Qayamat – Episode 31 – HAR PAL GEO p2

You know, mama always used to tell me that a man is not a machine, he can listen, understand, talk. Mama too changed papa. She used to tell me to be patient, learn to let go, everything will be fine. And mama was not wrong. This means your patience and letting go came in use. You can say that. After Sana, and after sister Samra’s death, Rashid has really changed, I didn’t have to work really hard. I pray that you stay happy like this all your life. Amen. Why are you calling me now? Earlier you used to wait for my call, and now you ask me why am I calling you? I had to pay a heavy price for that earlier.

It would be better that you don’t call me again. Not you, I paid the price. I have lost everything I had, its time to take back everything now. Leave. Brother Saad and the bride look so pretty. Luck plays such games. I had thought that Saad and Samra would be together and with you… I say such useless things, come on, lets get our pictures taken. Come on. Yes, I am thinking where is Rashid. Where did you go? I got a useless call. The bride and the groom look so pretty. I don’t know, I didn’t focus on them. Come on, lets get pictures taken. Yes, you go, I will come. What is the matter? Are you in a bad mood? No, no, I cannot look at anyone else, apart from you. Thank you. Come on lets get our pictures taken. Come brother Rashid. You always listen to songs. Go serve food to sir. What is the matter sister? You serve it yourself, my movie is on. Idiot, you are calling me sister again, call me mama. My mother, you have to get sir in your control, right? So go and serve him food yourself. Ill-mannered. You are right. I will go serve it myself. You make me a promise, you will get a hair transplant when you go to the new home. Okay. and wear suits like you used to wear after our marriage. Yes, yes, yes. In the new home, in the new home, Rashid, Ifrah, Sana, everyone would come to meet us there. the house will have so much movement, it will be so lively. Come in. Why did you bring the food? You should have sent it with Shahid.

Sir, I like caring for you. Fine, leave this here, and tell Shahid to come later and collect the plates. Sir, taste the food and tell me, how is it. I cannot make it as good as your wife, but everyone says I have a lot of taste in my hands. Yes, it must be good. Sir, do taste it and let me know. Fine. Thank you. Wow, this is… this song is really translating my mood, my emotions. If a person gets respect, then he gets love too. That is true. You should always be hopeful. Lets go to papa’s. At this hour? Yes, he kept a new maid, I wanted to meet her. Won’t we get late. Okay, lets go. Should I turn up the volume of the song? They make weak things today. What happened to you? Nothing, I was worried for papa. Can you recognize people? Did you find those people right? Uncle Fayaz has seen the world, you don’t need to worry for him. whatever decision he makes, it will be right. When children grow up, then the parents become children. And I don’t have anyone, anyway.

Except papa. Yes, me and Sana are not related to you in any way. Nothing like that. I just said it. Call your papa often. Stay in touch. The sadness will disappear, both for him and you. And keep a special eye on the servants. Will you have water? We have always heard that wives dress up for their husbands, no? I will put it on, consider me your own. I had never thought that I would love Rashid… yes, I have started to like Rashid. Mama was right, people change. I am changing along with Rashid. Okay aunty, I will leave, aunt Nadra must be missing me. And what about me missing my love? Hello aunt. Hello. Where were you? I was right here. Right here. You can fool Rashid, not me. He has left saying hello, meeting his mother, I have not seen his face since yesterday. He left without meeting me even today. I will talk to Rashid to meet you before leaving. He went to his friends’ yesterday and then we had to go to the wedding. You and Urooj went out somewhere. We thought we would inform you, but you were not there, so we informed uncle. Leave it. Leave it. Leave this cunningness. I was just answering your questions. Okay, go, tell Rasheeda to make tea. And listen, Rasheeda is the maid of this home, not your personal slave, that you always have her involved in your work. You even had her engaged yesterday, and Urooj had to make tea for herself. Actually, Urooj herself told me that she wants to know the work, manners, customs of this home, so I gave her permission to make tea.

Hello. Hello sister Saira. What? Brother Saad’s wedding? Yes. Yes, I will try to come. Yes, yes, the two of us will come. Fine. Bye. If brother Saad and sister Samra would have gotten married, all this would never have happened. Maybe I would not be here. Maybe, me and Jawad… no, no, what nonsense am I thinking. Hello Rashid. Rashid, come early today, please. We have to go to a wedding. When you come, I will tell you. Yes. Wow. Wow. Amazing. Seeing you has made me lose my mind today. You look great. Control your meter. Who is calling you? No one. Where do we have to go? Its brother Saad’s wedding, sister Saira called, she was really insisting. What happened? What could happen? I don’t like Saad. Cant you forget? How do I forget that damned man? He used to like Samra, he wanted to marry her. Sister Samra is no longer in this world and brother Saad is getting married and you are making his meaningless liking an issue of your ego.

I don’t know, how did my sister tolerate your behavior. I have not made it a matter of my ego, no man would tolerate this. Not even a woman can tolerate this, Rashid. But the softness of a woman’s heart takes over her strictness, but I am not from amongst those women who have a soft heart, nor will I tolerate injustice, neither will I get beaten. You know me, right? I now know you. You are coming, right? Obviously, I will come. I am really happy to see you. I feel like Samra has come. Okay, now don’t be sad, you are happy, right? I don’t know about happiness, but I have compromised with my situation. You are right, its really difficult to live your life with a man like brother Rashid. But you are really strong. You get the strength, when you see your own, you get a lot of strength. I have compromised for myself, for Sana, for mama.

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