Pyar Ki Ye Ek Kahani

Oh hey son, this is a Pakistani currency note, one doesn’t sign on this! Then give me an autograph here. Tch… What is this… one doesn’t do these kind of things. Then give an autograph on this. Oh it’s you Parvez. I’m your biggest fan in the world. Kids no selfies or anything… please tell them. Go do your shopping now. Excuse me please but this is now family time for me. Thank you kids… thank you. So sorry, okay. Okay so what are you doing here? I found a good job do I thought I’d upgrade my wardrobe. So tell me, has your husband’s mood improved or is he still in a huff. The rent in a relationship is because of one’s bad luck.

This is really the limit. Okay so I’m going to beg your leave now.

And it’s the lucky ones whose wounds heal. Your husband is a very ungrateful man. There are very few women like you in this world, who despite being powerful, get mentally abused. This is really the limit. Okay so I’m going to beg your leave now. Come, let me buy you something as well. What… What are you thinking? I’m thinking, where I’m going keep such a precious gift. You’re not going to keep it away, you have to wear it you silly man. This is an age when one really needs a companion you know… You should be vigilant, you don’t want that on that old man to wander off. The end of the world may come upon us a minute later but… Jawed can never be unfaithful. Oh but I’m really tired. Oh god lets go to some shelter for women. No, the police will find us there immediately. We have to go elsewhere. Where? Where can we go? There’s a place… there’s one place that I can think of. Come… come with me… come along! Come quickly. I’ve understood that. But did Nafeesuddin’s wife fire both the bullets? I was at a distance so that’s what I thought. But where did his wife get the gun? How would I know? Your brother was killed so you need to cooperate with us. We don’t want the killer to get away now do we? This was some gang and… and… Do I work for the Police or what? We will work with all honesty and try to arrest the culprit. It’s good that you didn’t get over emotional and mislead the police. Don’t mislead them… or else Pir saheb… Sit here for a bit. Give that to me. Sit down.

No the police will find us here.

I’m very tired. We can’t sit here for too long Ma. We’ve arrived at the place we were supposed to be… its fine. No the police will find us here. We have to go elsewhere. Police… Muster up the strength Ma… please. Alright fine let’s go. Let’s go inside. Come. Oh, I’m dying. What should I get cooked today? I’ll be eating out. Clear the pathway! Clear the pathway! Move to the side! Go on move to the side! Move to the side! It’s a good thing you dropped the idea of a case against your ex-boss. You would have just gotten frustrated and nothing else. No one in this world can kill you when one has a friend like you.. Now look here Parvez… I don’t want to see anything but I do want you to listen to me. I am as much a friend to you as I am to Shahana. Stop this fight buddy. If ones back breaks one survives but if the home breaks nothings left. Look who’s talking about this. Have you ever dealt with any woman as a wife? Women are often a case of 307. …And after marriage 302. To hang till death. Any more of your nonsense talk and I’ll pick up something and throw it right at you. May I come in Sir? I never thought I would see the day when you’d ask for permission before entering my chambers. I’m your junior Sir and your student as well so how can I even think to enter your chambers without your consent. This is Mr. Jamil. I mentioned him to you? The one with the case. Yes, yes, I’ve heard a lot about you. How are you? Assalamwalekum . Walekumassalam .

You know how she’s a real famous personality.

Sir, you’re Shahana Sultan’s husband arent you? That is not my introduction. Shahana Sultan is my wife and that’s her introduction. Is that understood? I’m sorry you got offended Sir. You know how she’s a real famous personality. We’ll eventually get around to talking of the case but Sir, if I could meet Ms. Shahana… You cannot meet her! And there will be no discussion of this case either. I’m busy. You can leave. Sir, the… I’ve said it have I not? Let’s go Mr. Jamil. What have you done Jawed? You threw away a client only because he was Shahana’s fan? He was an ignorant to think her fame to be her strength and her singing and dancing something of an honor. He doesn’t know the kind of pain her husband is suffering. My wife is fond of showing off her power! And then… there’s that widow who’s still mourning the loss of her husband. And how magnificent is her daughter that… forget it. Fine, all forgotten my friend. Aren’t you going to offer me any coffee? Mummy! Mummy! Where are you mummy? I’m here… I’m here in the kitchen. I’ve been… I… uh… Who brought all this? This… uh… I… all this… Mamu , is a miser so he couldn’t have brought it… and chachu is too poor so he couldn’t have brought it so who brought all this? It was Mr. Jawed! He was saying, may God forgive your father, that your father helped him in many prominent cases as if he was a capable lawyer.