Sab Kushal Mangal 3 Jan, 2020 | Akshaye Khanna, Priyaank Sharma & Riva Kishan

Sab Kushal Mangal 3 Jan, 2020 | Akshaye Khanna, Priyaank Sharma & Riva Kishan

Sab Kushal Mangal 3 Jan, 2020 | Akshaye Khanna, Priyaank Sharma & Riva Kishan

This woman has ruined my peace. What happened? Why don’t you find a solution? Shift her upstairs or some hospital. Why? What is your problem? Her voice bothers me. But those voices bring me peace. Those weird screams bring you peace? Yes, cause this is the voice of that helpless woman who once used to rule me, order me, pressurize me. She used to insult me. Today, she is helpless in front of me on the bed.

 Ruling the ruler brings a lot of peace. That is why I tell you, be my slave, don’t try to be my ruler. What about the honeymoon? It will be done, don’t worry. Where are you going Akbari? Sir, I need to massage madam’s arm. You go take out my clothes, you go massage Gul’s arm. Me? Yes, you. I will go take out your clothes, Akbari will do the massage. Don’t try to organize my work for me, do what I told you. But… Go massage Gul’s arm. Go. Oh beauty, oh beauty… Where am I stuck? Its best I would have gone to Pindi with mama. Mama told me so many times, Seema don’t go. Seema don’t go. What can be done now? Sister is keeping an eye on me all the time, she has stopped me from going anywhere. I don’t know why she stops me, she has driven me mad. 

But, why should I tolerate these restrictions? You? I…I am Seema, sister Shehla’s younger sister. Okay, you are Seema. Have you come to stay? Yes. How long? My mother has gone to Pindi to live with sister, I will stay here for as long as she is there. Fine child, live for as long as you want, this is your sister’s home, but be respectful, this is a home, not a guest house. Yes…Afreen, how are you? I am fine, how are you? I am fine. You know I saw you in a restaurant with a man, but we couldn’t talk..mama, what should I cook? Something simple. Yes mama. Did you quit your job? Yes, I quit it. I am going to the kitchen, I have some work. You can sit with mama if you want. But I… Aunty, what are you doing? I am stitching this table cloth. I need to massage madam.

 I am not a servant here. I came here as the owner, I will not do this cheap work. I have never massaged my mother, who are you? Oh, it stinks, oh God, I am stuck here. My head hurts cause of this nonsense. The injury you gave me, it hurts. I will never forgive you. Oh God, where am I stuck. I will not massage her. Yes, did she get the massage? Yes, first she didn’t agree, she agreed with difficulty. Good, if she doesn’t listen its her loss. I am going to work, be ready in the evening we will go for dinner. Wear the black sari, it will look nice on you. Bye. Hello. Who do you want to meet? I want to meet madam Gul. She cannot meet you. Why not? Tell her Kashif is here from the office, its an important work. Even if I tell her it won’t matter, she will listen but won’t respond, or wait for sir to come back. No, I want to meet madam.

 Wait, I will inform inside. I want to talk to her alone. Okay fine, but be quick, what if Mr. Shahvaiz comes. I am really sorry to see you like this. Madam, actually I was the one who informed you about Arfeen on the phone. Madam, Afreen is from a good family, sir Shahvaiz wanted to get her in trouble so that he can do something bad to him. Actually it was my fault madam, I got fooled by him. That too for a small sum of money, for which I am suffering today. Sir, you go right now, what if someone comes. 
Madam, your husband is a bad man, he can do anything to get what he wants. You take care madam. I will leave now, please don’t let sir Shahvaiz know I came. Sir, I will leave you outside, come. I talked a lot to papa, but he is not ready to listen. Sir Shahvaiz has instigated them against you, he is really cunning. No matter, how cunning he is, I am just hurt that my own didn’t believe me. Did you talk to sister? Yes, I did, but she wanted to get married, she said I don’t know what is right or wrong or every girl would want someone like sir Shahvaiz. 

Okay Afreen, that is how they will know your worth. I worry for the day that my sister sees her real face. You know you are a good daughter, sister and friend. You are going through tough time in your life, one day God will reward you for your patience. Thank you, okay I have some work in the kitchen, I will talk to you later. Bye. Bye. Aunty, do your knees hurt? Yes, it really hurts. Yes, this is a weird problem. There are a lot of home remedies they recommend in morning shows, why don’t you watch them? Yes, I saw in our morning show that one herbal doctor told a good home remedy, take cauliflower, heat up the leaves and massage on your legs, you will be at peace.

 Your pain will be gone. Child, we don’t know what they tell on tv and what they don’t. we don’t watch TV in the morning. I hate watching TV in the morning. What is there to hate? The TV in our home is on from morning, I have my food in front of the TV. I don’t understand when there was no TV, how did the women spend her time. Child, back then women used to do all the work at home, there was no servants back then. Nowadays, there is no work, they watch TV all day long and learn new ways to control the maids. Yeah. You are right. You know the home remedy I told you, try it, it will help you. Yes, I will do it, I just massage castor oil. Yes, that is fine. I think Afreen is busy, but I am not, I will go check. Who is it? Hello. Where is everyone? Hello. Hello. Seems like you got the whole mall. Yes, I made a profit of 300,000 today. I got some stuff for the kids. Just kids? Did you not think of me? how is that possible, I have a special gift for you. This is worth 100,000. Tahir, you are so good, you really care for me. Now put it on. Here you go.

 What happened? I don’t know, weird pain. I have told you so many times now to eat from outside, now you are unwell. Tahir, the bangles are beautiful and I am telling you right now, I will get a gold set next week, don’t send money to your parents, he sends everything there. Hello. Hello. Who are you? Who are you? I am Seema, now you tell your name. I am Raza Haroon, I have come from Hyderabad, I am uncle Siddique’s guest. Hey, so come inside, come. Come. It’s a beautiful coincidence, I too am a guest here. Where is everyone? Who else? I mean uncle aunty Afreen etc. 
You know everyone here? Yes, I do, I have been here before. Then know me too, everyone else is here. Hello. Hello. How are you? I am fine, you come inside, mama is here, I will take your stuff…No, I will take it, I have to meet aunty too. Afreen, the guest room is the old one? Yes, the same. If you want something, tell me. Sure, I am just hungry. Sure, you come inside, food is ready. I am also hungry, what’s for lunch? Lentils and rice. You too eat with us. Yes, thank you, you come on. Come on. Hello sir, congrats on the wedding. So you got the news. Sir, these things don’t remain hidden. These things don’t remain hidden. You must have found out from Afreen. Yes sir. Good. Did Mr. Kashif come back? No sir, not again, his daughter is really unwell. Oh, so sad. Okay, may God give her health. Asiya remember you once said that you want to be transferred to Sukkur. Sir, that is old news, my parents… I will talk to Mr. Khalid and get you transferred to Sukkur. Congratulations.