Qayamat – Episode 31 – HAR PAL GEO p3

And then she has to come to this home after marrying Jawad. She will have to do all this. Urooj if you need any sort of help, do let me know. No need to say anything to even Rasheeda. Okay? I will send tea. Damn it. She is a really cunning girl. I made a big mistake that I got Rashid married to her. You are right, she is very smart. Aunt, I am going to papa’s home. I have made food, explained everything to Rasheeda, she will serve it. And Sana is sleeping, I will be back before she wakes up. One minute.

One minute. Why are you in such a hurry? The driver is going to drop Urooj. Yes, fine, I will go along, he will drop me first, then Urooj. Fine aunty, I don’t have an issue. I will go with Ifrah, after all aunt Nadra must be waiting for me. Fine, go but come back before Sana wakes up. I cannot handle Sana. Give it to me child. I am going in the car. What have you come here for? Come here. Can I ask you something? Yes. How did you get set with Rashid? I mean, he was your brother in law and now you are with him… and you liked Jawad after all. Can I ask you something? Seeing you I cannot say that you have come from America. People from there don’t interfere in the matters of others. I just asked you, I am sorry if you didn’t like it.

Yes, I didn’t like it at all. Still I will answer your questions so that your heart and mind are cleared from my end. I was only engaged to Jawad, and an engagement has no standing, so as soon as the engagement ended, the emotions between me and Jawad ended. I have been married to Rashid, a marriage is no ordinary relation, it has so much power that it can change a person, your thinking, your emotions, everything changes. Two different people start thinking the same way, start looking in the same direction. So now only Rashid is my thinking, my direction, no one else. So you don’t have to be insecure from me at all, right? You will come as Jawad’s wife, so I want that our relation starts with love and friendship.

I will take the first step of friendship, rest depends on you. Even I don’t have a problem becoming your friends. After all you said right, we have to live in the same home after marriage, so if we are friends, it would be easy. Friends? Friends. Okay, come on, now that we have become friends, then lets talk. Will you stay here after marriage or go abroad? This will depend on Jawad, but I want to settle here. Okay, I am really happy to know that you want to settle in Pakistan, instead of going abroad. Actually, my parents recently shifted to America, its not been long and life there is not that easy. Okay.

My home is around the corner. Why have you come here? Tell me. why have you come here? You will answer my phone, you won’t talk to me, so will Pari forgive you? And let you go easily? Look Pari, this is my factory, this is where I work, I have a lot of workers here. I have some respect here, customers come and go. What is wrong with you? What can I do? It doesn’t matter to me.

you will have to pay for what you have done. Pay for it? Sister. Sister. What is wrong? Why are you shouting? Hey, her daughter is here, what do we do? Hey clean your face. What do I do? You go, I will come. What is your name? Shahid. Mama. Hello madam Ifrah, how are you? Hello. What were you doing? I was making soup for sir, I just got done with cleaning. And Shahid, he just got the lawn pipe, he watered the plants, now he is going to clean the car. Fine. Is papa in the room? Yes, he is in his room. You go, I will get you tea there.

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