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I want to meet Sultan’s, no I want to meet his Bi Jaan. Madam Fazeelat? Yes. Show me your ID. Fine, go. Bi Jaan. You? Here? At this hour? Bi Jaan, you know what happened to me? I got punished for a sin I didn’t commit. I know child. What? Are you part of this conspiracy? This home has animals, not people. You people have no mercy on me. How dare you come to this home? Sultan. If you try to come to this home, I will kill you. What more can you do? You are a weak human. Just shut up. Get out of here. Get lost.

After finding out your reality

Guards! I won’t go so easily. I will not leave you so easily Sultan Durrani. I am scared! If you think you can threaten me and convince Bi Jaan for our wedding, then this is your misconception. I hate you. I hate you a lot. After finding out your reality, I don’t even want to spit on you and who are you to tell me that you hate me, you know I don’t even consider you good enough to hate me. Now you will see that this weak girl will fight you. Fine, you can fulfill this wish too. Get lost. I will go, but you be ready to respond to the media about this cheap action of yours. Sultan Durrani. This girl ruined us. What will happen now? We have faced so much humiliation, I am telling you I don’t have the strength. What are you doing standing here? Go get her. That shameless girl has gone where she was insulted earlier.

He called me and ask me to come

Why don’t you tell me what Sultan said. What should I tell you, Nageen went to Sultan’s home. Sultan, the nephew of Mr. Durrani, he is a nephew of a minister and she threatened her with Media and Police. He called me and ask me to come, I hope your sister didn’t create a scene, we have been insulted enough, what could be left. Why did you go? I don’t want to talk to anyone, no one come after me. Hey, look at her, talk to her. Listen to me Nageen, listen to me. She locked the door?:Listen, Nageen, open the door. Hello. Hello Sir Sultan, yes I am coming. I am coming. Take out my clothes. That girl has forgotten her position, she doesn’t know who she has threatened, I will ruin her and her whole family. It would have been best that instead of kidnapping her, we should have killed her.

Sir you gave me another cheque earlier

I have called his brother in law, I will pay him something and shut her up. I know how to deal with such people, you don’t worry. Child, you don’t know these cheap girls, they will fall to any level to take revenge. If she has told us she will go to media, she will. She got us insulted earlier as well. Because of this mistake, I had to pay a big price. Had you not shown anger and thought about it, then this situation wouldn’t have arisen. Anyway, its still not too late, we can pay her and shut them up. If she still doesn’t agree then… This is a check for 5 million. Sir you gave me another cheque earlier, it got bounced. If you doubt me, I will give you cash. No, nothing like that. Wont you ask me why I am giving you this. Yes, I will ask why you are giving this. Your sister in law feels that I kidnapped her, she will talk about me on the media, she wants to tell the world that Sultan kidnapped her and treated her wrong. She has gone mad sir, she has lost it.

We hav a solution for your loneliness

I will fix her mind, she cannot step out of the house without my permission, I will get her married in 2 weeks. In fact, I will send her to her father. What do you think? Don’t tell me what you will or will try to do to her. Convince me how you will stop her from going to the media. Sir, as you want, I will do it. Rashid, hear me clearly, I am from a respectable family, we can give our life for respect and take it too. I was going to marry your sister in law, our status difference is huge, however, I wanted to make her mine. She didn’t care about the respect I was about to give her. On the wedding night she ran and revealed that she is not of a good character. I apologize brother Sultan, Sir Sultan, I give you my word she will not open her mouth. That is best for her. Go now. Bi Jaan, I came to take you. No, I won’t go with you now, I have decided I will live here. Don’t say that, you know I am worried, I am alone. We hav a solution for your loneliness, if you agree today, I will get announce your and Narmeen’s engagement. What are you saying uncle? I am not mentally prepared to live in this relation, you know…That’s it. I will not hear a no in this matter. I agree with Mujadid on this, you have ruined one girls life, now I will not let you ruin Narmeen’s life.

Hear one thing clearly

She loves you since childhood, now its time to pay for my favors by marrying Narmeen. How can I also… That’s it, you have done what you wanted, you have paid for it too. Now you will do what we want, right Bi Jaan? Absolutely. Nageen is not mad to blame anyone. She has heard this herself, Sultan did all this for revenge. She is lying, this is nonsense. The man who paid you is speaking nonsense. Hear one thing clearly, and tell this to your mother too, my sister will raise her voice for what was done to her, an animal like Sultan should get punished so that he cannot do what he did my sister to any other girl. At this time if no one stands with her, I will. Okay. Don’t you dare say a word in your cheap sister’s favor. I will teach you a lesson.