Yes, I don’t like the name. Anyway, its fine. The real thing is the money and face and that he has. Wow mama, you did something great. I am not stupid, no one can reject such a pretty man. No matter what. I will fix him. Yes, go ahead. Tell me, what is this? Why don’t you get it, I cannot meet you. True love? Stop your true love, who are you, what are you worth? For your kind information, I am getting married and after the papers, I will be married. The boy is really rich, he is from a good home. Don’t you dare call me again.

I am blocking you from everywhere, whatsapp, Facebook, everywhere. Aslam, Seema. Seema Aslam. Fine. In fact, it is good. Afreen. Yes, what is it? How is papa? I heard he had an accident. Yes, he hurt his head and foot, he is sleeping right now, then you can meet him in the morning. I will. Did he get hurt? Not that bad, but he is old, so he will feel it more. Fine. Ok listen, this is some money, keep it. We don’t need it Azhar. Why not? Afreen, what are you saying? Why won’t you need it. I know well, you, mama and papa need money.

The rent stopped coming. Azhar, they want your attention and support the most. You are lost in your life that you forgot mama and papa. The parents who brought you up, educated you, gave you a life of respect, you don’t give them time. You people took me out of all matters. Azhar, even if they separate you, you are not separate.

If we were upset, you should have come convince us. Ok listen, you take papa to the clinic tomorrow, when you take him, he will forget all his anger. Fine, I will take him. What happened to you? You have become so weak, don’t you eat? Take care of yourself. No, I am fine, but I will take care because my brother asked me. You sleep, I will sleep too, we will meet in the morning. Fine. Where did you go? I was downstairs to meet mama and papa. Did you go to meet them or fill their pockets? What is wrong Shehla? You know papa had an accident, they are my parents.

If I gave them money, so what is wrong in that, its my duty, I didn’t commit a sin. You remember your duty, they don’t even ask you. I don’t ask them either. Look Azhar, I am your only responsibility and to take care of your parents there are more kids too. Shehla, first of all, all children have their own places, have I ever stopped you not go to aunty, even though I could have said you don’t need to go there, Seema is there but did I ever say that? Tell me. Secondly, what we sow today, we reap tomorrow.

Imagine, if I end all ties with my parents, then what? My own children will treat me the same way. Look Shehla, I only want to say that be afraid of the time when our own children wont meet us. Sir, can I come inside? Come. I am Kashif. Mr. Hasnain called yesterday. Yes, come and sit. How are you? I am just fine. You don’t look fine. I am jobless sir, my daughter died. The condition is not good. Oh, I am really sorry to hear about your condition, but can I know why Mr. Shahvaiz fired you. Sir… Don’t worry, I just want to know the complete truth. I got greedy sir. Sir SHahvaiz promised me a bonus and promotion and this greed made me do this cheap action.

Mrs. Arfeen was a nice girl, she was respectable and sir Shahvaiz at all costs wanted to… I took Ms. Afreen’s pictures and photoshopped them and distributed them in the office. Sir Shahvaiz blackmailed her using these pictures. I was punished for what I did, my daughter died of a disease. I begged sir Shahvaiz for my job, he didn’t listen to me. He ruined me. I sympathize with you, but Mr. Kashif, I cannot pay you for the death of your daughter, but I can do one thing, I can give you this job again. What? Yes. You can join our office on the same post as before. But Sir Shahvaiz… Now I am handling the business matters so you don’t worry, go take your seat. Mr. Ahsan will give you your appointment letter.

Thank you sir. Thank you so much. Okay Mr. Kashif, I need Ms. Afreen’s number. Sure. Do you have it? Yes. Give it to me. Tell me. 0312…. Fine, you can go now. Thank you sir. The next week of the papers I am getting married. Wow Seema, you are really lucky. Yeah, I am lucky, but also pretty. It’s the beauty that drives boys mad. You know Asim and his mother are oming to put the ring on my hand, and he what sapped me the ring picture, it’s a diamond ring and there are 9 diamonds on it.

Have you ever seen it? No. Let me show you. Wait. He is really rich. See, this is a diamond ring, they have a lot of money. Wow, you are really lucky. Right. Shaharyar, throw it. Throw it. Papa, I asked Azhar to take you to the clinic to get your bandage changed. He finally remembers his father. He remembers you, he even gave money for the expenses, I gave them to mama. Really? I am thankful to him. Leave it papa, don’t get upset. Hey child, heart that is hurt for ages, cannot be fixed with 2 words, it will take time. Ok, get ready, I have pressed your clothes. God give a daughter like to every father. and a father like you to every daughter. Come on, get ready. :I will get ready. Who is calling me? Let me check. Hello.

Hello. Shehla, you come soon. We are in a big problem, you come child. Mama, why are you crying? What happened? What do I tell you? You come and I will tell you. Okay, stop crying, I am coming. Okay, listen, don’t go home, come to the hospital. Hospital? Mama, what happened, tell me. I am scared. You just come, when you come I will tell you. You bring Azhar along, the police is here. Police? Okay, wait there me and Azhar are coming. Come fast. Azhar. Azhar. Oh God. What happened? Come fast, mama called from the hospital, she was crying, the police is also there, come fast. What happened? Who is at the hospital? What is this issue with the police? I don’t know anything, she called me, when we go we will find out. No Shehla, how can I go? I have to take papa to the clinic right now.

Your papa has a small injury and my mother is in the hospital. Do you not realize this? Fine, you leave it, you don’t go if you want to, I will handle my mother and the police too. My father and brother… Shehla, when did I say I won’t go, I just said I have to take papa to the clinic… Till then even if my mother dies. Right? You leave it, I am going. Fine, I will come with you. Sheh…Shehla. But why does he want to meet me? Maybe he wants to apologize. What will I do with his apology? I loss what I had to. You are right no one can pay for anyone’s loss. But do meet him. Maybe he wants to lighten the burden on his heart.

I told you I don’t want to meet him. Look, I have no right to tell you, but I will request. He is a good man, if he wants to meet you, it may be for the good. Rest is up to you, do what you want. Ok? Okay. Thank you Ms. Afreen. Thank you. Mama, what happened? Seema. Shehla, we are ruined. God knows whose evil eye took my daughter. Mama, how did all this happen? My child. My child. Yes, tell me what happened? Speak up madam, we have other work too. Inspector, what do you mean more work? Don’t you see her condition? I see her, that is why I ask her, if she tells us something we can help her. My child, tell them, who was this damned man who did this to you? I hope he gets run over by a car.

That God damned man ruined my sister’s entire face. Look, you stop this discussion and tell us about the case. Inspector, what is wrong with you? Please go from here. Look, she is in pain right now, once she settles down, she will tell you everything. Look if this case is closed, then its closed. After all, this is a love scene, that is why she is not speaking up. Mr. Inspector, that is it. I have had enough, you all please leave from here. Fine, we will go, but then don’t say the police doesn’t come on fine. My child, you will be fine. She will be fine. Shehla, see. My child. If this damned man is found. I would say meet him, lets see what he wants. I was thinking the same. I will go, you please go to the doctor with Azhar. You get your bandage changed, and get your check up done.

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