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Okay fine, I’ll see till when you won’t sit there. Get up! Dad.. Get up from here. Dad.. Get inside! Nobody should dare and feed her food or open the door, I won’t spare anyone! Dad.. Mom.. Aunty.. Aunty.. When will miss Kashf come? She must be on her way. You please sit down. Shumaila, go and call Kashf. Mom, Imtiaz uncle won’t let her come. Asalam o alikum. Walikum Salam. At least go, tell him I have sent you. Go. Asalam o alikum. Walikum Salam. Please come and sit. Kashf is coming.. What are you doing? At least let me give her food.

Should I lock you up as well? ‘Let me give her food..’ Don’t you dare! She’s telling me that she won’t sit at the sanctuary, is this some kind of a joke? Asalam o alikum uncle. Asalam o alikum aunty. Walikum Salam. Aunty, send Kashf please. Mom is calling her.. Why? Why is she calling her? There’s a Milad at home, mom spoke to Kashf about it. Did they discuss about the money? Did you finalize the money? Did you take any advance from her? Did you? No. She can’t go, she can’t go then. There are only women, mom promised them that Kashf will come. When did I say that there won’t be any women. You run along home and go ask your mom how much money will she give us? Whatever amount you say. We’ll take 10,000 rupees. 10,000? Yes. Do you have a hearing problem or did I ask for more than you can afford? I’ll make mom give you 10,000 rupees, please just send Kashf. Really? Then it’s fine.

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Then there’s no problem. Go, go. You should go. Why would I have any objection then.. Go. They keys? She’ll go, she’ll go. It’s her uncle’s house, why won’t she go. Come my child, come my love. Come, come. We’ve finalized 10,000 rupees, make sure you count them. Yes yes of course, I’ll give her the money before sending her back in fact I’ll drop back Kashf myself. No no, there is no need for such formality. Make sure you eat something there. What were you teaching her? Tell me? I made a mistake, I should have asked for 20,000 rupees. You didn’t do the right thing Imtiaz.. I didn’t do the right thing right? I am also thinking the same, I should have asked for 20,000. We’re related, you shouldn’t have asked for money at all.

Why? There are no relations when it comes to business. Were you ever considerate towards me? Whenever I didn’t give you money on time, you used to fight and create a scene. Do you think about it? I also have a relationship with you, I am your husband. No one can maintain relationships when it comes to money matters. She’s bringing 10,000 rupees. Now go and make something nice, I am very hungry. Go. ‘Something nice’. Thank you so much my lord. I am forever grateful to you. In the Name of God, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful. Oh my lord, today your speech was read out loud, please accept that.

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Amen. Oh god, please rid all the difficulties and problems of this house by the blessing of your speech. Amen. Oh god, please rid all of the disruptions faced in the marriage of this family’s daughter Shumaila. Amen. Pray for my son Wajdan also, that God blesses him with a sweet bride, he gets whoever he wishes for. I have something for you.. What? There’s something.. What is it? Tell me. You are already so happy, so much happiness at once isn’t a good thing Are you telling me or should I call Nabeel? Brother.. Then tell me Kashf’s letter Then give it to me How can I just give it? What will I get in return? I just told you I’ll make you to talk to Nabeel.. Brother you’re too much.. Talk to him.. I don’t want to.

What happened? Asalam o alikum Walikum Asalam Whatever happened shouldn’t have. I don’t want to cause any problems further that’s why I’m writing a letter to you. You spoke about killing yourself that day which is why I saw a very bad dream, I won’t tell you what I say because I want to the forget the dream myself. I pray that every dream I see doesn’t come to life. Life is a very big blessing from God, we shouldn’t even think of ending it because it’s God’s possession and we’re not supposed to breach that. Just like every dark night brings a brighter day the same way after every suffering, easiness is bound to arrive Wajdan and after problems come happiness.

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Promise me that you won’t even think of suicide and you won’t ever utter such words from your mouth. Promise me. I promise you. Yes? Assalamualaikum. Walikumassalam Is this Kashf Bibi’s sanctuary? Yes yes, this is it. Sheikh Anjum Siddiqui has come to meet you. Who is he? Where is he? He is sitting in the car there. Come let’s go. Assalamualaikum. Yes? Go ahead. Walikumassalam. I had to discuss a problem with Kashf bibi. No, she doesn’t meet with men. Look, Qari Muzzamil has sent me. She still won’t meet you. Please see to my request, let me meet her. I’ll pay you as much as you want. I’ll talk to her and see. I’ll try, you wait here.