Ragini MMS Returns Season 2 | Sunny Leone | Divya Agarwal | Varun Sood | ALTBalaji

Ragini MMS Returns Season 2  | Sunny Leone | Divya Agarwal | Varun Sood | ALTBalaji

Ragini MMS Returns Season 2  | Sunny Leone | Divya Agarwal | Varun Sood | ALTBalaji
Batool. Yes? Did you talk to Mohsin? Yes, I spoke to him, he is coming. Hey, its so late at night, why hasn’t he come home yet, I am really worried. You don’t worry, I spoke to him, he is coming. I don’t know if he has even eaten since morning or not. He has ruined his condition in a few days, that too cause of that witch. Mama, if you say all this, you will get unwell. You… Mohsin. Mama, I am back. You go to sleep, its late at night. I am also going to sleep. Sit. You sit. He is back, you talk to him in the morning. He must be tired. I don’t know if he ate or not, you please ask him. I will, I will just ask him. Give him food. Okay. Okay. Brother, should I get something for you to eat.

 I am not hungry, you go from here. Brother, you have not eaten since yesterday, its not good to sleep on an empty stomach. I will not die if I don’t eat for 2 days. Please, you people don’t worry about me, leave me alone, please, go from here I made a big mistake understanding you. You didn’t make a mistake, I did. I loved you and you… When a person is at fault he blames others, you are the one being unfaithful and you are blaming me? Remember one thing Mohsin, I am not a liar like you. You are lying and have an affair with your cousin, but I cannot do that, because my upbringing is not like that. Shut up! Before you tell me to shut up, look at yourself first. What are you doing? If you really liked her, then instead of hiding and having an affair, you should have married her. Because you came to me seeing my status. Papa. Hey, what happened? Why are you sitting here? Papa, please forgive me. What happened? Papa, let me apologize, I want to beg you for forgiveness, I have really hurt you papa, I couldn’t be a good daughter, nor a good wife, I couldn’t keep you happy or Mohsin. Papa, I am an unsuccessful person. Who said you are unsuccessful? Get up, sit here.

 You are my daughter and Raza Ahmed’s daughter cannot be unsuccessful. I will make you get rid of that cheap man soon. Hello, Nazia. I was calling you but you didn’t pick up. So sorry, I was really busy I couldn’t call you. Tell me, what happened? Did you meet Soha? Yes, I went to meet her yesterday, she is absolutely fine and very happy, her father is here forever, he got a home here. Can you give me her address? I will give you the address, but first let me give you the good news. Soha is expecting. What? I will be a father? Yes. Ok, note the address. This girls ego is still so high, even after so much happened, she hasn’t changed one bit, she sees me as the enemy. Aunt, that is her biggest problem that she cannot recognize people. She hates you from day one and no matter how much sympathy you have for her, she will still consider you nothing more than a step mother. Why are you so upset with her behavior, its nothing new. I am not upset of her behavior, I am upset about her stupidity and naivety. 

She agreed to a divorce so easily. First she left her father for a stranger and now she came back. She is emotional and immature. Aunt, daughters without mothers are like that. Are you not happy that she is back? Zain, when did I say that? I am her well wisher, I want her happy in her home. She is Raza’s daughter, so I worry for her. You know aunt, Mohsin doesn’t deserve her, he even raised his hand on her. I feel that Soha’s decision is right. I mean, Mohsin’s family has not even accepted her. Someone like Mohsin who is influenced by his mother and sisters will not be able to give her the love and respect she deserves. You want the same that she should get a divorce? No aunt, why would I want that? I just want her to stay happy where ever she is. You don’t understand the importance of this relation and the emotions attached to it. A wedding is a strong bond, two people become one. 

Soha really loves Mohsin, she loves him with all her heart. Instead of hastily getting a divorce and regretting, its better you wait and decide. All that is fine aunt, but who will make uncle understand? He has decided. I will. Aunt, does Mohsin know about the pregnancy. No Raza has strictly told us not to tell anyone, he feels he will find out and come here to showcase his right on Soha and the child. Aunt, that’s his child, he will do that obviously. I know. Mama, hello. Hello. You got really late, I am really hungry. But we waited that we will eat together. You look so happy. It is something good, when you hear it you will be happy too.

 What is the good news? Tell us. You got promoted? I really prayed for it. Tell us. You got promoted, right? Something way more than a promotion. First, have some sweets. Tell us, you do not hide a good news for so long. Its been ages we heard a good news. What happened? Tell us. Soha is pregnant, you will be a grandmother. Hey, this is much better than a promotion. I will have sweets, but this won’t do, you will have to take us all for dinner. Right sister? Nazo, fix the dinner, what are you looking at? I am telling you, your brother is hungry. 

I am not hungry, you people eat. Have some to eat. Ask madam Soha to come for breakfast. I asked her but she said she is not hungry. Raza, please you talk to Soha, she sits in the room hungry like this. If she doesn’t focus on food, we will have complications later. Okay fine, I will go talk to her. I feel that Soha doesn’t come here cause of me, you tell her, if she wants, I can send her breakfast in the room. Do one thing, send my breakfast to her room too, I will have it with her.

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