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The question that maheen asked, I want to ask the same question with me, after all , why I am happy, what is the thing that will satisfy me? With roshni as well I have a feeling of crime and when I am with maheen as well, I have regrets. I thought that I will also make my night black like you, maybe, the burden of the heart will be less by this, will it be? Do we get any answer from there? Brother, I am already worried; please don’t make me more worried. I am also worried. So you can go in your room and get worried, what are you doing here? Great, you have not asked why I am worried? Any ways, I am your big brother, tell me what is the problem? The same thing, you still miss her? The problem is not that I miss her, the pain that I can tolerate. Then? You still meet her.

Credit Insurance – Explained by Atradius

This is the problem, the one who have left you and ran away, you are running after her. She is running, I am just supporting her, brother, I broke her heart, I backed off from my promise, I betrayed her, I am very much ashamed, if I meet her is just because so that I can wipe her tears, what should I do? You tell me, what should I do? Should I leave her crying, and is desperation? When you will stop wiping her tears, she will not have tears. I wish, I wish this will happen, she will forget me, she starts hating me, she start thinking that I am bad, but poor she, she loves me, she loves the person, like me, who is a coward and disloyal as well. If she would have loved you, she would never be the problem for you, she would have make your worries goes, she would have been separated with you. Brother, you don’t know anything, you just leave it. You are right, I don’t know anything, you know everything, because you are intelligent, umer just think about maheen.


I do think of her, what do you think that I don’t think of maheen, I do, that is why this is my condition, that is why I am uncomfortable, otherwise, why would it makes any difference to me, I would have put all the blame on her head and I would live a peaceful life, but brother how do you know, that what is the feeling when you will get to know that because of you two people are unhappy, you are doing injustice to both, two people are worried because of you, you tried a lot but still you cannot do anything, sometimes I think that I swear brother, I kill myself, so that the way I live and die every day, it will get finish. You are more coward than me, in fact , always used to like the bravery of yours, just forget her, the person, who is not in your fate, there is no point running after her, maheen is attached to your fate, so just accept her by heart, she is a nice girl. when did I say, that she is a bad girl, I never said that, but what will I do for my heart, that beats just for her, brother, I cannot leave her, I cannot live without her, just pray for me, that she will leave me, she will forget me and hates me, she will let me free from her love.


After lot of courage and thought, I have made a decision, it was very difficult and I was in pain too but. The decision that you made, must be right, I have no rights to have any complains with you. Just listen first what I am saying? what? I still not think about myself, I thought about just you , and I have taken this decision for you. For me, roshni, what decision? For your peace , your life and your happiness, I have taken the decision umer that, I am letting you free from my love. Roshni. Now it makes no difference umer, no matter if your heart loves me, but now you are belongs to maheen, she is my friend, I cannot take her rights. what rights roshni? She never asked for any right of her. If she never asked, then what happened? she do have a right on you.

Understanding the credit insurance process

This is your right to get yourself satisfied, what I want and what I don’t want, just leave it. Mansoor, if you are thinking like this, so we will not go. Yes, so that you and the other people will also think that there is something that I want to hide and that is why I am not going, no najia, if this thinking is in your heart, so it is fine, you can be satisfied and you can take this doubt out from your heart. Are you sure roshni, do you know what are you saying? I have taken this decision after thinking a lot and world do not get agree for the relation of hearts umer, you’re and mine relation is nothing in front of world, and yours and maheen’s relation is very strong, so why are we serving this relation which is nothing? We just meet once in a week like thieves, if we talk to each

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