Sherlock Holmes 3 | Robert Downey, Jr.,Rachel McAdams,Jude Law,Dexter Fletcher

Sherlock Holmes 3 | Robert Downey, Jr.,Rachel McAdams,Jude Law,Dexter Fletcher

Sherlock Holmes 3 | Robert Downey, Jr.,Rachel McAdams,Jude Law,Dexter Fletcher
 Mama will call you to get my return flight. Listen you won’t go anywhere right now. You know mama, Nida is getting married and Asad will come. Are you happy on Nida’s wedding or Asad coming. The happiness for the wedding is on one place, but mama, Asad is coming so I am more happy. You and papa should have been here. Anyway, next time. Take care, say hello to papa, love to Afsheen. Bye mama. Wow, I hope you always stay happy. Amen. Honestly, this is the first time I have seen you happy if you are so happy right now, how will you be when Asad comes? You might not recognize us, you will be flying. Maybe. I didn’t know that a person’s life is so affected when a person is not there. 

It gets empty a person forgets themselves. This happens in love. Then God save me from this love. God forbid, in fact, pray that someone comes in your life, who prays then it is just for you. You know Ashar, all the wealth of the world on one side and the true love on another. The peace I get in remembering Asad, I get it no where. I like suffering for him too. May you always be happy. I pray that you get a good girl soon. God willing. We haven’t been together for 2 days, you want to go to Pakistan. I will all alone. So, what happened? I left Zara alone there. Can you stop taking this name in front of me. I know you love her, but you know I am in your life, I can get offended too. Why? Zara is part of my life. 

What is your problem here? You have been living here alone for so long. I am not saying that if you leave I will forget how to get out of the house. I can handle myself. All I am trying to say is that I miss you, you have a connection with someone at times. Do you understand the concept. I don’t like it, I am telling you, you cannot go. Look, Nida is my only sister, I have to go to her wedding. I really love her. I know she is your sister, you love her. But don’t you love me? YOU are my helplessness. You don’t have an answer. I cannot argue right now. Look, its simple, Its my sister’s wedding, mama is alone, there will be lots to do, so I have to be there. Fine, I am willing to understand, but I will come along. What? Yeah, I will come along, what is the problem in this? No, this cannot happen. This cannot happen? How long will you hide this Asad? I don’t know. Look, sooner or later you have to introduce me to them, why not now? I don’t get it. Look Rabia, not now, it cannot happen now. 

Listen, Asad, I know it might be weird for you, you must be thinking we have not been together for long, but for me we have been together for ever. I will really miss you and then on top of that I thought so much, planned so much, we will do so much, but I guess not, now you got to leave. Listen, cheer up. Don’t make this face in front me, or I can’t say no. Listen, if you are going, promise me one thing, you will come back soion, don’t forget me, I will miss you. You are still making that long face, I should have it. You will leave and have fun, I will be alone and bored. Come on Kashif, you know I don’t use these cheap things. I was just saying, don’t waste money for one day. One day is the most important and beautiful day of their lives. I liked that suit. You liked it, but I have to wear it., don’t force me. Yes mama, I will come and talk. I am coming. I told you I am coming, I will talk. Come on. Yes Zara, how are you? I am fine, sorry I called you right now, you must be sleeping.

 I hope I didn’t disturb you, I really wanted to talk to you. No Zara, you can call me whenever, I was missing you too. Why didn’t you call? I got busy, then I thought you would be busy preparing for the wedding. Yes. Asad, when are you coming? Really soon, just 2-3 days, then I will be with you. Don’t go back once you come. I cannot stay away from you now. I cannot live here. I want to run to you. Whatever it is, I will not stay here, I will come to you. Please Asad, do that. It will be like this, don’t worry. I will come, receive me happily. You know I don’t like you when you are sad. Look Kashif, first I got a message for 30,000, then 50,000, then 60,000. You spent 150,000 on her in a day. Yes, we are preparing for the wedding, no joke. Wedding? We can get 3-4 weddings done in this money. Mama, what are you saying? Please, don’t say this in front of Nida. Why? Is she a princess? I will say what I feel like.

 She has not come home and you are putting restrictions on me. Dad, talk to mom, they are rich people, they spend like this. They might, but you don’t know how hard I have worked, I have got here from Korangi, only by myself. All this is cause of me. Yes, we have worked hard, we have eaten less, we didn’t live like this so that she comes and takes away everything. Safia, lets see what happens, I feel we will be in trouble. She doesn’t know me, I will kill her, what I want will happen in this home. Go and check how far have you driven and how much petrol has been wasted. Go now. If you talk to me like this, I will leave home, and live anywhere with her. Hey, Safia, you said too much. You have upset your only son. Wow, you are insulting me and you were saying that you worked hard to earn this money. You are the one who set the court. Who told you to be the judge? You should have stopped me and made me understand like right now. Stop now.

 Can I say something? Our son didn’t make a mistake, he got a rich girl. I can say one thing, you said something smart, you are not that smart. Good morning. You up? Yeah. I feel you have not slept well, right? Yes, I slept late. If you talk on the phone all night long with Zara, obviously you will not get sleep. Lets have breakfast. So why are you being so sarcastic? She is my wife, can’t I talk to her. You can, why not? But what is the reason behind talking to her secretly, I don’t get it. I am not scared, nor was I hiding. You were resting so I didn’t want to bother you. Why are you ruining your sleep from now on, you are going to her for 2-3 days, you spend time with her, talk to her as much as you want. Till then give me some time. I can’t be back in 2-3 days, I will take some time. Fine, if you will take time there, I will come to you. Why do you threaten me like this? Why would I threaten you? You will go to her, spend time with her. Every moment in the same room. 

Do you even realize how much that hurts me, imagining you with her. But I am tolerating it cause I don’t think I have a choice, I love you. Listen, I can tolerate this, but you will have to promise me, when you leave from here, stay In touch, talk to me everyday and come soon. Okay? Fine. Do you promise? Promise. Yes. Smile for me please. Please. I will miss you. I will take out your clothes, you can change. Ashar. Yes? Are you going somewhere? Yes, I am, but tell me, is there something? The furniture guy called, the stuff is ready, we need to make the payment, I thought you would go. Of course aunty, you don’t have to go alone with me here. Ok, Kashif is going to take Nida is to take her shopping. They will join us after that. Fantastic. 

By the way aunty, is Asad’s flight confirmed? No, the booking isn’t confirmed. Okay, and when are we going? We will go in an hour or so. Okay? If you have something important go and do it. Nothing important, the company gave me accommodation, I was going to see that. Ashar, what are you saying? You cannot shift, the wedding is nearby, you cannot go. Asad is not here. I need you here. Yes, I understand, but I was thinking. Yes, but don’t think, you are not going anywhere. Please. We will see after the wedding. Please, I need your support. Fine, will go later. Fine, will talk later. Hello. I am really sorry, I was busy couldn’t call back, is everything ok? Okay nothing, I was calling cause I wanted to confirm Asad’s travel plans, the wedding is around the corner. I wanted you to confirm his flight bookings for me. 

If I speed it up, it will take 15-20 days. So he will come 2 days before the wedding, how will I manage it all. I don’t control these things, I can only try. Rabia, I don’t know, I know you can find a solution. Do something, I know you can do it. Ma’am. The wedding is around the corner. Okay, give me some time, let me see what I can do, I will get back to you. I know you can do it. I am relying on you, I trust you. Ok? Hello. Have they given you the home keys? Yes. Yes, coming here suddenly like this? Is there a problem? The problem is, this home is not empty, there are people here and you coming here like this doesn’t look nice, I was working. I am sorry if you didn’t like it. No, its not about sorry, every home has some manners, and after all you are the future son in law in this home, you have respect and importance and after all not Rida and mama live here, I do too. So these things don’t seem nice. Is this your father’s home?

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