Use Insurance To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

Now see, he did so much for us, he did so much for this home. Just please value him. Amber, all that you said is true, it’s one hundred percent true, but, this heart that beats in the heart, once it learns to take someone’s name, then like a naïve child it repeats his name every time. Every time. I really respect Ismail, whatever he does for me, for everyone of us, its respectable for me, he has great qualities, but, when it comes to love, then my heart only takes Irtiza’s name. its not in my control either.

Mushk, this means you don’t know what love is, why it happens. The day you understand this, your heart will only take brother Ismail’s name. Every where. You don’t love a name, you do that with a person’s qualities, his actions, and you will see, that brother Ismail will be able to make you forget Irtiza’s love. I don’t know when this will happen and how it will happen. My heart is really bad, I am restless, from the day I found out that Irtiza will be Sehba’s forever. He only deserved Sehba, a girl like Sehba is fine for him. You don’t even deserve him . Anyway, leave all this. Yeah, leave it. We are talking about all this.

How did you find Junaid? He is okay. Don’t be so humble. He is really good. Okay listen, I will go help mama, you stay here. Okay. Come in. Madam and sir are calling you for dinner. Tell him I will stay in my room. Close the door as you leave. I have never been serious for anyone but you, if you tell me, I am willing to marry you right now. After all, we have been such good friends, we understand each other and we are aware of each other’s secrets too.

You have said so much to me, you have made so many promises, used me in so many things, bringing Mushk and Irtiza close, then taking them away, you used me, right? Now the work is done, so I am out of here, like this? You know, I like honest, pure and truthful people, who don’t want bad for anyone, they don’t stab anyone in the back and obviously I am sure, you are not like that.

Fall In Love With Insurance

But if you really want me to love you, then change yourself. I will be helpless to love you. Mushk, come child. Yes. Yes, I am coming. Come on mama, fix my hair quickly, the guests will be here soon. After I met Irtiza the first time, I got this thought. Then I quietly kept on judging him, understanding him and later when you told me he is interested in some other girl, then all my hopes and wishes went down the drain. Navaid, our daughter is really lucky. We have fulfilled all her wishes from childhood till today.

You used to say, in fact, complain that I have given her a lot of freedom, I trust her a lot, there are no restrictions or checks. But now look at her, our daughter by the grace of God is a strong personality, whatever she wants, she gets with her will power and strategy. I am proud of my daughter. I am proud that I made my daughter so confident and strong. Sobi. Sobi. What is the matter? Are you alright? Of course, I am great. I don’t know, you look lost. Is all ok? She must be traveling the world with Irtiza in her dreams. Right, Sobi? Don’t forget, you have an appointment at the salon. You remember, right? Yes. I will come along too. Nomi, sir, my wife is really unwell, I need some days off. Go and do your work. Mr. Nomi… You can see my friends are sitting here, so then? Go.

In fact, get the bottle. Go. I should see you doing your duty after this, not here. Go. Go. These poor people won’t learn. Come on. Come on. Here is your fiancée right in front of your eyes, you say what you want to say. What? You leave. Okay, I will leave, you will think that you have a generous sister in law. Mushk. Mushk, listen… Why did you come here? Your sister got me here. Actually, I got a gift for you. Thank you. and… and? I.. I wanted to say that I really like you. Wont you open it and see? I will open it, later. Should I leave? Yes, absolutely. Amber, you know love is a weird emotion, when it comes to life, the meaning of life changes. At times I feel that I am luckiest girl in the world. I am eagerly waiting for the day when they come to our home, and ask mama and papa for your hand. It will be fun when you get married.

Insurance And Love – How They Are The Same

It does not look good to shed tears on a happy occasion. When everyone around you is so happy, then you hide your tears inside, you don’t let them fall outside. If Amber and sister see you like this, they will be sad. Its easy to give suggestions, Ismail. Its hard to take it on your heart. When the heart is sad, and tears don’t come to your face, you have a smile on your face, its not child’s play. What do you know? What would you know? What is the pain of heartbreak. You know, even I am really sad today. My heart is quietly in a corner is wishing that I shed some tears, my heart wants to cry too. But its not the occasion.

Its not the occasion to ignore the happiness of your own and be sad. Ismail, listen, what happened today that you are sad? Today is Geeti’s death anniversary. This love is such a thing that it bring two unknown people close. It connects them in a way that then even thinking about separation is impossible. What are you thinking? I am just thinking that Amber will leave, and mama will be all alone. Why will she be alone? I am here, you are here. She will stay with us. You don’t know mama, I know her, she is really strong headed, she is really patient. She spent all her life, never complained and she used to say papa’s harsh behavior, his restrictions, is something we should ignore, and see the politeness of his heart, not the harshness of his tongue. Ismail, there are a lot of memories of papa in that home for her, she will never leave that home. Can I ask you something? Yes, go ahead. You don’t like the beach, then how are we here today? Because you once told me that Geeti really liked the beach. I didn’t come here for myself today, I came for you.

I too wanted to see that how you feel doing something for someone. Mushk, you come to my salon, the services there are much better than this. And I will do one thing, I will get you a gift on the way back. You look really happy. I am really happy, because Irtiza’s family is coming over to see me. I feel I am the luckiest girl in the world. I feel like becoming a kite and touch the sky. You are stupid, a kite is never free, its robbed on the way. Ma’am, what lip color do you want? Ma’am? What lip color do you want? What lip color do you want? Is this fine? Yes, fine.

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