Salman Khan was very close to becoming a bridegroom, abruptly canceled the marriage

Salman Khan was about to become a bridegroom when few days ago married a he refused to get. Indian film producer and actor Salman Khan Sajid Nadidwala, the best friend of, said in an interview that Salman Khan hadin November on his father Saleem Khan’s birthday in 1999 married decided to getand not only he but also me. It was decided that we same day married on would get the.

He said thatSalman and me wedding all the invitations were distributed but then suddenly wedding only 5 days before he changed his intention and his marriage canceled after which he did till today. It married not get should be noted that Salman Khan Rumors have been circulating for some time that he and Romanian TV host Lolita Venture are more than friends and that they are getting soon married .

In 2018, Lolita denied all these rumors but for a long time, the two have been seen together againIndian . According to media, Salman Khan is currently at his panel farm house where he is enjoying the life of Lockdown. And Lolita is there with them.

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