Qayamat – Episode 31 – HAR PAL GEO p4

what should I cook for you? I will not have food. I came to meet papa. Where have you worked earlier? Madam Ifrah, we are not workers, helplessness of the time and the situation forced us to work here. I had a husband, he broke all ties after going abroad. Its aunt Batool’s and your father’s favor that we have a shelter. I am going to the room, send tea there. Sure. Ifrah, when did you come? Hello. Hello. Why didn’t you tell me? Come, we will sit outside. How are you feeling now? I am fine now. Come. Come.

I am fine now, Parveen gives me medication and food on time. Shahid, her son, he likes to study, he is focused, so I am able to focus too. Yes, they are good people, the mother and son. I just met them. They are needy. Or else I got really worried the other night. At least your worry is resolved. Hey, how is Sana? You should have brought her along. Sana is absolutely fine. She was sleeping. Did you take your medication, papa? I took my medication. Listen, you shouldn’t leave your home daily and come. You have a husband, a daughter, you have responsibilities, you… My papa too is my responsibility. Okay fine, if not daily, but I will visit once a week. When did I say that? Its your home, come whenever you want, but, you take care of Sana and Rashid.

And uncle Shakir and uncle Siddiqui, come to ask how you are right? They will come, They said they would visit, the house is far, so… Okay. Here is the tea. The food is being cooked, you need to make sure that madam Ifrah doesn’t leave without eating. Hear that, you don’t leave without eating. Take tea. Here. Here is your tea. Thank you. What is wrong with you? Have you gone mad? Yes. Earlier you were mad for me, you came to your senses so soon that you forgot my love and existence.

Look Pari, I am no longer how I was earlier. I got married, I got married for the second time. I have changed completely, I cannot keep any relation with you. You were married earlier too. Our relation didn’t change then. What has happened now? That you have issues with relations with Pari. Is the wife really pretty or am I not the same anymore? Time never stays the same, I am no longer like before, I have changed. Back in the days, I had lost my mind, now my mind is in its place. That’s it! I don’t want to keep any relation with you. But my time has not changed.

My time has stopped on you. Look Pari, I have told you clearly, I cannot meet you now. Okay! I used to decide earlier if I want to meet you or not. And I will take this decision now too and I have to meet you and you will meet me. or else I will come to your home. You… what do you want? I want you. My Rashid. The same Rashid who used to love me, the one I was in the heart of and he was only mine. Stop it Pari, time never comes back.

That time has passed, now I just go to work, from work to home, home to work, that is it. You fool someone else, like you had him fooled, your failed lover, that idiot, Atif, where is he? Okay, so what is in your heart, came to your tongue. All this anger is because of Atif. Look at my greatness, I didn’t even get upset on your wife, you got married and I tolerated it happily and you are upset about this little friendship I have with Atif. He is no longer in my life, he is gone. Now only you are in my life. Look Pari… That’s it, don’t say anything further to hurt me. This is my new address and you are coming to meet me, or else I will come. That is it.

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