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Great, show me, what all is there? Give it. Give it all. I want to see it too. Maheen. You are back. Yes, happy birthday. Thank you, I was waiting for you. Come inside, leave this, I want to show you this, this perfume, this watch, these flowers, Nabeel sent it all for me. Nabeel? Nabeel, aunt Shahista’s son, my cousin. First he surprised me in the morning, called me exactly at 12. He wished me and didn’t tell me he was sending me gifts.

What happened? Okay listen,

Roshni, you have stopped Umar from calling you and messaging you, you will get defamed. Then this Nabeel called you at 12. Why mention Umar? He is a stranger for my family. If I get caught talking to Umar at night, my mama will beat me up. All these gifts, these came in front of mama. What happened? Okay listen, if you talk to Nabeel, instead of Umar at night, would they object or not? They will, cause he is a stranger. Yes, Nabeel is a stranger for me, but how did Umar become a stranger for you, I didn’t even know. Leave it man, tell me, how expensive is this watch? 10 thousand? 20 thousand? And this perfume, I used to look away cause it was so expensive.

Come downstairs, come on, the cat will catch you

What is in your hand? errr… I was going to the market to get this changed, your home came on the way. Tie the strap please. I look good? I look rich? You seem that way? You will open it right now? Yes. Come downstairs, come on, the cat will catch you. What happened Mahi? I was waiting for your call. Yes, sorry, I was busy with work at home and forgot to call. Meaning, when its my job, you got busy. You forgot. It was a small thing, I just said deliver the gift and let me talk to her from your phone. She told me not to call, she doesn’t have an issue with you calling. Umar, whether you do it this way or that way, it’s the same. When she said no to talk to you, then you know what that means. Yes, but I wanted to wish her on her birthday.

you couldn’t do that. Sorry,

Try and understand. You promised not to call right, she didn’t. if she wants, she can call you. She is a little stubborn. Anyway, if she is not stubborn with me, who would she be stubborn with. Tell me, how did she like the gift? Speak up. That…mama was unwell, so I couldn’t give her the gift. Here you go! I gave you one small task, you couldn’t do that. Sorry, I will give the gift. Promise. Umar, don’t get upset. Hey stay at home on the holiday, you are ready to leave again. I have just one off day, I have a 1000 things to do. Go madam, do you work, I don’t want you to sit with me, I am talking about Mansoor, he should spend time with us on the off day, Mama, why… Hello aunt! Hello sister in law, how are you? Me? I am like this. If you don’t miss your train, go make me cup of tea before you go. Sure.

Where would grandma be?

Come. Where is grandma? Where would grandma be? I have to sit alone on a holiday, my son is taken away by his wife, and the husband with his mother, God knows what shrine they want to. Najia, get tea quickly. Why tea in such hot weather. Headaches don’t care about hot or cold weather. I will have tea, I will feel better. Najia, just get one cup of tea, Monis is feeling hot. Okay, Monis, tell me more, how is aunt? Mama is fine nowadays. Yes, she only gets other unwell. No, I get that, but you hear me child. Hello. Oh no, he is saying, he is coming to get you. What? Such a good news. Mama, sit. Sit. Sit. Sit. I will tell you that I will go for sure. Are you mad? How do I let you go with a single man alone? What alone travel.

Tell me something, there is no girl your age in Shahista’s home

He will take me on the plane, it won’t be empty, there will be people. Aunt Shahista is calling me and I don’t go anywhere. Please. Be quiet and sit, you have never stayed with your uncle and aunt, but you will go here. Tell me something, there is no girl your age in Shahista’s home, what would you do there? Oh mama, I don’t get it what girls have smart mothers. Don’t you get it? Aunt Shahista is being nice to me, why is she calling me there, and how many times she told you she likes me. Okay, so this is the deal. Then it will look even worse living there like this. Mama, they are modern people, they don’t care about such things. She wants that before marriage, I see the environment of their home, them. Its good for me. That is fine, but if they send the proposal properly, it would have been good. Mama, they will send the proposal, you first give me the permission. I feel you gave me permission, I am going to go pack, you too come quick. Roshni!