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You? Nomi, what are you doing here? Man, keeping dogs as pet is my craze and fulfilling that hobby, I have developed a few habits from them too. So now I smell the bad scent and reach exactly where I should be. The condition is the person is of my liking. I am really sorry, man. I used bad smell for you, scent is the correct word for you, right? Anyway, all this is about me, you tell me, I have heard you are marrying Irtiza, is that right? You know that uncle Sadam is a good friend of my father, those people sent the proposal, my parents said yes. That’s it and everything got fixed.

The wedding got fixed, the date finalized, its really surprising. You know, you don’t have any special interest in Irtiza, right? I am getting late, I…. Hey, its not that late, ok? And if you are late, so what? You can change your way. You were ready to do everything for me. everything! That time has changed Nomi. The time has passed, right? But Nomi is not that old that he loses his memory and I am living on your sweet memories. Okay listen, seriously. On serious notes, I have never been serious for anyone but you, and if you want, I am ready to marry you right now.

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After all, we have been such good friends, we understand each other, and we are aware of a lot of secrets about each other. Nomi, try and understand, this is not the right place, nor is this the right time to talk about these things, please. Okay, fine, I will tell you the place and time, we will decide the rest of the things later. I will be waiting. Bye. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome my dear, sweetheart. Why so much distance? You are still not married to Irtiza, yet. So much distance already. Irtiza got so close to you and, Nomi became useless, huh? I have thorns growing out of me. Nomi, I beg you, I am falling at your feet. Please, I beg you in the name of our years long friendship, let me become part of Irtiza’s life peacefully. I beg you in the name of our years long friendship. Forget it all. Forget all that happened between us, please. I know, when there is friendship between a boy and a girl, some closeness comes in between, some delicate moments, they make mistakes.

You regret it for the rest of their lives. But Nomi, if someone wants to live their life in a new manner, you should support them, right? You, you will surely start a new life, a girl will come to your life, right? You think about her. Yes, you are right. I should think too. Lets think. We can think about that. But answer just one thing for me, you have said so much to me, made so many promises, used me in a lot of work, you used me, to bring Mushk and Irtiza close and then increasing distances between them. Now your work is done, so Nomi has become useless.

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But my love, listen, Nomi is not that stupid and idiot that you think you are smart and cunning. You want to end the friendship, yeah? Forever. Okay, lets end the friendship, but do you know, when a girl ends her friendship with a boy, what does she have to do? she has to give a farewell. I personally am an old acquaintance of Mr. Iftikhar. May God bless him, he was a decent and honest man. Decency was evident on his face. There isn’t a need to say that the daughters of his home would be one in a million. This is your appreciation brother.

The truth is, that Mr. Iftikhar was really principled and honest. I don’t think such people exist in the world, who know how to live with relations & friendships. The truth is, after he left, I feel everything has gone dark, I don’t see anything. Sister Raima, rest assured, the environment of our home is just like your home, straightforward and free from impurities. We like your daughter in the first go, that is why, we are asking you for her hand today. Thank you for the trust you have in us and our child. Just the way you like Amber, Junaid too looks like someone with a good character, so there is no room to say no. After all, Mr. Ismail has told me about you, after Mr. Iftikhar, I trust him the most, him saying it is enough for me.

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This is your greatness sister or else what was I worth. Mushk. Yes mama? We are sitting here and talking about the proposal with mutual agreement, you are the elder sister, what do you say? Yes, absolutely, I pray that God makes this relation good for them and everyone of us. Amen. Amen. Amen. Then we should have sweets in this happiness. Absolutely. Thank you child. Thank you child, thank you very much. I feel that brother Ismail was successful in convincing his upset wife. You know I don’t know after how long I am laughing like this with all my heart. After Irtiza left, the heart was wounded, when I lost papa, my heart died. I didn’t understand what to laugh on. but today… What happened today? Sit here, I will tell you.

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When I saw you with Junaid today, my heart got so happy. I was at peace. You know Junaid is a good man, I feel you will be really happy with him. By the will of God. Mushk, I don’t know how much happiness and pain God has written in my fate, but I do know that you have a great fate. What do you mean? I mean, people like brother Ismail are very few. Who know how to live for others. Who consider someone else’s pain, troubles, sorrow, their own and participate.