The Eternals 2020 | Angelina Jolie,Kit Harington,Richard Madden,Salma Hayek

The Eternals 2020 | Angelina Jolie,Kit Harington,Richard Madden,Salma Hayek

The Eternals 2020 | Angelina Jolie,Kit Harington,Richard Madden,Salma Hayek
Greetings momin sir. Greetings, serve food fast. You will eat food? What is the matter? Obviously, I will have food. I did not make it. What do you mean, you did not made food? What have you given to grandfather? he has gone. Is he gone? Where is he gone? Back to turkey, it was his flight today; you do not know this as well? why have not you told me? I thought that you must be knowing it, he was saying that bring taxi, I told him that let me brig car from office but he said that bring taxi, then I have that app of taxi has been downloaded, then I bought corolla and made grandfather go, have I done right momin brother? Momin brother? you make me worried a lot, please go back.

 Momina is calling you all repeatedly uncle, you are number is not reaching, she is getting worried. Jahangir, is not well, he asked me not to tell to momina, she will get worried. oh! How is he now? we brought him to hospital, yesterday, we got so many pushes in the government hospital, now at night we brought him to private hospital, he is better, but not fine. I will come to you until evening; let me be done with the shooting. if we will talk to momina on phone, she will get to know about our problem, we cannot hide our worries from her that is why I asked surraiya not to do that. You have done right; she will leave everything and will return, you know that how much possessive she is for Jahangir.

 yes, momina has to come today in evening. No, uncle, 2 3 days more, she will take. 2 3 days, Jahangir asked for momina repeatedly, anyways. Jahangir, Jahangir. Sister is here. No, but she will come. Is she got the role? yes, she got it. Mother, father, sister got the role in Hollywood, I said that. Now, just get fine, she will be back in 2 days. Please go out, do not disturb the patient, let him rest. patient is fine, yes Jahangir. yes, I am fine, there is no pain anywhere, sister will be a star, and sister will be a star. Finally got the passes for Sufi night. This is for what? You said you want to take the grandfather. Grandfather has gone. where? Turkey. he was not here to stay. Maybe he has some work. Do one thing take Neha, she will love it. Okay, you can call her and ask.

 I will ask? yeah. okay, Hey Neha. Hi, how are you? Momin was asking, would you go on sufi night? He bought the passes. When is it? on 7th. okay, I will check the schedule and will let you know, tell me that are you people doing the finalization of film cast? Press conference is on weekend. So, who is in the cast? I do not know exactly, you know about momin, he tells everything on the last moment. In boys, I am sticking to that one, but for girls, he said he is going to take 1 week before sending it to you. No, not a week, he has to do this within two days. He is sending me the main work. I have spoken to Neha, okay then? I found her weird, she said, she will see the schedule and will let us know and then she said, who is the casting, I said, only you know that, then she said that momin being the spill berg.

 okay, does not talk to her again, listen, this. is there any problem going on between both of them? When there is momin, there is a problem, anyways, check this one. How many Pakistani rupees? Approximately, 11-1.5 lac. They will pay the tax. sign, momina, momina, is everything okay? Yes, I was being emotional, sorry. I can understand, this is a big break, you are very lucky. thank God, I was worried, no one is replying on my messages, jahanagir was not picking up the phone, not mother and father too, you have seen Jahangir yourself? yes, I have seen him, he is fine, and you just come. Yes, I will come tomorrow evening, they are also giving me the amount of signing, 1 lac rupees, the treatment of Jahangir will be done. Yes. What happened? You are silent? No, I just want to hear you.

 I thought first time today that I am really lucky, otherwise, when the casting agent was saying, I thought that he is making fun of me, today when I see the written amount on contract, I trusted that, God is great. you sleep, you must have to awake at early morning and I have a shoot too. I just forget that you have a shoot too, okay; tomorrow is my look test, okay, I will meet you tomorrow evening. Okay, I will pick you. Of course, you will pick me, not anyone else, okay bye. I love you neha, I actually love you. Not madly? that as well, what you have done for me, are you sure, he will take me in lead? 100%, it is the situation of do or die; he will not lose me, he is crazy about me, I thought that why I am asking him for work? I should take role from him, I have said him. Once, I will get this film, you will see that I will go from where to where. I know. And once I will be star, I will not let you live with anyone else. I know. I will marry you. Marriage is not issue for me, love is, that I am doing with you, apart from marriage as well, I am with you. I know, I have read in the newspaper that he is going to make an announcement of cast and film. So get ready. I am so excited. He is calling me, he calls me 10 times in the day, and what were you saying? So I was telling that this project would be the turning point of my life. that is why I have put everything on it, for you. And I truly value that. I know, momin is fool. 

But lucky. Thank you thank you, thank you, thank you so much, everything happened because of you, okay now, do not get emotional, I know that you are very happy but go home fast, the first thing I need to do is to give this news to mother and Jahangir, drive fast Daud, you have taken the wrong way. We are going to hospital. But why? Aqsa said that Jahangir is back home, is not he? Actually, they need to take them back. No one told me, parents are disappeared somewhere, when you will call them, they do not pick up the phone, where is Jahangir, Daud, where are you going, all the wards are this side? How have you made the bill of 3.45 of 4 days? Look , this is private hospital, you have put him in ICU first, then private room, dialysis, injections and medicine were given to him daily, you will get the whole breakdown in the bill.

 I will clear your all payment, let us take him I have compassion with you, but this is not my hospital, I myself am employed here, I cannot handover the dead body to you without bill. this is 1-lac rupees, you can keep it, I promise you, I will clear all my payment. We do not take checks, we work on cash, and you should have not brought him here, if you cannot afford it. we just brought him here to save his life, and we did not saved his life. You will see, I will give this all on media, I will put this on social media, you all are bad and scoundrels. What will happen with that madam, we will become infamy, and you still have to give the bill. I am an actor, I am making my money legal and I am dying for it, you are making the legal things illegal. it makes no difference for them, they are here to do business but make sleep their inner selves, you just come, and we will arrange the money, do something Daud.