Qayamat Ki Raat

I just want that I keep you happy like Faham, love you so that Faham’s soul is at peace. All the pain I caused I apologize for it. I know I cannot be forgiven, but Rida really loves her brother, please forgive me for his sake. I beg you, I can fall to your feet. What are you doing? I apologize to you. For me a lot of problems came between you and brother Faham. a lot of fights. I see you today, I really miss brother. He really loved you. I only want to see you happy. Faham’s memories will always be with us. From today, I am with you, what is best for you I will want that. I am here, I will love you like Faham. Like he used to, like he cared for you, fulfilled your wishes, just like that. Forgive me.

But Asim, you are right, we cannot mortgage it,

Don’t worry, I am with you. My Faham’s Rida. Stop this crying. We don’t have enough cash even after putting our land on mortgage to fulfill these orders. We couldn’t sell the property so quickly, I don’t think we have another option, I can’t think of one. Home. Home? But Asim, you are right, we cannot mortgage it, we only have one roof. Its not possible cause its in Shamila’s name. Brother, if we have a business, we will have a home, if no business, no home. We have no other option. Asim…Its in her dowry, the papers have not been made in her name. Its in mama’s name. She won’t agree. no, that’s the only way brother. Save the business brother. I don’t know what happened to my sister. God be kind. You know today, I realize I am meeting you after so long. For the first and last time in my life I am going against you. Please pray for me and also forgive me. Hello. Sister, are you ok? So you called to ask me this? That I am alive? What are you saying sister? May God give you a long life. May you live long. Rehana, God knows what you took revenge from me, I didn’t want anything bad for you. The hell you have broken loose in my home in the form of Shamila, I will never forgive you for it Rehana. Never, I will never forgive you. For God’s sake sister, don’t do that. Please forgive me.

Don’t even mention love, you wouldn’t know what love is.

I didn’t want this. Please forgive me sister. What did you do to my sister, Shamila? Why did you do it? God will question you. You got me embarrassed in front of my sister, you should have shown some respect. God, protect my home, let my children have their happiness. God have mercy on me. God have mercy. God… Don’t even mention love, you wouldn’t know what love is. I will not forgive you even if I die. Go and call him, what is all this happening? I will die. Do they say that the one you love dearly, you insult them badly too? I am innocent! I know a woman doesn’t have no respect, no life without a husband, she is insulted. My mother spent her entire life as a widow, her tears and her begging me forced me to marry Hatim. Because I don’t have a father Rida nor do I have brothers like you, who will care for me, love me, fulfill my needs. This home, its yours Rida. I have no benefit out of it. It was not my decision to have this home in my name, it was brother and sister in law, they said if I become a widow again, then? God forbid. What are you saying? Meeting you again Rida, I can tell you that this home is made out of love, it was always yours and will always be yours. Yours, aunt’s, Hatim’s and Asim’s. I don’t want it.

I can keep the people around me happy.

I only need a corner in this home, where with respect, I can stay. You know this makeup, this jewelry is never my happiness. After Faham all this is meaningless, I do all this for mama’s happiness. If I can make her happy after so much sorrow, then why not. At least, I can keep the people around me happy. The relations that are true to us, love us, care for us, Rida, we should care for them. You think about it and tell me, what are you doing? What did Zeeshan give you, an empty love, sadness, insults and nothing else. Why are you ruining your life? Rida, you have your whole life in front of you. This is the reason I am trying to make you understand, that man didn’t care for you, nor your family. On top of that, he is also responsible for Faham’s death. Had he not dragged you out of the house late at night, nor had Faham followed him and all this hadn’t happened. Faham wouldn’t have gone far from us. Tell me yourself, where am I wrong in this? Please Rida, I am not wrong, open your eyes, see the truth. Please, you have your whole life in front of you, move forward, living your life alone like this is impossible.

even after mortgaging our land in the village,

I would say take a divorce from Zeeshan. When I look back there is darkness, when I start moving the world will follow, this is the reality of life. Hello mama. Mama? What happened to you? What happened to her? Aunt. Aunt. Get water. Mama, get up. Mama. Mama. Get water. Aunt. Aunt. Mama. Salman, call the ambulance immediately, we will have to go to the hospital. Go right now. Yes. Aunt. Aunt. Mama, Germany has sent a big shipment, even after mortgaging our land in the village, we don’t have enough money to fulfill the order. So? This home… we will have to mortgage this home in the bank. Why do you ask me? Ask the owner. Aunt, what are you saying? This is your home, it will stay that way. I was helpless and had to get the home in my name, the documents are not in my name and we have to get rid of the business problem. Mama, we have no other option apart from this. Fine.

But we have to get rid of the problems of the home and business.

I will get the papers of the home. Asim, the land in Rida’s name, Faham gave me the papers for it, if you need them… No sister in law, mama told us not to sell this, its not possible. But we have to get rid of the problems of the home and business. Where I am letting go of my right for this home, Rida should do the same. You keep these papers in the bank too. Right Hatim? Asim, Shamila is right, we need all this right now, and we don’t need to talk to mama. In fact, no one talks to mama. We will get it released once the payment comes. Here are the papers for the home. You have your whole life in front of you, move forward. Its impossible to live your life like this alone. That man didn’t care for you, nor your family. Sister sit, be strong. Tell me, since when has Zeeshan been out? Since evening and its late at night and we don’t know anything about him. He didn’t take him phone or car. God knows where he will be. Oh my God, sister Zeeshan’s mental condition is worsening day by day.