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Please, have a seat. Thank you sir. Okay, so the project in Musqat, for that post, the board of directors have finalized your name. Yes, sir, thank you. Congratulations, but are you sure about that? Yes sir. Because till the project is not complete, you won’t be able to come back. Sir, I know. Right. Fine, if you have any reservations, or concerns, share it with the HR department along with your details, and lets take it from there. Fine sir, I will not give you a chance to complain. I am sure of that. Thank you. Okay. Hey Mehru, what did I hear? You made such a big decision and didn’t even tell me. Are you surprised at my decision or me not telling you? Stop this nonsense.

You know well what I am saying. You made such a big decision, you signed the contract, you will leave the country. Why? I am helpless. Life doesn’t give these opportunities twice. I am really lucky I got the chance to avail such a big opportunity. Mama, its just a matter of two years, the two years will pass fast. In fact, I am thinking, yes you too come with me. mama it will be a lot of fun, new place, new people, we will roam around, have a lot of fun, we will start our life new. What do you say? Not a bad idea. Everything new, we will be able to make everything by our will.

Yes. Whatever you have thought about for your work, will you be able to do it there? I will try. You should use the opportunities you get for your career. Will you get a promotion? How will I get it now? I will go there now, it will be a new place, there will be a lot of work. That is why I want to go there, there is a lot of scope. It would have been good if you wanted to go there for this, Mehru. But you don’t want to go for this, child. You are changing your direction to leave behind the bad memories. You won’t face them again and again. You will not be helpless to untangle these tangled relations.

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Will everything be fine there? Will life change there? The sorrow you have hidden inside you Mehru, will you lift the burden of it and go around like this? Going there, making a new life, if this comes in the way of your decisions, then? You want to go away, I understand Mehru. Everyone needs a little silence some times, but its not necessary that you get silence in loneliness, the noise isn’t outside, its inside, Mehru. You feel lonely when living with your own. There will be no one to make me realize this. Really? Congratulations, brother.

Congratulations. Lots of congratulations. Congratulate Zainab from me, I will come to meet her. Yes, goodbye. Bye. Brother Wasif had a grandson, he was really happy. I will go to meet him. Shah Jahan, will I die with this wish in my heart? I made Ayat your bride with high hopes. I had thought I will feed my kids in my lap, but I feel that you have taken up a fight against the whole world. Mama, I fulfill all her needs, now I cannot put myself in any further tests. Fulfilling needs is not just enough, you have duties too, she is your wife. Pay her rights. Have you ever seen the sadness on her face, the emptiness in her eyes. . Mama, do you realize what is in Ayat’s heart from her face? Yes, I realize it. Her face tells it all, you ignoring her, is killing her inside.

I am a mother, I have revelations. Mama, you have a deep eye, then why don’t you realize what is in my heart? Why didn’t you get revelations about my happiness. Was I the only one you found to mistreat? Not just mistreatment, you tormented me, mama. Just for the sake of your hatred, you ruined my heart. Now for your sake, I cannot make someone’s home, someone’s heart, its not in my control. One last time, I am requesting you with my hands folded. Don’t force me mama, or else either I will go mad, or I will die.

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They are nice, right Mehru? Its really nice. Will you leave me and go? Never. Promise. A real promise. Mehru. Mehru! What? Happy birthday. You remembered? How can I forget? Its really pretty, will you put it on, now? I should put it on? I will get you garlands, Mehru. They will look really good in your hands. Mehru, I am thinking the day you become my bride, you wear a red dress. Mehru. Yeah? You look really pretty. Shah Jahan has told me, that no one mention you in front of him. Mama. Mama. Mama.

What happened mama? Get up. Mama, get up. What happened? Mama. What happened to mama? What do you do? you didn’t find it necessary to tell us. Instead of you telling us, your friend called and informed us. Sister, what is wrong with you? I called you, you have blocked my number. Yes, I have, and you know the reason for it too. You are responsible for this condition of mama, you know that, right? I am sure you gave her some tension, right? You are here, take care of mama, I will come. See, she doesn’t care about mama at all. As soon as we came, she went away. Its possible she has something important to do, I don’t know what you talk about. Tell me something, what can be more important than this? I know, all the depression my mother has, it is because of her. She will take my mother’s life. She is your sister. She is not my elder sister, please don’t call her my sister.

if there is something you want me to do, do tell me

Nor do I want a relation with her. But I really respect Mehru, so don’t talk to her in this tone in front of me. This is the last time I am telling you. Hello sir. I am sorry, I am disturbing you at this time, I actually had to talk about something important. Sir, I… Sir, thank you so much. Thank you. Yes, yes. What happened? Aunt was fine, she got unwell suddenly. Are you waiting for someone? I am here, if there is something you want me to do, do tell me. There is no work, you can leave. I have left, I left because you asked me to. You came back really soon, I thought you would take time. Tell me something, in this time, in this situation, where did you go? What was so important that left mama in this condition? Tell me.

or are you ashamed to tell me? Ayat, you… say anything without thinking. What happened you… What happened? I don’t know, I feel suffocated, I don’t feel good, please get me water. I will get it. Hello. Sir, you are here, at this hour, how? I thought you would be worried here alone, so I thought I would come meet you. By the way, I met the doctor, they are saying your mother is completely out of danger. Sir, come…sir, this is my sister Ayat, and this is her husband Shah Jahan. Hello. Hello. Nice to meet you guys. Come I will take you to my mother. Yes, sure. Mama. Mama, sir. Hello. Hello. Hey, what are you doing? Why do you want the doctor to scold me? The doctor is saying that your treatment is to rest, so whatever you have to say to me, say it while lying down.

You know, did you take any tension or your BP went high because you were really happy. A lot of happiness. What is happiness? What? She is going. The truth is, the whole office has signed a petition to get rid of her, she is the dictator type, she works herself and urges everyone to work too, she is really boring and I can understand its difficult to live with her. I am sure this happened to you because of her being boring. Exactly! Thank you so much for smiling, mission accomplished. That is what I wanted. Just smile like this, so the medication will affect you sooner. Anyway, it was lovely meeting you madam. I hope you get well soon, please take care and I will keep a close eye on you. I will keep checking up on you. You take care of yourself and good night. You… Please. Please. You don’t have to get up. I will just go drop sir. Please.