The Assistant 31, January 2020 | Julia Garner,Kristine Froseth,Matthew Macfadyen,Makenzie Leigh,Dagmara Domińczyk

The Assistant 31, January 2020 | Julia Garner,Kristine Froseth,Matthew Macfadyen,Makenzie Leigh,Dagmara Domińczyk

Everything is so nice and tasty, mother do not cry in nights, and he do not write letter to father as well, mother has taken new clothes today as well, for me and for her, mother do not look good while crying, she looks nice in laughing, great mother you have lot of jewelry. Yes. so why do not you wear it? When your father was there, I used to wear it, I will wear again. I will make you wear. Momin. Mother, looks nice now, and I want to see mother like this, happy and smiling. What are you looking at? Mother, today you look very nice. Okay. You father likes this cake a lot, I used to make for him usually. 

You did not make it for me ever. Now, I am making it. You love father or me? I love father more than you and you more than father. You mean more than me, he is here. This is beautiful Momin. but after your hands. Love you. Love you too. You taste is matchless than anything. Okay, that means that you are appreciating your own self? You are enough to appreciate me, I am not trusting that Kable Momin have proposed me, it is as if a dream comes true. Okay. What you like in me? Only, I like you from here. You only like from here not here? Kalbe Momin, only takes decision from mind. When you talk like this, you fold the heart of girls in your fingers, Kalbe Momin. But Kalbe Momin is in your wrist only, you are like Husne Jahan. 

Why like? Why not Husne Jahan? Husne Jahan was one. This chance has been gone as well, mother is right, I do not have mind, I have regrets afterwards. You should have some mind, you refused them. What should I do, should I show them after wearing mini skirt? You should show them 2 3 scenes, once they will see your acting, they might will give you a role. Mother, no one see acting, performance and expressions here, they want to see the body and to show the body. It is not that Momina. It is like that mother, you generation was something else, her in cinema all family and innocent people go, with their whole family but they go to see the item number. Momina, acting and performance is something.

 In your generation, there is acting and the respect, in my generation only they are selling glamour, everything have a price but not value. My generation is not that old, it is just the matter of 15 20 years back. You say 15 20 years to two decades mother. If you would have get the role, the liver of Jahangir would have got transplanted, all the films of Momin are hits, this film would have got hit and you will become star, then you will get the work, not on films but in television, you will get the money in television too but Jahangir’s liver, just take this, drink tea, why have you stop eating, take it. What a person can do. They should get some mind, it was a big opportunity Momina and you have failed it, what have you done? I cannot fulfill the demands of director.

 Then, you can sit and do the role of sister and friends and the aunts, you have to do everything to get your name and everyone is doing it, have you heard that? I have heard that. But you have not learned anything, I have forced Daud and talked about your audition, but you fought there, no stupid or a blind person can do this and you are helpless and needy Momina. He misbehaved with me, what have I done? He can do that, he is a director, his coin is moving in this industry, actors roam around to work in his film, if he abused, no one says anything and you said that he is cheap. I was crazy. What is the point of regretting now? I am not regretting, I am thinking that I should not go. Momina. Okay, I am sorry. 

He insulted Daud for you that from where you get all the girls, no one has class and family. Okay and the person who has level and class what he is doing? You are right, I should not send you to him, Daud have said to me before as well that this is a film, do not come here considering it a soap or serial. My problem, is money right now, I just do not want to miss the movie of Momin because of Jahangir’s disease. Daud and I are trying for the sake of Jahangir only that you will get a chance. What should I do now, should I apologize with him? He is Momin, he have grudges in her heart, he take revenges, he do not forgive, it is not possible that he will cast you in his film, you will not be seen in any of the film in his circle now, you just had once chance to get Jahangir treated, and you, you have lost it. What have I done, except of losing chances in life.