Tanhaji 2020 | New Story Launch in Mumbai Cinema | Goldmines

Tanhaji 2020 | New Story Launch in Mumbai Cinema | Goldmines

Tanhaji 2020 | New Story Launch in Mumbai Cinema | Goldmines

Here you go, tea. Hey child, why did you bother? You should have asked Arfreen. Why mama? Am I not your child? You are our daughter, but daughters become guests after wedding. Hey papa, leave it, I don’t believe this. You are stubborn, you still haven’t changed. Here. Brother. Your aunt is here, meet her nicely. God knows what stories will she create? Oh God, someone look at me. Sister in law. Aunt, what happened? Whatever happened to me, you tell me, why are you here? You answer me first, what are you doing here? Sit down, I will tell you. Slowly, I am dead, my leg is broken. Tell me, don’t hide it, why are you here? Why aunt, if its your brother’s home, its my parent’s home too.

I can come here. You are right, but tell me are you happy at your home? I am really happy, don’t ask. Tell me, will you have tea? God have mercy, what has happened to her sister in law? Ok fine, I will get bread with tea as well. What have you done to yourself? I had told you Tamkeen is not bad at heart, she was a little worried after the divorce. I am surprised, I cannot take my eyes off her. After wedding, her behavior has changed, she didn’t ask me for water earlier. You tell me, is everything fine? Guddi, this? My daughter in law pushed..sorry, I slipped from the stairs, how dare she touch me. Listen sister in law and brother, did she have a fight with her in-laws? Nothing like that, she came to stay for a few days, then she will go. I don’t believe it, these rich people keep their wives in control, how did he let her go? I am saying this based on experience. I know, Shahvaiz is a good man. Yes, he must be. Hello. Uncle, I am going to work. Who is this? Hello aunt. Fine son, go to work. Bye. Bye. That is fine, but who is he? I have kept him at home Why? Brother? Are you in your senses, you have young daughters and he’s going around in the home in this pink shirt. 

No, sister, he is a nice boy. Listen sister in law, they all say that, but they are all the same inside. No, he pays to stay here, you know our situation is not that good nowadays. Still, you have a young man in this home, girls are there, I also come. Here you go. Breakfast! Wow, you didn’t make me turmeric milk, for my pain. I will make you that too, don’t worry. Why do you worry aunt? I got married and Affi is simple. Yes, when we have a beautiful woman like you. Papa, you shouldn’t have kept Raza like this. She is really funny. What does she say? I swear, I am telling the truth. Even Shahvaiz was saying that who was that beautiful woman, who was looking at me all the time. She is become really mischievous, sister in law. 

I used to pretty, ask them. Okay, have breakfast. Hello. I have told you so many times not to call me. What can I do love, I cannot live without you. Come out and meet me. No, I cannot meet you. Okay, so tell me, should I come to meet you. No, I am really far, you cannot come here. Lovers find each other, no matter what. Okay, you are very filmy. no, not filmy, I am just saying what is in my heart. Ok, come to the door. Door? What door? Mazhar Siddiqi, who else? What? Are you here? Where are you? You are here. Please go from here. You go from here or else an issue will be created. Who was this man? What man? The one who left the door.

 Guest, he came here for a few days. Oh, okay. Anyway, go from here, we will meet later. I am leaving, but I don’t know you will have to meet me soon. Yes, I will. I love you. I love you too, okay? Go from here now. Okay, listen show me one look, I will go, I swear. Did you see? Now go. Bye. Where were you? Was there something? Yes, I wanted you to iron my clothes, there are a 1000 things in the morning, don’t you feel bad for your sister, help her out. Your sister is here. Who? Sister Tamkeen, I just met her. Really? Sister Tamkeen is here, that too this early in the morning. I will go meet her. Where are you going? Shehla, sister is here, I will go meet her. Azhar, we are getting late for work, no need to go. Shehla, try and understand, what if she leaves, I will go meet her. She came so early, she won’t leave before the evening. We have to leave for work, no need. Shehla, just a little while, I promise. Look Azhar, I have already gotten a warning from work that I come late, I don’t want any more warnings. So please, lets go. Shehla, try and understand if I don’t meet her, she will get upset. Fine, do what you want, I am going in a rickshaw. Seema, take care of the home, I am going. Don’t go downstairs too much. Shehla, listen to me. Tea! Why are you doing all this sister? Why can’t I do it? I used to do it earlier too. I didn’t do it, I got you to do all this, I used to order.

 Now I respect you and this home, mama and papa, the love in this home. You have changed so much sister. I have not changed, my environment has, at times this old time pulls me back, it makes me want to breath freely. Sister, you are saying such deep things, what has sir Shahvaiz done to you? Shahvaiz has done me… What? Worthless. What did he do sister? He got me. Yeah, I cannot believe Sir Shahvaiz is so good. He is, you have your tea. No, I need to make breakfast for aunt. Don’t worry about breakfast, tell me, how long has she been here? Who? Who are you talking about? The one who has been going around the home. Shehla’s sister Seema. Seema. left this home and the whole home has become a guest house. The person is alone and doesn’t have anyone, they live here. Sister, she is staying with brother Azhar, what can papa say? Why not? She has come to Azhar’s portion but papa owns the whole home. He could have said no. She is really cunning. Did she say something to you? NO, one cunning person can see the cunningness in the other. Sister, leave her.

 I will leave her, but she won’t leave him. Who? The one she comes down running early morning. Raza. Raza and Seema? No. no. You leave it. You are stupid. If you see for yourself, you won’t agree. These love stories are made secretly. She will fool him, you will sit here see. Why would I care? I care, he is a good boy, he likes you too. Sister, please, what are you saying? You are saying weird things, don’t ruin your future with the mistakes of your past. I have full faith. That is why they kept him paying guest. Sister can we talk about something else. Get up, or should I make lunch too? No, you rest, you came for a few days only. I don’t know if I came for a few days or all my life. Sir, this is for your madam, Europe tickets and passport. Thank you. Sorry, we couldn’t save your daughter. What are you saying? What are you saying? What is she saying? Gudiya, gudiya, open your eyes. Kashif, see she left us. Gudiya, open your eyes. Gudiya, open your eyes. Gudiya, speak up. No. My Gudiya. My child. Gudiya. Gudiya, open your eyes. Say something. Leave me. Gudiya. Gudiya, open your eyes. Gudiya, open your eyes. Gudiya. God took back his entrustment. Gudiya. Gudiya. Gudiya. Gudiya. Gudiya. Gudiya. Gudiya. Gudiya. Gudiya Gudiya Gudiya Gudiya You are getting a call. Your phone is ringing. I know. Shavaiz is calling, pick it up. I know that too. You know it all then what are you hiding from me? Did you fight? Nothing happened. Don’t worry. Sister, why don’t you tell me. We had a little argument, I came here to teach him a lesson. A little? Yes, what else? Husband and wife fight. You should be careful sister. For example, what? You and other people are different. You ruined your home because of your arguments.

 That’s the problem, people remember a woman’s arguments. But who instigates a woman to argue, no one remembers that. Did Shahvaiz instigate you? Stop it, don’t get to a result for yourself. You shouldn’t have married SHahvaiz. I talked to you but… What else could I do? Who would have married me after what you did? I had to get married. After all, mama and papa wanted to get rid of me. Mama. Mama. Hello sister, how are you? Hello, you finally thought of your sister. I was thinking that I would have to write you a letter, or a message that brother, your sister has come, when you get time come and meet me. No sister, nothing like that, I was busy with work so I couldn’t come earlier. Yes, you have to give time to your wife, now the time that is left, you won’t waste on your sister. I will go, I have go meet Mr. Haji, he must be waiting. Stop it Tamkeen, he came to meet you. Leave it mama, you always take your son’s side, whether your sons do anything or not. Where is your wife? Why didn’t she come meet me? Your sister in law comes down daily. Who? Seema? Yes, madam Seema. Tell her to relax, she came here to stay, she should do that, don’t get involved in the matters of this home. Sister, I don’t know. Me and Shehla leave for work daily, she is at home alone. Mama, you tell me, if she comes down for a while what is wrong in that. There is something wrong, that is why I am saying it. You tell her not to come, if I tell her, your wife will mind. What was the need for this? When did I say something? He came… Okay, so you are ignoring Shahvaiz. Me. I didn’t spend so much on you that you leave my life like this. I will make you pay then I will let you get out of my life. Every single penny. Where were you? You took so long. Sorry, I went to mama and sister. How are you? Fine. Shehla, get me a cup of tea. Why? Did your mother and sister not give you tea. No, they did ask but to be honest, I wanted to have tea with my wife’s hands. So I didn’t have it there. You make so many excuses. Do one thing…No, I will not do anything right now, get me tea first, then I will do what you tell me to. That is what I am saying, boil the water, add tea to it and cover it. So what is left then? No, don’t you add milk and sugar to the tea? Shehla, I honestly don’t have the strength to do anything. Wait for a while. Where were you? I was here. What happened? You are lost. 

Why don’t you make tea for your sister, she came tired. Do some work. Sister, you want tea, you can just say it. I will make it. Listen, make two cups of tea, your brother in law also wants it. I will get it. Shehla, I.. What? I want to talk about something important. Go ahead. That’s it sister, no parent should have to see their child suffer. My child was not of the age sister. She used to say to me that mama will I leave? They say children know in advance. I feel someone put the evil eye on their home. Gudiya. Gudiya. Papa. Gudiya. Papa. Gudiya. Gudiya. My child. My Gudiya. Gudiya. Gudiya. Be strong child. Be strong. My Gudiya. Shehla, I was saying that ask Seema to not go down so much. Why? Has something happened? No, nothing happened. You know she came to stay here, live with us, the lesser she goes the better. I have told her a 1000 times, only if she listens to me. I will call mama tomorrow, she will teach her a lesson. No, no need to call aunty, she will get worried, if you talk to Seema yourself, it will be better. Azhar, I am sure there is something, you have not said this before. Tell me. What is it? Shehla, nothing happened, believe me. You know sister Tamkeen is there, I don’t want any arguments, you get what I am saying. You have been smart for the first time in your life. I will talk to Seema, she won’t go downstairs. Tea. Thank you. My lovely sister, you are working. The tea is awful, you should have added some sugar. 

You should have made it yourself. She went down again. Shehla, why did you have to scold her, she made tea with love. I am sure this Tamkeen said something to brother Azhar or else why would he realize that I should go down less, I am sure she is dreaming of marrying Afreen with Raza. That is why she doesn’t like me coming, cause anyone can fall in love with me. I am not stale like Afreen. No matter what anyone says, I will get Raza. But I need to make a place in Raza’s heart. But how? You give me your shirt, I will iron it. That is not needed. I have given my clothes to the laundry to iron. No problem, I will do it. Thank you. You are ignoring me Raza. He becomes nice in front of Afreen. All your sweetness will be turned into poison or you can change my name from Seema. Oh my God, how long will I be in this test, you are the only one who knows I am innocent. After what you did, who would have married me. Sir Shahvaiz will never be forgiven by God, but sister, you got married to that man, who made me a sinner in your eyes, even when I was innocent. I am sad that you believed him. God show me a way that this stain on my character gets removed. Amen. What happened to you now? Nothing. Why the long face, then? Sister, do you too think I am not a good girl. You took this decision cause of me? No, I was just upset, so I said it. You know my anger. No, I want to know. Do you consider me the same as everyone else, someone who would cheat their parents. Okay, let it go, I made a mistake. Forgive me. Your own forgive their mistakes, and move on. 

Okay, why are you standing here, go work in the kitchen, I have been working since morning, I am tired. You rest, I am going. I am not that nice that I accept my mistakes and cunningness. You need a big heart to accept your mistake. I don’t have such a big heart. Sister in law, how are you? Brother Shahvaiz, you? Yes, brother Shahvaiz. Life is so strange, the one you love, you make them your sister in law and the one you hate becomes your brother. The world is really cruel. Will you come inside? I will, who will stop me. I am the father in law of your home. Where is your sister, Mrs. Tamkeen Shahvaiz? I will call her. Listen, get tea. Sure. Are you on a job or sitting at home? No job. How will you? Your father is an old man, with only his respect. How would he allow you to work with men? You came here to meet sister, do that. Don’t point fingers at my character. Okay. You are still stubborn. 

I am not stubborn, this is my respect that I care for so much, but you don’t know what respect is. I know what respect is well. A woman’s respect is in her shame, which can be ruined in 2 minutes, just like I did, in moments. Respect and shame are human emotions, not male or female like you. What do you mean? Nothing, I am sending sister. You? You? Yes. I am Shahvaiz Ahmad and you are? I mean, you should be praised. I am Seema. Oh Seema. I think I have seen you somewhere. Think about it, you must have seen me. People with my face cut are usually heroes, I am sure I resemble a hero.

 Hero? You? Have you seen your face? I am not bad. What do you think of yourself? I have seen you somewhere. Leave it. Where have I seen you? Who have you come to meet? I came to meet your sister Tamkeen, by the way, for your information, I am her husband. You are sister Tamkeen’s husband? Yes, I had to marry Afreen, but at the last moment your sister Tamkeen came in the way. You know, seeing you, I feel that beautiful girls love you often. Thank you for this respect. I think if I would have found you at the right time, you would have been ready. Yes, maybe I was not in your fate, maybe Tamkeen was in your fate. You know sister Tamkeen would agree, but how did Arfeen agree, although that Raza is always behind Afreen.