Sir Patrick Stewart, Sir Paul McCartney & Sir Ringo Starr All Ran Into Each Other

you know Sir Patrick Stewart and you don’t really use the surra much do you sorry so I’ve been calling you know I shouldn’t am I supposed to know okay but no do you I take my lead from Sir Ian I whom we’ve both shared some time with yes and he is he is so phlegmatic about all of that and and I just you know it’s a great honor but it’s not something that I need to press when you bump into another sir when you’re out and about do you then do you roll in sir circles circles .

so how do you become a sir well Patrick how well you know it’s a case of I got mine on the Queen’s Birthday Honours but you have reminded me that I did have a sir encounter only a few weeks ago in Los Angeles a rather fancy in fact extremely fancy restaurant tell them what it is they’ll know it was the the tower bar no .

you keep going I got a feeling this isn’t gonna work out so we’re the four of us were seated at a table about 15 minutes later into the restaurant walks Sir Paul McCartney Wow good look Paul and I have a very slender relationship but it’s lasted decades encountered him in 1964 no when his girlfriend Jane Asha then had told him that I loved Aston Martin’s I was driving a battered old Ford but Aston Martin’s were my dream car she told him this and one night yeah we knew he was seeing the show there was a knock on my door and I said yeah come in I’m there in my underwear no like as usual [Laughter] I’m ready for you and the door opened standing there was Paul McCartney who I had never met before and this was 1964 he said J says that you like Aston Martin’s here drive this and he tossed a bunch of keys and it was ass we’re now in the tower Baro.

[Applause] I am feeling less he sees me and comes over and I stand up say hi and we have a big hug in the restaurant and I’m very much aware that there’s all the tables are full on this kind of thing and we talk for five or six minutes and he goes and sits down five minutes go by and into the restaurant walks sir Ringo Starr I swear to you they were they were oh they were at the same table they were the same yes well we at the tower free meal we finish early and I get up to go and Paul stands up to say goodbye and we have a hug and this we have a hug he says into my ear do you know Ringo I’ve never met him but I’m rego come on come over here hang on a minute he said sir Ringo sir Patrick sir Paul hey we’ve got the knights of the round table .

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