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Sir, Haroon’s condition is critical, sir, the chances of his survival are low. Sir, as per the doctor, even if he survives, he will be mentally and physically handicapped. Ok, is the accident report ready? Yes sir, the report is ready, I have told the hospital people, I have also told the media to run the report of his accident. Sir, no one had the slightest of doubt that Haroon’s condition is because of torture, in fact, it’s an accident. Humm, Send someone to the hospital, I need regular reports. Yes, sir. This is not an accident, it cannot be an accident. If it’s not an accident, then what is this madam? We have done our investigation and also taken reports from the eye witnesses.

The patient has regained consciousness. Thank God

My husband has torture marks on his body, he has been tortured, you are calling it an accident. Look you are wasting your time as well as the doctors. why don’t you tell these people anything? The patient has regained consciousness. Thank God. Haroon. Haroon, open your eyes. Look, we are all here. Mama, me, Rida. We are all with you. Open your eyes Haroon. Haroon, my son, look at me, open your eyes. What did you do Sultan? I didn’t tell you to kill him, I gave you news of him coming so that you can save yourself from the disrespect you would have faced at his hand. But you..

Wont my brother be able to walk like before

I didn’t try to kill him Ramsha, he had an accident before he reached me. Don’t worry, I will get him the best treatment, you two will shift to Dubai soon, everything will be like before. Look, because of the injury both his legs and spinal cord are injured and the hit to the head left him mentally unstable. You think he is in a coma. Oh God, doctor, any treatment. Wont my brother be able to walk like before? it will take time and money. He might have to stay admitted for 6 months or 1 year. Oh God, 6 months or 1 year? This cannot be my son’s report, he cannot be handicapped, this is not true. Look, I understand your pain, be strong and pray to God. You?

Tell me aunty, please tell me Why are you talking to her

How dare you come here? where is Haroon? Tell me. Is there something to worry about? Aunty, where is Haroon? Is all ok? The doctor has said he is fine, right? Nothing has happened to him, right? Tell me aunty, please tell me Why are you talking to her, talk to me? Are not happy getting Haroon in this condition? You should be ashamed, but girls like you are not ashamed. This is not the time to talk about this, we can talk about this later. Don’t you see Haroon’s condition? Aunty, talk to her.

Haroon went to meet Sultan Durrani

my son is in this condition because of you two. No aunty, not because of us, Sultan Durrani. Yes, Sultan Durrani became my son’s enemy cause of her or else my son had no enmity. Because of her, Haroon went to meet Sultan Durrani and this accident happened. There has been no accident, this has all been done by Sultan Durrani’s men to kill Haroon. How can you say this? Tell me, what proof do you have? Trust me aunty, trust me. Did you people file an FIR? No, the police have refused to do an investigation by saying that this is an accident, not a murder and the witnesses have given their statements. Why did you believe them? Why? You don’t know, he must have bought those people, like he bought me and the other people. What do you mean? I am sorry aunty, Sultan Durrani paid me a big sum to take Haroon away. He wanted to separate Nageen and Haroon.

Only Sultan Durrani is responsible for Haroon’s condition?

I wanted to take him away with him forever. I listened to him, I became selfish, you forgive me. Forgive me, I really hurt you, I know I have hurt you too. what do you think? Only Sultan Durrani is responsible for Haroon’s condition? You are equally responsible. Get out of here, don’t show your face here again. how can you help us? How can you help us? You go to the police station, get an FIR filed, tell them you doubt Sultan Durrani, I have a lot of videos, SMS and that proof is enough aunty.

We don’t know anyone by the name of Sultan Durrani,

Can you show me those videos and messages? That is why I am here, I want… No! We don’t doubt anyone, we are not filing an FIR do you understand? We don’t know anyone by the name of Sultan Durrani, we don’t doubt anyone. what are you saying? What are you saying aunty? Here, your son is fighting between life and death and you are saying this.. I know what I have to do, it’s best you leave from here or I will drag you out of here myself. Mama, listen to her once, she has proof… Don’t you dare talk about proof. We don’t want any proof,