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Go, I don’t want to talk to you. Yes, I am not dying to talk to you. You will tell Umar! You are leaving in the morning? Yes, its been so long, we came for 3-4 days and stayed longer, so we will have to go back. I feel you came today and leaving tomorrow, stay for 2 more days please. I would have stayed but there is a lot of work when I go back, I need to set the office, I need to set the home, so I got mama here first so that she doesn’t complain. So you will never come back? When did I say that? You will get busy, that is why. I will, but you can come, you are not busy. Who will bring me from here? We will do something, that aunt sends you to us herself. If you want, I can talk to mama. Really? Yes, I will come to get you myself. Fine, do you need help in packing. No, I am good, I will do it.

Without-profit endowment plans

Can I get coffee? I will make it. Okay Zubeda, I am going, you have to come to me for a long time. I will come when I get done with work at home. Then send Roshni, this way she will see our home. Its my daughter, I have not done anything like this before, and then it’s a different city. Aunty, why do you worry? I will come pick her up here, I will visit here often for business and by the way Roshni, I will really miss your coffee. Fine, then for your coffee we will take Roshni. Lets go, we are getting late. Okay, come on. Do come, okay. Bye. I will take it. What is wrong with you? Cheer up, I am coming to get you. You really care about your clothes, that is where you will sit. Its dirty. You go do some rest. Adjust Well done. I had to get her a gift, this is from my first earning. Did you tell her? She was really happy to know that you are doing it. hahahah You didn’t mind? No, I don’t mind anything you say. I felt one thing though. What? I felt that she thinks that I am passing my time with her, fake love, its not true, you know how much I love her. If someone doubts my love, it hurts me. I want to make her believe that I really love her. Really, a lot. Umar, I fear that it will get late… No, it wont be late, I am mama and papa’s favorite nowadays, and also grandma’s beloved. I will get grandma to do everything.

With-profit endowment plans

Just tell her to care for grandma on your wedding, then you will see the magic. Did you sit with mama? Sit with her, talk to her, she is upset, she will feel better. She is upset on something and take the anger out of me, I am used to it, I will do it. Mahi, one minute. What is this? Roshni. We met finally. Oh God, its tough Roshni, and her mother is there too. Hello aunty, I forgot something with Monis, so I was honking the horn. Are you ok? I made a mistake. Till today nothing happened cause of me that his payment got delayed and he had to call to inform me. When I had given you the money, why didn’t it reach them? I am asking you something Umar. Papa I will drop the money by tomorrow morning. Fine, this shouldn’t happen again. The name is utmost importance in business child. Yes. Get it? Umer. Yes. You have the money, right? No… Where did you spend the money? Papa…actually, I had to get something for me, so I forgot that this was not my money, I had it in my pocket, so I spent it. Look child, it was not that big some of money, it was just 25 thousand, I had to give it as fees for getting electricity work. Its not about the money, its about responsibility.

but came home empty handed

Understand? Yes, it wont happen again. Fine. I felt you would scold him a lot. Yes, I would have scolded him if he had not spoken the truth or said he dropped the money. He told me clearly, he spoke the truth, now I will scold my young son for 25 thousand. Young son? He spent 25 thousand, but came home empty handed, this is something more worrisome. Look, who has come? Look, who sent this. Nabeel and aunt Shahista. When they came earlier, they came empty handed, what is the point of sending this now? Mama, its my birthday. But Roshni, how did Shahista know it was your birthday? Mama, Nabeel asked me once specially when it was my birthday. See he remembered.