The Batman 2021 | Zoë Kravitz,Jeffrey Wright,Paul Dano,Robert Pattinson,Andy Serkis

The Batman 2021 | Zoë Kravitz,Jeffrey Wright,Paul Dano,Robert Pattinson,Andy Serkis

The Batman 2021 | Zoë Kravitz,Jeffrey Wright,Paul Dano,Robert Pattinson,Andy Serkis
Yeah. I know man. I have one brother, I had thought the wedding would be grand, I would invite my friends, we will have fun. But unfortunately brother didn’t give me the chance. Trust me, I don’t want to go out of the room. Listen, I will call you back. How are you Nida? What happened? You want something? No, you went upset from the breakfast table cause Asad called you little one. You didn’t have breakfast, then I went to mama, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you. Go head, what do you want to say? Asad really loves you, don’t take what he says to heart, he does it on purpose to annoy you. Excuse me, this is between me and my brother, don’t interfere. You are right, but now my relation with you is that of sister in law. I will take your side, you are like my younger sister Afsheen. Woah, wait a second, don’t compare me to your sick sister.

 Ok? I am nothing like her. Ok? You can leave now. What a weirdo. No need to compare me with your sick sister, I am nothing like her. Yes, why are you sitting like this? You are crying Zara? No. If you are not crying then why are there tears in your eyes? Just like that. What do you mean? Look, you live in my heart, no emotion of yours can stay hidden from my heart. Tell me, what happened? Did someone say something? Did mama say something? Nida? Ok, stop crying. You know every single tear is falling on my heart, its hurting me. Come on tell me what happened? Its nothing major. Tell me the minor thing. You know Asad Afsheen is my life, in fact more than that… And I also know you love her more than you love me. I love Afsheen the most in this world. She is unwell. 

Did Nida say something about Afsheen? Tell me what happened? The disease her sister has, even she can have it. Its not necessary that it would happen. Whether its necessary or not, I don’t care. You talk to her once and tell her to stay away from me and my matters. She came to this room today, but I will not tolerate her. Brother married her but she is not my sister in law. I hate her. Don’t do that. If you behave like this the environment of the house will be ruined, look I have compromised, so should you. I can’t believe it, you are the same mama who has never compromised in her life, the same Tasleem Iftikhar who has never said sorry. What you used to say was the final decision, so what happened now? What should I do? At times a person has to face things in life they wouldn’t have thought of, my son stood in front of me. I gave up, what could I do? Not Tasleem Iftikhar a mother was helpless. I couldn’t imagine you would give up so easily. 

Rida, my son leaves me, I won’t be able to tolerate it. So you got the girl married to brother and you got her here. Now she is in front of us 24 hours. I cannot tolerate that girl, but fine, whatever, if you want to care for her tantrums, do it, but don’t expect anything like this from me. Rida, I am your elder brother, and as per this relation, she is your sister in law. When she gives you so much respect, then why do you get rude with her? You are my younger sister, I love you a lot, just like that, Afsheen is her younger sister, she loves her with her life, she is unwell, so you should take care of her. So promise me that no such issue will come after today. Come on get up now and give her a hug.

 Get up. Get up now, you are a good girl. You can do it. See, she is in front of you. See, that’s like my little sister. You don’t feel bad Zara, I was just talking to Rida about this, we won’t have any problems in the future. Thank you mama. Ok, all set now? Mama, we will go shopping so we will be late. Sure. Lets go. Rida, what are you doing? Don’t behave like this, what if your brother leaves this home, what will we do. Calm down, relax, sit down. Lets talk about this. Calm down. Why are you quiet? What was the need to talk to Rida like this, what would she be thinking that sister in law complained. 

She will think nothing, she is a little spoilt cause of our love, or else she is good at heart. She just has more tantrums to throw with me. That is what I am saying, you shouldn’t have talked like that. She must have felt more, after today don’t come between me and Rida, I will handle her myself. Fine. Its you and your sister in law in future. Ok now? Yeah. The signal had to close today. Sister. Sister. Sister, get a toy. No thank you son. Your children will be happy. We don’t have children. Take it sister. The signal is open, shall we? You like kids? A lot, who doesn’t like kids? Okay. When we have kids, it will be fun. Asad. You know what I was thinking, I should get a doll from that boy. Why? For our daughter. 

I wish we have a pretty daughter like you. Honestly. What happened? Whatever happened, forget it, don’t take it to head. You are going to turkey with your university, go have fun. I will transfer a lot of money so you can go shopping. Hello. Hello. How was shopping? Really good, I got this for you. Hey, what was the need for this? You should have shopped for yourself. I saw the color, I thought it would look good on you, so got it. Hopefully you will like it. I will like it, you got it for me. Thank you. Rida, this is for you. Thanks. Asad, you know Rida is going to Turkey with her university. Wow. Is your preparation done, if you need anything, let me know. In fact you should have come with us you could have shopped for yourself. No thank you.

 I am alright. Ok mama, we will go get fresh, get tea for us? Sure. I will be back mama. Forget it, she is not worth it. Fix your mood. You take this. Go now, what are you looking at? This scene is so beautiful. Yeah, seeing this moonlight, I remember that scene of ours. How can I forget? Tell me. Papa didn’t come pick me from my friend’s wedding, you dropped me home. And I checked you out completely from the back view mirror. I was really embarrassed. Your friend noticed it all. Who? Oh Khurram. He was saying, brother look in front and drive, I don’t want to die. Where is he nowadays? He is in America. Did you tell him we got married and are together. 

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