Wonder Woman 2 Pedro Pascal, Gal Gadot, Connie Nielsen | See full cast & crew

Wonder Woman 2  Pedro Pascal, Gal Gadot, Connie Nielsen | See full cast & crew 

Wonder Woman 2  Pedro Pascal, Gal Gadot, Connie Nielsen | See full cast & crew

Why did you bring me here? Did you want to talk to me about anything? Actually I wanted to say that Zara is really worried and tensed, if you allow me, can I take her along? You don’t need my permission, I realize that a child needs her mother in this time. No matter how much I care for her, I am not her mother. Thank you, you have a big heart. Just take care of her, she really needs it. You know after Asad and Nida, this is the biggest happiness in my life. Yes, don’t worry. Ok listen. Yes? You know I have lived my life on my rules, no matter how big a loss I faced, I didn’t leave my rules. So I came to meet you that day and say that, I really liked you listening to me. I do a lot of charity, if you need help for your daughter, do let me know, I will help you, there is no problem. 

Yes, thank you very much. Careful. Sit down. Sister. Go get water for your sister. Hey child. Hello papa. Hello. Live long. Sit. How are you? I am fine. Okay. It feels like I cannot breath, my heart worries. Hey, come inside and rest. I will lie down. Hello. Hello, how are you son? Preparing for the office? Yes mama, I was just leaving for the office, you tell me, is everything fine? Yes, everything is fine. Ok listen do tell me about the staff you hire from the interviews. Don’t worry mama, I will report back in the evening. Okay, I want to give you a report too. All ok? No, don’t worry, it’s a good news. 

I will be a grandmother. What? and you papa. Mama, I don’t understand… let me talk to Zara. Zara went to her mother’s, I didn’t want to send her, but I couldn’t say no in this condition. Yes, you are right. Ok mama, let me call Zara. Also, I am coming back sook. No son, you cannot come like this, you need to establish the business there. Mama, I wont be able to stay, I am coming. Son, be practical, please. Okay, mama, just 2-3 days. Fine, come for 2-3 days but do complete the interviews. Sure mama, I love you so much. Take care of yourself. Okay mama, let me call Zara. Okay, take care. Bye. Bye. I will be a papa. Here you go child. I don’t know mama, something is happening to my heart, it feels like it will stop. Hey, do one thing, come outside with me. When you sit in open air, you will feel better. No mama, I have no strength, I feel my legs aren’t working. No, come I will take you.

 I won’t be able to go. Hey, Asad is calling, you talk to him, I will get juice. Hello. Hello Zara, is the good news mama gave me correct? Yeah. I don’t believe it. I cannot handle myself, I want to just come to you, and take care of every need of yours. Asad… I have thought so much in this little time. Listen, if we have a boy we will name him Rayan, if it’s a girl, we will name her Samiya. If you have another name in your mind, we can keep that too. Yes Asad, you come quickly. Come quick. Yes, I will come soon, I just need to do some work here, then I will come to you. Asad, I don’t feel too good. You will obviously feel weird, but you need to take care of your food and everything. Let me finish some urgent work for the office, then I will come to you. Yes Asad, you come soon. Listen Zara, I am getting a call from the office, I will call you back. Ok, love you. Asad. Mama. Zara, child, have some juice.

 Mama, it feels like I am going to suffocate and die. What are you saying child? Mama, I feel really weird. Zara. Zara. Jamal. Jamal. Jamal. Mama. Hello. Zara got unwell, I got her to the hospital. You come quick. How can she get unwell all of a sudden? She went fine from here. I don’t know what happened, she is in the emergency. The doctors are checking her. Jamal hasn’t come because of Afsheen’s health, I am alone, you please come fast. Okay, don’t worry, I am coming. The pain you had given me by taking away my son, its time to pay for it. What happened to Zara? Is everything ok? where is she? She is inside, they are doing tests. How did this happen suddenly? Doctor, how is my child? She is fine, but her pregnancy has been terminated. Terminated? How? I don’t know. Did she not want a child? No, nothing like that. Its strange, her blood report says… What? Hey, I left her fine here, what did you do with her. We didn’t do anything, it was in her report. 

No, I don’t understand you, there is something wrong, I am sure! I don’t know what this hospital is doing. You be strong. Its not that late that they slept. Today is my first day at work, I wanted to talk to you Zara. I get it. I understand it all. I understand what you people took revenge for. Revenge? Why would we take revenge? I told you not to get Afsheen treated, in revenge you took away our biggest happiness. What are you saying, we will hurt our child to take revenge? We have been hurt, my son is at loss. What will that poor soul feel when he finds out that his child is no more. You people knew it’s a big happiness for us. You are a mother, I thought you wanted to take your child to care for her, had I known you are planning something so big, I would never have let her go with you. You believe me, we did nothing like that. Why would we take our daughter’s happiness? Then Zara did all this? What are you saying? I am not saying, the doctor said it. but…That’s it. I have had enough. I married Zara with my son and got her as my daughter in law with so much love, this is how she repays that? She took away such a big happiness from my son? There is no place for such a girl in our home, don’t she dare come to our home. 

Take her with you. I don’t want to see her face, do you understand? Oh God, may everything be fine. Its so late. They should have called by now. Hello. Yes Mussarat, speak. Why are you crying? What happened? For God’s sake, tell me how my daughter is Mussarat. Oh God. Hi. Hi. These are for you. Thank you. Just a warm welcome. You just came, so make yourself comfortable. I have a small meeting, I will give you a tour after that. You? So sorry, Rabia. Rabia Patt. Rabia, yes mama told me about you. Please sit down. Thank you. So what’s your plan for the day? This was in your fate child, we were all so happy, but we didn’t know this happiness wouldn’t last that long. Child, don’t cry. 

Be strong. Mama, where is Zara? I have been calling her since morning, she is not picking up. She might not receive your call now. What do you mean? Why won’t she? What can I say child? Mama, stop talking in riddles. What is the matter? Is Zara fine? Zara is fine, what will happen to her, our world is destroyed. Mama, why are you testing my patience, tell me what happened? I don’t know how to tell you, I gave you a good news yesterday, I don’t have the courage to give you bad news. Mama, whatever it is, tell me. Fine, hear it if you want to. Zara and her mother have murdered our happiness, its all over. Murdered, happiness? What are you saying? Tell me clearly, I don’t get it.