Rat on a Highway 2020 | Randeep Hooda. MT. Sian Youngerman. Freya. Jithu Paul. Taran. Yasir Abbas. Kabir. Nisha Aaliya. Actress. Yasir Abbas. Kabir. Joy Bhowmik. Damle. Niyati Agrawal. Shruti

Rat on a Highway 2020 | Randeep Hooda. MT. Sian Youngerman. Freya. Jithu Paul. Taran. Yasir Abbas. Kabir. Nisha Aaliya. Actress. Yasir Abbas. Kabir. Joy Bhowmik. Damle. Niyati Agrawal. Shruti

Rat on a Highway 2020 | Randeep Hooda. MT. Sian Youngerman. Freya. Jithu Paul. Taran. Yasir Abbas. Kabir. Nisha Aaliya. Actress. Yasir Abbas. Kabir. Joy Bhowmik. Damle. Niyati Agrawal. Shruti

Stupid idiot! What is wrong with you? I had told you that when I come back you should be wearing a black sari and this, look at this, this is a cheap dress. What is cheap in this? What is cheap in this is that what I had told you to wear, you didn’t listen to me. Stupid woman. Have some manners, I am not used to listening to such crap. Get into the habit now. You hit me? You hit your wife? No. I hit the stupid woman’s presence that deserves to be hit a lot more by me. This is the revenge for the slap that your sister hit me. Go. Go and change into what I have told you to. I don’t have a black sari. Gul has it, tell Akbari to take it out of the cupboard and give it to you. I don’t wear someone’s used clothes. Hey, so much ego. So much ego. Hear one thing clearly, this home and everything in it is used by Gul. If you have so much ego then get lost from this home. I will wear it. Good, you should have listened to me first, I wouldn’t have raised my hand on you, I wouldn’t have hit your cheek so hard. Baby, you spoiled my mood, I will give you a good news. Our Europe visa is done, we are going next week. Hmmm.. What Hmm? Its such a good news, smile at least. Come on smile now. Smile. That’s good. Come on go. 

Get ready for dinner, black sari. Afreen. Afreen. Afreen. Afreen. Afreen. Come on eat something. I am not in the mood, after all you gave me a slap, I don’t want to eat anything. What happened? Don’t make an issue of small things. Small thing? You raised your hand at me, no one even pointed a finger on me till date and you… So what? I am a man, I got upset. What is so wrong in this? Why are you making an issue out of this? There is a difference between being a man and an illiterate man. My father is a man too, he has not raised his hand on mama till date. Okay stop, can we not talk about something else? I got you here to make you happy, not so that you can ruin my mood. Tamkeen, I married you only so that you can keep me happy, give me peace, not to see your crying face, fix your mood and be happy and dressed up in front of me. You make me unhappy and restless and I… I can do anything. Anything! But you are not allowed to stand next me, you understand? But… Cut this nonsense and order food. Excuse me. Hello papa. What is all this? You come, I will tell you. Come to the room. Have your kids left? I mean, the tuition ones. Yes, do you want something? Yes, tea. Here you go. This is your tea. Its ok, I will make more. No, it won’t look nice. I told you its fine, I had to make it for you anyway, have it. Thank you. I wanted to say something. Yes, be quick, I need to give mama her medicine. I have noticed since I came you have been quiet and serious, don’t you like me being here? Its not that, you are papa’s guest, why would I mind you being here? What if I say I came here just for you, then? Your tea is getting cold, I have more work to do. I like having tea after dinner just like you, don’t forget. 

You didn’t like what I said? Look… Raza. Look Raza, I really didn’t like what you said, papa gave you space with some trust. Don’t worry, I will not break uncle’s trust, but win it. Along with that my love too. So I will not take a wrong step or a wrong decision. The tea tastes good. Have some manners, I am not used to this crap! Get into the habit now. Someone like you comes to my life, it will be great. Yes, it will be great. Sister, you say no to this wedding. You started again. Why should I say no? Because Shahvaiz is not a good man. Hello. Sister, how are you? Sister, what happened to you? Nothing, I was just sad, so I called you. Oh you scared me, I thought you were worried. No all is fine, nothing to worry about. I didn’t meet you people for so long, mama, papa and you, I was missing you. Are you happy sister? A lot. Does Shahvaiz care for you? Yes, you know in a few days we are going on our honeymoon to Europe. Wow, this is good news. So will you come to meet before you go? I will try. Not try, you will definitely come.

 Who are you talking to so late at night? Mama, I was talking to mama. Its not the time to talk to mama, cut the call and sleep. Cut it and sleep. Yes. Who are you talking to so late at night? Mama, I was talking to mama. Its not the time to talk to mama, cut the call and sleep. Cut it and sleep. What is the matter child? You look so sad and worried? Nothing mama, sister left, I am sad cause of that. You are sad for your sister, your sister is happy there. That is why she doesn’t call or come here. You just pray for her sister that she stays happy in her home. Mama, you pray, you are a mother. I am… You are what? Mama, I have made your and papa’s life difficult, what value will my prayer have? What are you saying child? You are our lovely and nice child. The heart that has so much love, their prayer is answered. Mama, you have faith in me, right? Yes, I have full faith. Then tell papa to have some faith too. I cannot take him being upset. He too will believe you, he will do it. For sure he will. Parents cannot have hatred and disbelief on the children for long, I have full faith.

This too will be clear. I have full faith. Okay? God willing this will happen, you don’t worry. Okay, my child? My love. Mr. Siddique, get up. Get up. What happened? I saw a really bad dream, call Tahir, call him immediately. What happened Rashida? You get upset yourself and worry him too. No, I saw a bad dream, let me talk to him. Okay. Okay. Tea. I am going to sleep, I am really sleepy. Fine. Hello. Yes, Tahir, talk to your mother. Tahir, son, my love, how are you? I am fine mama, you called at this hour, all ok? Child, I was really worried, you are fine, right? Is something worrying you? Yes mama, I am fine. I just wanted to ask this, I am at peace hearing your voice. My love, if you get time, call you mother. I really miss you. Fine mama. Fine. You have a family, your children have grown old, but for us you are the young Tahir, for us you will always be a child. Remember, you asked me to make you sweet bread. I really miss you child. Yes. Yes.

 Oh God, what will happen to this girl. Seema. Seema. Seema, get up. Get up quick. What is this sister? Me and Azhar are going to work, you wake up quick. Go, I am not stopping you. The maid will come, get her to clean the house and get her to cook the vegetables you want. You know I don’t like vegetables. We will make vegetables, that is what Azhar likes. Don’t you dare, eat something with my in-laws. What will my mother and sister in law think, that you are greedy and come to eat. Now wake up or I will throw water on you. Seema, get up. Sister, what is your problem? Why are you after me? Get the maid to work. You sleep so late, get up, don’t sleep again. I will go downstairs, no matter what. She woke me up so early in the morning, there was mama, sister is here, I will go mad. This shirt… What happened to it? Not ironed. Okay, do you want an iron? Yes, but I don’t know how to iron. SO you want that I iron your shirt? Yes, I want that. I am really busy. I will try myself. Yes, this is the iron stand, and here is the iron. Its not difficult, you will be able to iron it. 

What happened? You said it was really easy, I got shocked. You are a newbie, I will do it. Listen, you don’t iron your hand, you iron the shirt. See this. Like this, do you see? You do it like this, in between the buttons. Do you understasnd? What? Where is your focus? On the shirt. Do it yourself. Okay sorry, this time I will focus on the shirt, not on the one ironing. This is the first and last time I am doing it, next time you do it yourself. I want you to do this all my life. What did you say? Nothing, I made a small prayer. What is going on here? Nothing, Afreen was helping me iron. This help is for today, you will do your work yourself after today. Oh my God, you are doing such a favor, move I will do it. Afreen is doing me a favor teaching an idiot like me how to iron. So what is the need? You tell me, I will do it. After all, this is not a job for a man, this is for a woman to do. Wow, God has answered your prayer, you found a helper. Seema, works are to be done, whether a guy does it or a girl. Afreen said something deep. Some people want to be philosopher, you leave her, if you want your clothes ironed, I will do it. After all, men don’t do it. You are really free. I mean, you have a lot of time. I am not free, but for you I can take out time. Why is that? You are the guest in this home, that is why. Give me. You are doing it? Yes. Fine, I will be back. I got saved. You do one thing, get this medicine. Okay. You will not get these from the pharmacy, these are expensive so you will have to get them from outside. Okay. Did you give breakfast to your mother? Yes. So son, what time does your office start? At 9 am. You will be late. Afreen, won’t you go to work? No. Why? You too have a job. I… I said that leave the job, actually her mother is unwell.

 You were at such a good position, why did you quit? Sister got married, mama and papa were alone. So I quit the job. Sorry Afreen, but you took the wrong decision. The job you were doing, the position you were on, you don’t get it often. Uncle and aunty were not alone, brother Azhar is here. Afreen..Yes mama. See, she calls her often. Come on son, have breakfast. No, I will just have tea. Why? Okay, you must eat at work. What is your problem? Why are you calling me again and again? I told you I cannot meet you right now. Hey, the college is off at the moment, what will I say? I am not home either. Why? Why should I tell you where I am staying? I don’t want to talk to you. Bye. I was downstairs, he drove me mad by calling. I will go downstairs and check. When are we going for the honeymoon. In a week, everything will be done till then. Why? Are you restless to go? Think that. I should get something from the wedding that gives me happiness and peace, so I have thought… What? What have you thought? Can I go to mama and stay there for a few days. Why don’t you understand? Why do you repeat the same thing? That day I came early too… get them in the habit to get sad, you can go there for a few hours, but you are not allowed to stay there at night. Please. I am also getting sad. Fine, if you are so sad, then go forever. The way I got married for the second time, I can get married for the third time too. I have no problem.

 Go. I was joking, you get serious so easily. Yes? Sir, madam is really upset, she is not eating or taking her medication, not getting the massage. Sir, the chef is off today, what all will I do? You go handle the kitchen. Okay. You go see her. Me? Why? What is the problem? She got the massage the other day, she is comfortable with you, she needs you. Go and see her. Shahvaiz, I am your wife, I am not your first wife’s maid or servant, I won’t go. Okay, then you don’t care about what I say, so I am mad, I am spending so much on you, this expensive jewelry, this watch, this trip to Europe, to hell with it all. Please let me go inside, I want to meet Mr. Shahvaiz. No you cannot do inside. Sir has told us not to let you in. You know me, I used to work here, do me a favor. If I do you a favor, sir will not care about me, go from here, don’t waste my time. Sir, please listen to me. You are back again. Sir, I am sorry for what I did, the condition of my home is bad, please keep me on the job. Why should I give you this job? So that you can ruin my home’s condition? Not at all sir, I will keep my mouth shut. Mr. Kashif, the mouth once opened loses its trust, so no matter if you cut your tongue, I cannot trust you. Go from here. Go from here. No sir. Get out from here. 

My daughter is really unwell. Get out. She will die sir. Sir. Get out. Sir, listen to me. What is your problem? You have made everyone’s life hell cause of this noise. Listen to one thing carefully, I am Shahvaiz’s wife, not your nurse. Me coming here, you get quiet like you are happy, instead of making noise, why? What do you think, I don’t get it? I get it all. But I won’t come in your trouble. This image you give to Shahvaiz that you are happy that I do your work, I will not let that happen. Cunning woman. Akbari. Akbari. Yes madam. Do what you have to with her. Madam, she won’t listen, I know her well, when she is stubborn, she doenst listen to anyone. What can I do? I cannot do her work. I am not her nurse, handle her. Madam, she will scream like this, I have so much work in the kitchen. Don’t worry about that, we will order food. 

Madam… Yes, you know the condition of the home. If the condition was good, why would I call you. That is fine, but if possible a little… yes, I know you have a family, responsibilities… Papa, why do you beg everyone? What else should I do? Papa, you please let me do a job, trust me once. You just trust someone once, not again and again. Papa, all that is a lie, those pictures are fake, not true. If not me, trust your upbringing. Fine, I believe all that is fake. Really? Papa, let me do a job. Papa, I want to solve the issues of this home, I want to be your support. I want my education, my experience should come to use with my parents, my parents don’t have to beg anyone. No matter what I cannot let you work outside. You are teaching kids at home, that is fine. But papa… Afreen, think I am a coward, I am weak, I cannot face more insult. This means you don’t believe me. Think what you want. What are you doing here? I came to ask about the maid. We don’t have a maid, you call sister in law Shehla and ask this. Fine. Go upstairs. Fine, I am going. Go upstairs. What is this scene of pictures? What pictures were Afreen’s father talking about?