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It’s a bad thing child, if someone tries to convince you with love, you should agree. Mama, all this used to happen in your times, in today’s time its tit for tat. If I don’t keep him under check now, he will slip out of my hand. Your own people put an evil eye on it too. Mama, I will take my medication and rest a little. You have come, I will make something you like. Mehru, don’t take your medication on an empty stomach.

What is the matter mama? You are really caring for your daughter. That is why she does all this, that become a reason for embarrassment for us later. Whatever happened, happened Ayat.. Forget about it. She is already worried. She is not worried, not worried at all. She has a habit of worrying other people, she has a habit of getting sympathies from others. Ayat, I will make something. Leave it, I am not hungry anymore. Wont you eat? I am not hungry, you eat. Have a little, for my sake. Why are you so stubborn? Why do you do things to upset me? When I said I am not hungry, so I am not hungry.

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If I want, I will eat. Ayat, you change yourself. I have changed so much. Have you ever noticed, that how I used to be, what have I become? You want to leave me? You want to leave me? Look at me. If you want to leave me, then leave me, I won’t stop you. You never loved me, right? You used to pray that she dies and I get rid of her, why is she forcefully enforced on me. But I have always loved you, since childhood till today, I have not thought about anyone but you. I don’t know when I made that palace of dreams where only you were there, I was there, a lot of happiness was there. I have kept my dreams safely by closing my fist, really carefully. I had never thought that a storm would come and take away all my dreams with it.

I was not like that. I was not like that, right? I have said something… eat your food its getting cold. Why do you run away from me? Ayat, no one has control on their heart. Whoever takes a place in this heart once, they stay. They make their home there. It is really difficult to get them out of that home, even I cannot take her out. For the first time in my life, today, I want to say something after gathering a lot of courage.

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Ayat, you being here or not being here doesn’t make a difference to me, if you want to go, then go, I will not stop you. Mehru, child, Shah Jahan is here. He wants to meet you. Mama, how many times have I told you? You don’t listen to me. You know Ayat, I don’t want to meet him. He has requested a lot, child. He wants to meet after getting your permission, he looked a little worried. Hear him out. Mama, I don’t want to meet him. I don’t have the courage to face those taunts. Child, these are not normal relations, nor have these relations been formed in normal circumstances, they will get entangled for some time. Then they will be fine. I had told you, keep yourself prepared for these time to time dramas. Meet him, child. Who is it? Yes? Madam, is this Mr. Shah Jahan’s home? Yes, this is it. Is Mr. Shah Jahan home? No, he is not home, why? Your introduction madam? I am his wife, speak up. I have a letter in his name. Give it to me. Sign here please. Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Mama was saying you are worried. You want to talk about something to me. Go ahead. Sit down, Mehru. Look Shah Jahan, my life has become really difficult. Ayat feels that I am the reason for her incomplete life, if you come to meet me like this, she will feel… why don’t you believe it? Our ways are now separate. They are separate. I have believed it for a long time, Mehru. My heart is not willing to accept it. You know Mehru, I have been distributed and you are the main reason behind this distribution. You just gave me an order. From that time, till today, have you ever thought that I am just suffering the punishment? Have you ever thought about me? It’s possible what we are thinking is not true or maybe, no. My Shah Jahan cannot do this.

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I am sure this is a move of your sister’s to create a problem between you two. May God ruin that girl, who she wants to destroy, she doesn’t even think that the one she is trying to ruin is her own sister. I will go to Mr. Shah, I am sure she has done black magic on my son. Since she got divorced, she roams around like a wild cat, here and there. Listen, don’t leave her. if she doesn’t care for relations, then you too forget she is your sister. You know I start losing my breath, when I think that she is standing in your place. I feel suffocated, I feel my heart will stop beating. Whatever had to happen, has happened.

Its better to convince your heart and start your life in a new manner. I am thinking of starting my life in a new manner. You don’t waste mine and your’s time, go from here. I am sure there is something or else no one divorces someone just like that. She is not that innocent. She knows all the methods. Where are you going? I will not leave, even if you consider it my stubbornness today. Don’t do this. Don’t do it, Shah Jahan. I have no answer for your questions.