Qayamat – Episode 31 – HAR PAL GEO

Come, come Batool. Come. Have a seat. Brother Fayaz, Ifrah had asked me for a task, that work got done, I came immediately. Ifrah’s work? What work? Daughter Ifrah told me that we need trustworthy people to care for this home, so I got these people. This is Parveen and this is her son, Shahid. It was a matter of your home, so how could I trust a stranger, they are my distant relatives, they are really deserving. Parveen’s husband works abroad, her in-laws are really greedy.

Earlier they used to take away the entire salary, but now they have dragged both these poor people out of the home. They have no shelter. So I thought why don’t I bring them to your home, they will get a home, and your loneliness will be removed. Shahid will do all the work outside, and Parveen will handle the home and the kitchen. Hello sir. Hello. If they are your relatives, then how can I say no? what salary will you take? Hey, Mr. Fayaz, what is the need for a salary? They will get a shelter and food twice a day, they need nothing else. When her in-laws come to their senses, they will go back. They are really helpless. Fine, if you are satisfied, then what objection can I have? After all, you are Afia’s friend, how can I say no to Afia’s friend. Tea. I will make tea. Where is the kitchen? Hey, this is now your own home, you look for the kitchen yourself.

Yes make good tea for us too. Yes. Should I massage your legs. No, no, no. you do one thing, keep this luggage in the quarter in the backyard. Go come on. This way? Yes. They are really good, they will really care for you. Thank you, you bothered so much. Is everything fine? Leave it sister, I will make it. No, no, I am in the habit to do my own work, you go, I will do it. Listen, fix my room and bring my bag. Yes, sure. Hey, Urooj, what is this? Ouch. Why are you… See, you burned your hand. What was the need for you to come to the kitchen? Aunty, I was making tea for you and me, actually, the stoves in America are different, so I couldn’t switch this on. Yes, so child, you should have asked Rasheeda, why did you come here? I asked Rasheeda, but Ifrah took her with herself. She said first clean my room, wash my clothes, then do any other work. And Rasheeda listened to her and left. I will fix her, is Rasheeda just her servant? I will just ask her. No aunt, let it be.

When you say something, there will be an argument for no reason. What is the point? No, Urooj, I will surely ask her. To hell with it aunt, Ifrah is so ill mannered, why do you argue with her for no reason. If you have to talk, then talk to Rashid and Jawad. Yes, you are right. Anyway leave it, come on come. Okay, aunt Batool came. Are they trustworthy people? Yes, child, they are Batool’s relatives, they are in need so I kept them. They are mother and son, and I think the father works as a driver abroad, I think. Mother and son? But I had asked aunt to get a husband and wife. Who has she got? How are those people? Are they working fine? Yes, the woman cooks well, the boy is also really smart, he does the work of the indoor and outdoor. Papa, still be careful, what if they are a fraud? No, child, I told you, they are Batool’s relatives, she has given guarantees for them. Okay. Fine then, its good. You take care, I will visit by the will of God. Okay? Okay bye. Bye, live long.

Hello. Hello sister Saira. What? Brother Saad’s wedding? Yes. Yes, I will try to come. Yes, yes, the two of us will come. Fine. Bye. If brother Saad and sister Samra would have gotten married, all this would never have happened. Maybe I would not be here. Maybe, me and Jawad… no, no, what nonsense am I thinking. Hello Rashid. Rashid, come early today, please. We have to go to a wedding. When you come, I will tell you. Yes. Wow. Wow. Amazing. Seeing you has made me lose my mind today. You look great. Control your meter. Who is calling you? No one. Where do we have to go? Its brother Saad’s wedding, sister Saira called, she was really insisting. What happened? What could happen? I don’t like Saad. Cant you forget? How do I forget that damned man? He used to like Samra, he wanted to marry her. Sister Samra is no longer in this world and brother Saad is getting married and you are making his meaningless liking an issue of your ego.

I don’t know, how did my sister tolerate your behavior. I have not made it a matter of my ego, no man would tolerate this. Not even a woman can tolerate this, Rashid. But the softness of a woman’s heart takes over her strictness, but I am not from amongst those women who have a soft heart, nor will I tolerate injustice, neither will I get beaten. You know me, right? I now know you. You are coming, right? Obviously, I will come. I am really happy to see you. I feel like Samra has come. Okay, now don’t be sad, you are happy, right? I don’t know about happiness, but I have compromised with my situation. You are right, its really difficult to live your life with a man like brother Rashid. But you are really strong. You get the strength, when you see your own, you get a lot of strength. I have compromised for myself, for Sana, for mama.

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