Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai

What can I do? I took him to the doctor. Find him brother. Fine, I will do one thing brother, I will go to the police station and get the report done there. You be strong. I am with her. Everything will be fine, God will make it better. Salman. Yes? Salman. I am calling aunt, but her phone is off, as soon as its switched on, I will let you talk to her, you don’t worry. Salman, call Shamila, immediately. No, I don’t want to talk to Shamila, nor do I want to see her face. Salman, if something happens to me, tell sister to forgive me. Tell Shamila I will never forgive her. Tell sister to forgive me. Forgive me. Mama, what are you saying? Nothing will happen to you. Salman, get aunt, go get her quickly. Mama. Mama. Mama. I will call the doctor. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. No. Mama. We need to do that work. You know how long we took money for it.

He will come. Brother, did you find out?

Yes, I am trying a lot, but that damned man gets away one way or another. That’s it, these excuses won’t work, you know we are contract killers, but we do our work diligently. Just give me till tomorrow, then you will find their dead body. Brother Salman? Yes brother Salman. Shamila, mama… What happened to mama? Brother Salman, why are you crying? Tell me what happened to mama? Mama,,, Brother Salman, what happened to mama? Let me talk to her. Brother Salman, tell me what happened to mama? Mama, passed away. What happened? Shamila, what happened? Are you in your senses? Let me talk to mama brother Salman. Shamila, what happened? Let me talk to mama brother Salman. He is lying…Give it to me. Its not possible, tell him to let me speak to mama. One minute. Hello. One second, yes brother Salman, go ahead. Hatim, mama is no more. To God be belong and to Him we will return. Mama…Mama cannot leave me and go. Come on sit down. Its so late, he hasn’t come. He will come. Brother, did you find out? Did you go to the police? Did you get the report filed? Nothing. Be strong, be strong, come on sit. Come. God is kind. Zeeshan. If you had go somewhere, you should have told us, you should cared for me and your mother. We have been worried all night long. Where did you go? I ask you, where did you go? I am asking you something.

my child left the world and I had no fault in it.

To a corner, a small corner where I can get away from my sins, you know, I swear to God, I couldn’t find a single corner. Zeeshan, what is wrong with you, what are you saying? Come to your senses. You want me to come to my senses? Help me come to my senses. Tell me that whatever wrong I did, I had no fault in it. Rida’s brother who died, I had nothing to do with it. My child, a part of my body, my child left the world and I had no fault in it. Say it, make me believe it, i swear I will come to my senses. I committed a sin, I didn’t know that I am committing such big sins. The weight of the sins will kill me, I cannot breath, I fell suffocated. I am going from here. Wait, stop. I am leaving. I am leaving. My child, no Zeeshan. Zeeshan. No son. Aunt, mama was thinking of you till her last breath and asking for forgiveness. Rehana was my sister, my younger, beloved sister. We spent our childhood together, our elders were right, when you have new relations with your old relatives, then the old relations get lost.

I ask you that you don’t have an answer.

Rehana was not bad, I forgive her. Whatever she did, that went with her. What did my mother do to you that you are forgiving her? Why would you forgive my mother, she did nothing wrong with you. You mistreated her daughter. You have hurt my mother, she didn’t do anything wrong to you. Salman, ask her to be quiet, I don’t want to answer anything she says. Why? What question did I ask you that you don’t have an answer. Shamila, when I am talking to aunt, why do you have to interfere? I don’t need to talk to her about anything. In fact, she is used to creating issues not me. Shamila, be quiet, she is like your mother. This woman? This woman cannot be like my mother. I cannot consider such a bad woman as my mother, she is not like my mother. Salman. Get lost from here. Why should I get lost from here? This is not your home, its my mothers. You are no one to drag me out of here. You… Are you happy now? You wanted this scene, right? Its done.

Thank you for forgiving brother Tauqeer,

Aunt, leave her, she is mad. She has lost it. Leave her. You know she is mad, she has lost it. You control yourself. Thank you for forgiving brother Tauqeer, he is fine now. Whatever happened, I had nothing to do it. You stopped talking to me cause of brother, anyway, I know you will forgive me and talk to me. Be happy. Thank you very much, I will wait for your call. Bye. Why are you calling me again and again? Are you upset with me? Had someone else told me this, I wouldn’t have believed it. Hatim, you tell me, what is my fault in this? What could I do? Mama’s death is cause of aunt. God knows how aunt insulted mama cause of which she had a heart attack and she… you doubt me, tell me this, if I was not sincere with you, then why would I give you the home in my name. Hatim, I really respect you. Our relation may not have love, but it has respect.

If you get upset with me like this,

I have your favor on me, you supported me on the time when my own brother was dragging me out, I will not consider anything wrong about you. Hatim, now even mama is not alive. Okay, stop crying. If don’t cry, what do I do? Hatim, who is my support after mama? No one. If you get upset with me like this, what will I do? Where will I go? I will kill myself. I won’t let that happen, I married you to save you from the tests. For God’s sake, get me out of these tests, I don’t have the courage, forgive me, I made a mistake, it won’t happen again. I will come home and we will talk, I am busy. I will be home by the evening. I will never forgive the people of this home, I will take revenge from everyone. Zeeshan. Zeeshan. Zeeshan. Zeeshan. Hello sir. Help. Hatim, Zeeshan is not well, right now he fainted at work. What? When? How? Whatever his issues are, get them resolved as soon as possible.

No, that is not needed.

You must be thinking why I am interfering in your personal matters, but actually when a good man loses his senses, out of humanity you feel bad. Yes sir, I will do something. Thank you for patient hearing, God bless you. Thank you sir, thank you. Sister, did you call? Yes, I need medication for my headache. Should I massage your head? No, that is not needed. What happened Rida? Are you ok? why do you have a headache? I don’t know, just like that, it will be fine. Okay, keep these medicines, I will massage your head. No, it will be fine. In fact, I will oil in your head. No, I don’t need oiling. Come on sit. Sister in law… Where is the oil? Sister in law, I will have the medication, I will be fine. No need, when sister in law is here to oil your hair you will be at peace. You will see, I will massage you well, you will be fine. Leave it, its fine. How can I leave it? You had a headache for so long. Your phone, I will see. Here you go. Pick it. Don’t reject someone’s love like this, being so bad is not good. Anyway, up to you, don’t pick up, I will give you a good massage today. Oh, Rida, your shirt is ruined, I am sorry. No problem, I will change. Yes change, I am sorry.