The Kapil Sharma Show

When will the doctor come? She will come shortly, wait. Hey you…Hello. Sit. Sit. Thank you doctor. How are you? See the reports. The good thing is, what we were thinking its not there. What do you mean? Look at times in laboratories, and hospitals there is an issue, where same names lead to change of reports. For example, the difference between Syed and Mohammad…One minute. What did you say? The report you gave me earlier, that was not mine, that was someone else’s and given to me by mistake. Yes, this was a small mistake, I want to apologize on my behalf, I was a little busy that day, I couldn’t figure out that it was a basic infection investigation, basic blood reports, I should have figured it out, I am really sorry. What all will you apologize to me for? What will you apologize for? That wrong report? My life getting ruined? My life left me sir! I can understand your feelings, if a person finds out something like this about them, and I can imagine what sort of mental torture you are going through but thank God this is not true. You have no idea what has happened to me. I made a small mistake. It wasn’t a small mistake. I am absolutely fine, right? You are absolutely fine. I am absolutely fine. I am fine. You are fine, I am sorry once again. Sir, check if this is my report.

But madam Rida was really unwell

I have checked properly, this is your report. Try and ensure that this mistake is not repeated again. Someone’s life could get ruined. If the consignment doesn’t go through, we will face a loss Hasan. Fine, lets have lunch, then we have a meeting with them. Sir, you didn’t go to the hospital? Madam called so I asked you. When you talk to mama, tell her there was work at the office so we didn’t come. But madam Rida was really unwell, you should have gone to them. Who gave you the right to ask us so many questions? Madam Rida is unwell, you are her brothers, so you should go. We know what we have to do. You do what your work is, go fix food. Yes, fine. The time is so bad that the servants of the home will tell us what to do and what not to do. Relax, lets freshen up, have lunch and we have a meeting after that. We will figure it out, don’t worry. I will just change. My reports are here mama. So, what is in them? I am fine. Thank God. Thank God.

Blaming someone without proof is a sin

For no reason you blamed Rida, I was telling you, she is innocent, she has a clean character. I thought the first report was fine, cause I couldn’t think the doctor could make such a big mistake. Then go to another doctor, some other lab, you should have taken a second opinion. Blaming someone without proof is a sin. You will be punished for it. What do I do now? Ask for forgiveness, what else can you do? You know mama whatever happened was done unknowingly. That is what I am saying, go, convince her, talk to her. Ask her to forgive you. Go. I am fine mama. Thank God. I am fine. Its good you came back, after brother Faham’s death sister Khadija is really alone, she misses you. What happened was bad. Sister Khadija had her life in him, I have came back cause of her. You please don’t leave her, she really needs you. Where will I go? Hello, yes mama, mama, sister Rida is in the hospital. Sister Khadija took her. No, nothing is ok, sister Rida fainted, God gave her happiness, but took it back. I have no fault mother, what did I do? What did I do that God punished me like this? I used to tell you not to blame your wife, God gets upset on these things, I think you are punished for that. Oh God. Stop it. What did I do mama? Mama you know I didn’t do all this on purpose, I did that unknowingly. Mama, what if…That’s it, you are making the same mistake, you are thinking wrong again and not about yourself, think about Rida, God knows what she will be going through. She has no fault. Her young brother died and pregnancy in this situation, then her husband blaming her character. What would the child be in? Zeeshan, you should give her courage. What did I do? Son have soup.

Why do you think that? If God takes something

Brother Hatim, brother Asim, no one came to ask how I was? They must have called. Leave it. How can I leave it? They used to get hurt when I was in pain. They didn’t ask me. Rida, you are not well child, the doctor has told you not to take stress. Everything from me has been taken, my respect, my brothers, my husband, my love. Everyone is going away from me. I feel that everything will go away and I will be all alone. Why do you think that? If God takes something, he gives you something better. Will my brother Faham return? Zeeshan and Faham are not there. But Rida, the rest of the people will definitely meet you. and Zeeshan? Hey, I didn’t tell your mother you are in the hospital, I will just call. NO need mama, the father who considers the birth of his child suspicious, why would they care if I am alive or dead. You will not inform them about anything, I have left my situation to God. Come on. Hello doctor. Hello, how are you? How is she? Better. Okay, I am discharging you today, you can take her home. Do remember to give her proper diet and no stress, the medication on time, she will be fine soon. Sure. The doctor has said that you need to care for your diet. I came you didn’t know. I got this for you. If you make a shake, do give it to me too. Its not nice to be mistaken, you are my sister, I want what is best for you. You think. If you are thinking that I will be fooled, then no. I know well that your eyes will be the money that Hatim gave me. I don’t want something bad for you. I agree I couldn’t do what I was supposed to for you, but I have never wanted anything bad for you. Hello . Hello. There is a patient by the name of Rida, can you tell me where she is. One second. Her name is Rida Zeeshan. Yes, she has left. SO soon. They left 2 hours back. We should go to their home. Lets go. Come on. Zahida, we have gone through hell. I have been ruined. My Rida’s home is broken. My Faham left me.