not sincere with Rida or you. Mama, have you read the messages, have you seen what is written.

I am sure someone sent it to Rida. You trust the one who sent this to you, but not the one who lived with you day and night. That is what I am sad about mama. She just stayed here, not near. You don’t trust her love, fine, believe in your love. You really loved her. I love her, I have loved her, but I will not be quiet on her unfaithfulness. You are considering her unfaithful when someone sent you a few messages. The one who lived with you, whose character is clean, my heart believes it, but not yours. Why don’t you understand mama. That is what I want you to understand. Remember, when you claimed your true love to her, what did I tell you.

Love demands tests, this is your first test and see what you are doing. Then you tell me what to do? Should I become shameless and save this letter all my life? Forget these messages? No mama, I don’t have the courage, your son is not that strong on the inside. We are all weak, on the inside and outside. When nature tests us, all claims we made related to strength end. Then mama, what should I do? You tell me. Believe, trust, if you cannot do that on her, then trust your love. Get her home, bring her home.

Sister in law Shamila? Oh God. What happened? Leave me, I will kill her. What are you doing? I will kill her. I will take her life. Aunty, look. Shamila, what are you doing? Leave it. I will kill you, I will kill you all. You people took away my Faham. Have you gone mad? What are you doing? Yes, I have gone mad. Give this to me, I will not leave her. What is going on? Mama, what are you doing? Hatim, Hatim, aunt…aunt was trying to kill me.

No Hatim, she is lying. But mama, the knife was in your hand and you were trying to kill her. Brother Hatim, sister Shamila got this from the kitchen herself to kill sister Rida. Hatim, she is lying, these people fooled me and called me here, I was in my room, but why would anyone believe me. Now they are trying to kill me. They first took away my Faham. Now you…That’s it. Such a low action, you tried to take her life. Its really sad. Only cause of Rida. Promise me, the wedding cards for my wedding will be great. I will get married in a big function. My lovely brother, this is my promise to you, with me around, we will surely make your wedding cards in gold, they would be seen from far. I am proud of you.

You do your job, but when you get tired of the job, or get experience, join me. Hey, what are you doing? Wow, brilliant. Brother Faham. Brother Faham. Brother Faham did so much for us, that we not taking care of her widow. I am surprised, how can mama do this? No brother Hatim, mama cannot do this. Maybe I wouldn’t have believed it, had I not seen it. Just for Rida, she is treating her badly. What is mama doing? Even after knowing everything, she is putting a cover on her actions.

We will have to support sister in law Shamila for brother Faham. We will have to defend her. We have the responsibility of sister in law Shamila, I was upset with her earlier, but now I will forget everything and support her. Hassan, I don’t think its right for her to stay here, cause mama and Rida have planned against her. I don’t believe it. Mama… For Rida. Only for Rida. For Rida, she raised her hand at me, can you believe that? You? Yes, me. Mama has changed.

She has really changed. Brother Faham is no more, he left us alone. For mama Rida is her only child, we two are nothing and then sister in law Shamila, she is the niece but her living here is not right, we should drop her at her home. At least her life wont be in danger like its over here. Fine brother, but brother Faham didn’t leave us. He didn’t leave us, he is with us. He didn’t go anywhere. Why did you leave? What was the hurry to leave so soon? Everything is falling apart.

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