Why Margot Robbie Stole Toilet Paper In A Ralph Lauren Bag | The Graham Norton Show

who thought that there was a time in

Margaret Abhi’s life when you that we do

not afford toilet paper you just didn’t

feel that was a good thing to spend

money I mean no it wasn’t you know I

wasn’t flush at the time but I was also

working all the time and I was busy I

know exactly what you’re referring to I

know exactly what picture of furniture

because it’s the first time I got packed

and it was really embarrassing

I just been my friend was in New York in

town she was going back to Australia and

she was like oh I’ve got some like this

still do you want the rest of that my

makeup or whatever I’m not gonna pack it

I’ll say no no I’m good a sigh oh I’ve

got no toilet paper at home though and I

haven’t had time to stop and I was like


took the toilet paper because I didn’t

have time to go to the show otherwise I

would have the financial thing and I

took her bag which was a Ralph Lauren

bag but I didn’t realize at a time and

when I walked out of the building

suddenly like all these cameras like and

I was like oh my god someone famous is

around I was like who is it and then my

cousin’s like I think they’re taking

photos of you I was like oh god this is

worse time to get photographed I’ve just

got stolen

toilet paper it was I got that picture

and it is genius knowing that in the bag

is just a lot of stolen toilet paper

shopping in

I mean seriously when you buy from Ralph

Lauren I didn’t cause Daniel you’ve a

similar thing on set don’t you that

still sucks yeah but I’ve got pattern I

don’t want to be cool okay this they

spoiled it

so it’s may ruin it con okay okay go

so I do I do like a four-day run so the

basin you come in with your socks yeah

and then they give you socks and then

like you just don’t change it and you

take your socks home and I keep doing

that for every four days and a fifth day

I stop doing it because then I get then

I won’t do it for two weeks so you steal

starts with every day for two weeks

Ford I’d steal socks for four days then

have a two week break shopping for socks

is a waste of life also caution

designers have better taste in socks

than me so they’re always nice these are

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