Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar 2020 | Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Bhupesh Pandya

Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar 2020 | Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Bhupesh Pandya 

Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar 2020 | Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Bhupesh Pandya
Why? Are we not your children, are we not your sons? This means you only loved her, he is also there. Shamila, come here. Look Shamila, mama shouldn’t have any complaints. I am saying this in front of mama, don’t tell me that I didn’t tell you. Mama shouldn’t miss Rida, really care for her. Aunt, I have always considered you my mother, maybe you didn’t consider me your daughter, that is why you are sad. I have never kept a difference between you and Rida. Then mama why this sadness. Yes, to end this sadness, we will get Hatim’s bride. No, I don’t want to get married right now. Okay, we have Asim too, we will get him married. 

I like that, but how did you think that? I am your sister in law, its my duty to think about you. Right Faham? Yes, absolutely, you are right, you have full right to think and do what you want. Thank God I have this right, not the owner, but I have a right. Come on, I will fix breakfast, all of you come. No one loves us. But I am everyone’s beloved from now on. You look so pretty. Just keep the home happy like this. Yes. I will do charity for you two. Sit. Is everything done. Yes, I have made the sweet… Hey, what is in this kitchen? For whom is all this breakfast? I am sending breakfast for Rida. Breakfast for Rida? But why? It’s a custom. You forgot this custom at my time. Zahida, you go make the bread. Yes. I didn’t forget but Asim, Faham and Hatim were all fine, they have money, cars, and all of them love their sister so much that they are dying to take breakfast for their sister and when you got married, your only brother was unwell and he apologized to me on the wedding time that they won’t bring breakfast and I am sure you don’t know this.

 So I am telling you so that you don’t forget. It’s a beautiful feeling, when you love someone like crazy, ask God for them in every prayer and they become the reality of you life, it feels great. It feels great. Yes, come in. Hello. Hello. Hello. You two look great together, may God always keep you happy like this forever. Save you from evil eye. You two come out, Rida, your family is here. Who all has come? Your 3 brothers and sister in law. I will go meet them. Sure. Not like this, you are newly married, it will look nice if you come with your husband. Why aunt? After marriage the girl has to take every step as per her husband’s orders, take care of his respect, in his respect is your respect. Come fast. Yes. Sorry, I didn’t know. 

No problem, you just got married, us elders are here to guide you. I am sorry. Sorry, I made a mistake, forgive me. I have never even thought in my dreams to talk to you like this. If you want to do something, then order me. Lets go. Lets go. Why are you standing? Sit down. I have told Rida and Zeeshan, they are coming too. Why are you serving all this, ask a servant. We don’t get loyal servants in today’s time, we are in the habit to do our work ourselves, it feels good. Rida, you look really pretty. With her our home is bright. Yes, but our home is empty, we couldn’t even think she will go away so soon. Its all in the fate. You get what is in your fate. Sit down, you people start, I will just come. Lets start. How is mama and what was the need to get all this? What did we get? We got nothing. Aunt sent all this for you, its not a lot but there is no great table, where should I place it? Don’t you have a good table in your home. Dining room. Dining room. Dining table is a small thing, we had a lot but time and fate couldn’t bring Rida to our own home, she came here. Your home? Whose house is this? This is not our home, its our uncles, he has given it to us to live. 

What difference would it make? In future Zeeshan will have his own home. Yes, as God wills, when the time is right, we will have our own home. God willing. Amen. Zeeshan, you are really lucky to have been chosen in the lucky draw for Rida’s wedding. Lucky draw? Wedding lucky draw. Or Rida had proposals from great home, she had a lot of admirers. Her fate, she got married here. Thank God. Zeeshan, where is aunty? Call her, we have prepared so much, she should sit and talk to us. You guys start. We already had… Come on child, get up. Yes. Why are you not taking anything sir? Sir, have it. I eat breakfast early, but it will be great if I can get tea. Yes, tea. Should I get it? No, I will make it. We have to go to the reception in the evening, I am not well you handle it. Also, the driver will get sweets handle it. Don’t worry, I will handle it. Should I get you tea? No its fine. 

I will go check. What happened aunt? You don’t seem fine. I don’t know my BP is high. BP for Rida’s brother is high finding out the reality of Rida’s in-laws. What do you mean? Hey aunt, she should have cared a little on their only son’s wedding, Zeeshan lives at their uncle’s home. I mean they don’t have their own home and Rida’s mother in law, God forbid, she was working like Zahida works here. God forbid, they don’t have their own home, no servant, no guard, no maid. We are finding out after the wedding how poor these people are. He is not that poor, they are a good family and nice people. If you have to hide your short coming you do this. Why are you saying this? Aunt, I want to just say that your only, beloved Rida met a bad fate and I feel sorry for her.

Poor thing has such a bad luck. Sad or happy? Whatever you think, but you see she doesn’t have her own home, no maid, no servant, no guard, no one to care for her. You don’t worry, my daughter will get what is in her fate. Asim, now you ask Asim. Aunt doesn’t believe me. You tell aunt are you happy with Rida’s wedding and seeing her in-laws. No mama, not at all. See, this is what I was trying to tell aunt. Our Rida lived in a mansion and then her poor in-laws. Sister in law is right mama, you didn’t do right with Rida, why did you marry her so fast? You did wrong with her. Asim, you are saying I am wrong. No mama, I am saying wrong to what is wrong. This is your upbringing.

 I had told you not to marry her so fast and in such a home, they don’t have their own home. What will they do with Rida, I don’t… I hope she stays happy, but mama if something wrong happens with her, you will be responsible. The wrong happened with Rida. Don’t you dare, nothing wrong can happen with my daughter, nothing wrong will happen to her. Now if you try to create a scene, I… What will you do? What can you do? That time is gone, Rida’s bad time has begun, she is ruined. Now wait and watch what happens…