Shaka Laka Boom Boom

What did you do? why are you following the child? You made her drop all the flowers. She is no longer a child, she has grown up mama. Why are you so worried? Yes, why are you worried? What is bothering you? Yes, grandpa. Even if he becomes a grandpa, he will not learn, he will stay the same. Mama, let me become someone’s husband first.

Oh my God, my daughter looks like a rose between these flowers. Hello aunt. Hello. Hello. Sister Tahira, hello. How are you? Okay, listen be careful. Hello. I am fine. You sit, I will get you tea. Come sister Tahira, have a seat. Come on. By the grace of God, both our children keep the house lively. My house is silent, when Adil is not home, the whole house becomes painful for me. Hey, so then think of Adil’s marriage, he is of age too.

That is why I came here to you. I want to take the brightness of your home to mine. What do you mean? I mean, I want to see Adil’s name in Raima’s name. I want to make daughter Raima the daughter in law of my home. Here you go, tea. Thank you child. Thank you. Have it and tell me how it is. You made it, so it must be good child. Tell me if you need anything else. Its really good, stay happy. Come on tell me, what is it? Asad, I am thinking we should engage Haris and Raima. Why? Look, Haris has a job and Raima will be done with her exams in 2 months. Once Raima’s exams are over, we will marry her, why should we start with the engagement and then wedding? Why don’t you get me? You tell me. You don’t know, sister Tahira came… Why? She wanted Raima’s hand for Tahira. Your sister has lost it. She will ask questions, if he let her. Did you not tell her, Raima is our future daughter in law. I did. Then? She said, I didn’t know you brought her up cause of this.

Shaka Laka Boom Boom

God damn it. Should I have left my niece to suffer? After all, when parents die, their children have more right with their maternal family. Not in the paternal family. I said the same. Then, did she stop or not? So I am asking you to get Raima and Haris engaged, so that everyone knows. Fine, you prepare, as soon as her exams are over, we will get her Heena done the next day and have her married in the next 4. That’s it. How will I prepare so soon? So soon? You have 2 months. We have to marry her in the family, she is not going outside the family. Why do I look at you silently, you are not naïve, you must know.

Say something. I will not let you go from here. What nonsense? Get out of my way. Oh my love, my Raima, what if I don’t? tell me love. Leave my hand, I say, leave my hand. What if I don’t? then? Raima, you go from here. What did you say? I was talking to her. What are you doing? You touched her. I am with her, My name is Saad Sikandar, remember that. What did you do? Why did you hit him? Sorry brother Saad. You cannot sit calmly? You scared me. Had I sat down calmly, you would have known I am here. Come on, she didn’t come. Come on, lets go to the library. No. Why? We will make notes. I feel weird looking at books. I am in a weird mood today. Sameen was showing off his engagement ring. Sameen got engaged? Yeah, yesterday. She’s so weird, how did she find someone? Don’t say that. Why are you so upset? she got what she deserved, you will get someone.

I have not found anyone yet, who are the girls, who get engaged during university. Here I am just waiting. Don’t worry, lets go to the cafeteria, I will get you something cold. It will calm you down. Come on. Did you get hurt? No, I got saved. Next time tell me. What happened? I know why we stopped? You come here to look at Raima, right? Are you mad? The way you were fighting for her in front of everyone, only a true lover does that. Don’t mind, I have been noticing you people for so long, I see her in your eyes even. Stop this nonsense. Tell me honestly, do you love her? No. You must like her.

No. You don’t love her, you don’t even like her, so then what is the emotion in the world that stops you from doing it? You feel this way, you are mistaken. I am not mistaken, I am confident you love her. Listen you are attaching a nice girl’s name with me, you know how much she will get insulted if this spreads in the university. People who are worried about getting insulted? Lovers and Romeos. Listen, I don’t want to talk on this topic further. Listen. That’s it. Listen, I have something important to talk about. I won’t talk to you.

You say it once… Hello Mr. Sardar. Hello. I was waiting for you. Yes, is the food ready? Yes. Hello. Hello. How are you? Come on, I am really hungry, I will talk to you. Where is Abeera? Shahnaz call Abeera. Abeera has had pizza. What sort of kids are these? There are 10 different dishes that have been made at home, this girl is ordering from outside. They have their own choices. That is true. You too get something you want made.

Uncle, everything on this table is my favorite. Your mother knows what you like and what you don’t. Mama, knows everything. I want to talk to you about something important. Yes, go ahead. I was thinking of the university hostel for 2 months. Why? Mama, the time is wasted in travel. Yes son, you don’t have to travel in buses, you have your own car. Yes, but still a lot of time is wasted in travel. Still you won’t go to hostel. You won’t get the same comfort as home. You are right, but… No buts, you are not going anywhere and that is my order.

I think you should let him go to the hostel. You too? Saad, will you get a room in the hostel? Yes, my friend, I will share the room with him. Good, if you have issues let me know I will have it sorted. You people don’t listen to me. Farkhanda, what is wrong with you? I am worried for his comfort. Fine, what I say doesn’t matter, I wont eat. Mama, if you don’t eat, I wont either. What are you saying? He will be fine soon. If men worry about women’s mood, nothing will be fine, so son, do what is best for you, what you think is right.