The King’s Man 2020 | Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson , Gemma Arterton , Rhys Ifans , Rasputin Matthew Goode ,Tom Hollander , Wilhelm II and Nicholas

The King’s Man 2020 | Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson , Gemma Arterton , Rhys Ifans , Rasputin Matthew Goode ,Tom Hollander , Wilhelm II and Nicholas 

The King's Man 2020 | Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson , Gemma Arterton , Rhys Ifans , Rasputin Matthew Goode ,Tom Hollander , Wilhelm II and Nicholas
 Grandfather, sent umer for his work, now he will not come so fast. Father, did you inform umer about the death of Khadija? yes, I have informed him. Then why did not he come? He will come, once he will complete his project, Ayesha did you call Roshni? I have called roshni, but she is not eating anything, when I give her something to eat, she gives an excuse and says that she is not hungry. Why she will not eat? Nasreen. yes sir. Just take a bowl with cornflakes and milk and some things from here and take it to roshni. Child, just see, if she will not eat, just does not force her. If she will not eat anything, she will be sick, she is already half dead by crying. Yes, I will go and see. the shock is very big; it will take time slowly and gradually. Sorry, it has been slipped from my hands, mother i am going in my room. 

Just have the breakfast. My stomach is full. the phone of Maryam is off, how that can be possible, his phone is never off, Maryam. Roshni, you had nothing, just have something, please. I am not hungry Rayan. Just start eating, you will be hungry. I am not hungry rayan. Roshni, if you will do this, it will give pain to aunt’s spirit, do you want this? Never, not at all. Then eat this. I really am not in the mood; I do not like my life as well. God only test his dear one, but you have to complete this test. From where I get this courage rayan, I think that mother has taken my courage with her when she left. Do not say this, I am sure, where ever aunt is, she must be praying for you, okay, I will make you eat myself, if you will be hungry, you will talk like this irrelevant, okay now please.

 Rayan, I do not want to eat. Please, for my sake, open your mouth. He loves her, as if roshni is a kid, this girl is very sharp, and she wants to get the concentration of people, I do not know from this problem came from. Maryam, pick up my phone, just pick my phone up, and please pick up my phone, please. roshni child, I want to ask something form you, I mean that are you in contact with Umer? Aunt, I have told you so many times, how many times, I have told you, why do you come here and ask me the same question? Now what will I do child? What will I do? This is the heart of a mother, what should I do of this? I cannot control this, still if you do not like my talk, I will not ask you anything now. Aunt, I do not have any links with umer now and if you ask me the truth, now I am not waiting for him too. I know child, I know everything, and what will I do? Sir have done so many favors on that rascal, he puts him on the head from the land and he turns out to be so unlucky, that he do not control anything, he do not control anything.

 Aunt, listen, just control yourself, I have made myself understood that umer left all of us and he will not come back ever, you also made yourself understand that. But he made me dead while I am alive, he made me dead while I am alive, what will I do now? Aunt, take care, come inside. I have seen you, now I am satisfied, I am just thinking that what my son have done. Enough aunt, come and sit inside and have food, come on. So many days has been passed for the death of sister in law, roshni is not controlled yet, until when it will happen? once she will consider us her, then she will realize, umer is also not here, in this difficult situation, only husband takes care of his wife. yes, I am thinking the same thing. This is not the time of thinking; this is the time to do something, just call umer immediately, what is the work that he is not coming back? I think that father that we should get marriage of rania and rayan, the ambiance of the house will change. 

Nothing can be as good as this, roshni’s mind will be diverted too, what do you thing father? No, not at all, what will the world says that shroud of daughter in law is not dirty until now and hash mat ali khan is doing the marriage. But father, the marriage of children was decided before and you cannot die with people who are dead. What you all will say, I do not want to hurt her, and marriage can be done after some months as well. then we can do one thing that we can send her to England for umer. Akeel is saying right father, you already decided to set umer and roshni and I think that there can be no other good option. I want to give the chance to roshni, to get her normal right now, she has been passed through a big shock, I can never send my granddaughter in a foreign country, and this is not possible.

 This is my life and I have all the rights to spend it and no one can take this right from me. Okay, if you have decided this then hold your mother’s throat with your hands, so that I can die with this insulted life, look umer just listen to me, your mother is very simple women, the salt that you are eating, just sing the song of that person, I will not do anything wrong with big sir, until I am alive, did you get that. You have taken this enmity for me, I swear, I will not leave you in any point of life and we will go far from here and will get married and it is only going to be, me and you for the rest of our lives. If you have so many sympathies with your mother, you should have live with her, why did you come with me? I think that you do not have any idea that, by wearing expensive suit and expensive mobile, to live in the house of big people, a person can never change his status, the reference of past will follow the person until his grave. you are making so much big promise, rayan. I know and I have the courage to fulfill this promise. Get married with my daughter roshni. What are you thinking? I am calculating.

 For what? How unlucky I am? My whole has been ruined in some days. Roshni. rayan please, my mother made you helpless, otherwise, I have made you independent from all my promises few while ago. Why do you think that? That I am unhappy of this decision of my life? I have no regrets. but I am not happy rayan, I am spending my days and nights in pain, I feel as is my appearance is force by something, I do not understand, I cannot be happy when I will snatch the happiness of someone else, how can I be happy? I cannot be happy at all, I cannot live. Why do you think like that? Rayan, please, you have given your name, that is enough for me, you can live your happiness, just do not force yourself, because of me, I promise you that I will never disturb you. what are you saying, I do not understand that. Why do not you understand? It is not anything difficult, I am just asking you to live you happiness, just do not burden them, you have freedom, in all your decisions. Roshni, I am happy with you and this decision was not in force. Small sir, big father is calling you on food, okay, we are coming, He is saying to come fast, the food is getting cold. You go , we are coming, look roshni, do not think irrelevant, if there is any problem that I will face, I will sort that out myself, okay, please, do not blame yourself. Rayan. I mean it, come and see what big father is saying. 

Where are you coming from? I went to call roshni madam and small sir, big sir called them. they both were together? yes, they both were together. Go, I do not understand, what is going on, in this house? Rania, why are you worried? Rayan, is only yours. Then why that girl is after him and when you see rayan, he is after her like a tail, he thinks it is a sin to look at me. It is her habit to make the concentration to herself of other people, I have told to father, to call umber back or to send her to him. but father will not do this at all, because right now, he has tis love for his granddaughter on his head, he can only see her pain, nothing else. Why do not you tell to roshni, to make rayan understand. I should talk to that roshni? I am not mad. This bad time do not come on tania that to beg for the concentration of rayan, I need the commendation of roshni. just think with cold heart tania, it is not bad, to get your meaning out, we can make the donkey our father, that is not wrong. What is going on in your mind? the solution of yours and rayan’s marriage, I will speak to father, you also try to agree roshni.