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Sonam Kapoor may not have won anyone’s heart with her acting, but due to her good style and fashion sense, she is not only called a fashion guru, but she has also made everyone her lover through various fashion tips. Just look at the way she wears Mangal Sutra after marriage, married women wear it around their necks, then Sonam has invented a new fashion of wearing ‘Mangal Sutra’ on the wrist instead of the neck, which has caused a lot of discussion on social media. However, no one was seen speaking in support of him, and he was severely criticized.

Recently, when Sonam was busy promoting the movie “Were the Wedding”, she became the cover of the new issue of the fashion magazine “Femina”. In the picture, Sonam Kapoor is wearing a black dress.

In the days when Katrina Kaif and actor Ranbir Kapoor were busy promoting their film Jaga Jasoos, in an interview when actor Ranbir was asked about Katrina’s fashion, he said that if we talk about fashion in India Other people who adopt fashion later, Sonam did the same fashion 3 months ago.

So maybe Katrina is considered a fashion icon instead of Sonam while Katrina is also very shy in this regard. Katrina Kaif was also present during the interview and she praised Sonam and said that Sonam’s fashion sense The best is, I wear what I like. According to media reports, actress Sonam was very angry when Ranbir Kapoor called Katrina Kaif the best fashion icon.

He said that he knows more about fashion than Katrina. Sonam Kapoor added that such remarks by Ranbir were in fact a way of promoting her upcoming film Jaga Jasoos. Wale earns a lot of attention in terms of fashion by attending the Cannes Film Festival, while the echoes of her performances scattered on the red carpet were also heard in the Hollywood media.

When asked about this during the interview, Sonam Kapoor said that she only cares about the red carpet and keeps smiling in front of the camera, she has no hand in looking beautiful but all these wonderful fashion designers, make-up. The whole team, including artists and photographers.

Sonam has so far acted in many films like Delhi 6, Bhaag Malkha Bhaag, Nair Ja, Ranjhana, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Veera The Wedding.

In the movie “Beautiful”, she worked with Pakistani actor Fawad Khan and both of them looked very beautiful. Sonam Kapoor, who has been a hot topic in the fashion world and on social media due to her sharp figure, well-proportioned body and tall stature, is not mentioned among the big names, but she still plays the lead role with many heroes, including Salman Khan. Have done

Sonam Kapoor, who opened her eyes to another well-known “Kapoor” family in India, had a passion for becoming a director and a writer. To nurture this passion, she also went to study theater and arts at the University of Singapore. At that time, Sanjay Leela Bhansa was filming. At the request of Rani Mukherjee, Sanjay offered to make Sonam an assistant director. In this way, Sonam got an opportunity to work with a senior director.

It was here that Sanjay Leela Bhansali decided to cast Sonam in the film Sanwar Yaa. Her first film with Ranbir Kapoor proved to be a flop. Sonam Kapoor has surpassed even the best models in the world of fashion. Whether it is traditional saree or ghagra, eastern dress or western dress, Sonam attracts everyone’s attention in all kinds of dresses. Many actresses take fashion tips from Sonam. She is featured on the covers of domestic and foreign fashion magazines. They often appear in fashion shows and also become “showstoppers”.

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