The Smart Person’s Guide to Giving

You people forgot the customs of this home, she has the courage to stand in front of me and question me. Your cheap action gave me the courage. Enough! Stop it. Another word and I will cut your tongue. I don’t care, but you divorce her. I can leave your mother, not her. Papa, for the last time, divorce her or.. Or what? Leave us. Abeera, child, what are you saying? I am right mama, if he can’t leave her, he should leave us. She is right. She is absolutely right. The decision is made. I am leaving you and her. Right now, in my sense, Mrs. Farkhanda.. Saif. What is wrong with you? no, if someone talks about leaving you, I will leave them. You are not in your senses, come to the room.

but Abeera is a child. But Farkhanda isn’t

You see how she is talking to me. Leave it, come to the room With me… I say, come to the room. There is a way to talk, I am not the servant of this home. have water. Have water. Was I wrong? no, but Abeera is a child. But Farkhanda isn’t. yes, but remember you cannot divorce your wife, she is the mother of your child. your hear me out too, anyone who asks me to leave you, I will leave them. You don’t need to leave anyone. What is the need to leave anyone? These people know I am at peace with you, they want to ruin my peace. Be patient, have patience in you, think calmly. Nothing will happen, I tell you. This woman didn’t dare say a word to me, she turned my daughter against me, how do I tolerate her? You don’t worry or else I feel guilty too now. what are you guilty for? I asked you to bring me here, it’s all cause of me. yeah, so you had to come here one day or another, I faced it today, it’s over. Okay, you relax, it will be fine. You are really important to me, the peace of my heart. Remember that. she is right.

moment to decide that he will leave us

Absolutely right. The decision has been made, I will leave you two. Right now, in my complete senses Mrs. Farkhanda, I… Saif. Mama, do we no place in front of that ordinary woman? When romance is at the top, nothing matters. What am I in front of that young Raima? And I am surprised mama, papa didn’t take a . moment to decide that he will leave us. That is I kept on saying to you all day long not to say it all to your father, but do you listen? What else could I do? I had a belief that papa wouldn’t say no to me. You were wrong and you shouldn’t have said that he should either leave her or us. what else do I say? Don’t repeat this mistake again. What do we do? Accept her? Yes child. Because we have no other option right now. Now we would have to do something that makes life suffocating for her. We will have to do this. I don’t get it you will get it slowly. I will treat her in a way that she will ask for mercy and.. and? she will leave herself and Sardar would accept that she was unfaithful. mama, what will you do? Child , when one move doesn’t work, you need to try the next. I won’t give up this easy mama, you shouldn’t give up. you haven’t slept. You are still up too.

she will be embarrassed. Farkhanda instigates her.

I was reading this book. no you were not. You are worried, right? Yes, I won’t lie to you, I am upset. I am sad with the way Abeera spoke to me. You convince her. she misbehaved, it’s her fault and I convince her? Saif, she cannot share you with me. She should. She will, you convince her slowly. You want I bend my head in front of my daughter. No, I didn’t say that, I said convince her. What will that do? When you convince her, she will be embarrassed. Farkhanda instigates her. There is no other way, till you don’t love her, you won’t be at peace. I don’t get it. I am saying, you go to her room, convince her, she will agree. Sleep Raima and let me sleep too. Saif, do what I am asking you to. Look, daughters are pretty, I am sure she will agree and I am sure she too will be upset Abeera must be crying, Raima could be right. I am that weak that I say sorry to my daughter? Never! I will never forgive you papa, never. I will never forgive you. You insulted me for that useless woman. Your pretty Abeera. No, I will never forgive you. Did she agree? No. What was the reason? I think she is sleeping. ok, in the morning… Okay, enough. Try not to talk about this again. Saif, she is your daughter.

I am Saif ur Rehman’s wife Only a toy for him

I know, that is why I am asking you not to force me. But this will make things worse. Sleep Raima, turn off the lights. Come Abeera. what do you think? I will let you live here? You will have to leave from here and my father’s life. Listen, stop going around my father and If I see you in front of him.. Then? I will kill you. Okay, you have dangerous intentions. Humm, I know how to complete my intentions. You don’t want me around Saif, but that is impossible, I am his wife. You are not. His wife is just my mother. If a pigeon closes their eyes the cat doesn’t leave. I am Saif ur Rehman’s wife Only a toy for him. Abeera, you are crossing your limits. You are the one who crossed their limits. Are you even worth living here. Saif knows what I am worth. your face shows poverty, so papa got you here out of sympathy. No matter what, I will still be called Mrs. Saif ur Rehman. You die in this misconception cause only my mother is Mrs. Saif ur Rehman. hello master. Hello. now you won’t even look at me. Mr. Sardar, you have never given us the title of madam Sarkar, in our family, the title is given to the mother of a son. not necessary. Not necessary that a wife that has a son is madam Sarkar, it’s about the heart. My heart said Raima should be madam Sarkar, I made her. It suits her.

your face shows poverty, so papa got you here out of sympathy

wow, I handled your home, made you a father, still I am deprived, of this titled and your love. What is love? Do you know? Respecting each other is love. Don’t I respect you? You have Abeera standing against me. I swear I didn’t say anything. I am not as stupid as you think. What do you mean? you know well. For me, no one is worth anything. Like you crush a snakes head under your feet, I can crush anyone. Don’t be mistaken and tell Abeera not to mess with Raima. Just consider this little as a lot. Now you go from here. what is the matter? You are not ready. Why? Are we going somewhere? no, to have breakfast downstairs. No, I am not hungry yet. Fine, eat when you want. Be dressed up, you are madam Sarkar. Sure. You got a set, you didn’t wear it. Right now? So early in the morning? Wont you dress up for me. I will do it in the evening. I want that you are always wearing new clothes, new jewelry, all dressed up. You are my life. Your wish is my command. You are really good. I will go get fresh. I am hungry too. Start, please. Let Raima come. Will she eat with us? You have an objection? She sits with us, that is impossible. Abeera, you are crossing your limits. Yes papa, I cannot tolerate her… Shahnaz, go and call madam Sarkar. One minute Shahnaz, you won’t go. Shahnaz, go. Shahnaz won’t go. What did you say? Shahnaz won’t go to call her and… Stop this nonsense!!