Phatte Dinde Chakk Punjabi 2020 | Smeep Kang, Binnu Dhillon, Zareen Khan

Phatte Dinde Chakk Punjabi 2020 | Smeep Kang, Binnu Dhillon, Zareen Khan 

Phatte Dinde Chakk Punjabi 2020 | Smeep Kang, Binnu Dhillon, Zareen Khan

What does he think of himself? I will teach him a lesson, my name is not Seema otherwise. Seema Raza. Why did you come at this hour? You should have come in the evening. Had I come in the evening you would have said come with Shahvaiz in the evening. Now I had to come at some time. You got late so your mother is worried, tell me is everything fine? Yes papa, all is fine, Shahvaiz was busy nowadays, he said I should come home and spend time with you. Stay over. Shahvaiz is sad for that day, he was saying I had to come early cause of him, so he said you go right now, so that you don’t waste your day. Yes, he did good. Sister, will you stay for a few days? Yes, after all, this is my home too. You are right, this is your home, but your real home is where your husband is. Sister, will you have tea? I will have food, I am really hungry, what’s for dinner? You didn’t eat before coming? The chef was off, and Shahvaiz had to go out for dinner.

 You should have cooked something, you have not lived in a house with chefs. Mama, leave it, sister I made rice with curry, will you have it? Yes. Come to the kitchen. Even I am hungry. Hearing about the rice? For me too. Sure papa. God bless. Sister, it feels like you have not eaten all day. Consider that, the chef was off and I had this rice in my fate. You won’t like this plain food. Why not? Whatever is served at your parents home is better than any 5-star hotel, because this is our taste, from childhood to adulthood. Sister, are you ok? Yes, I am fine, what happened? Mama, papa and you are not happy that I came, you are actually worried. No sister, actually, some years back, you came from brother Moin’s home like this, so… Nothing like that this time, I didn’t come forever, I will go back. sister, don’t get upset, I was just thinking of mama and papa, they won’t be able to take it. Fine, can I eat in peace? When did Raza come? How long will he stay? 3 months. Wow, papa did great this time. 3 months he gave Raza to live here. He is a paying guest, papa was helpless, the situation is such. Brother Tahir said no, Azhar doesn’t bother. Papa doesn’t let me do a job. Yes, your pictures… How is Raza? I will meet him in the morning. 

Its true, I got worried seeing Tamkeen. I am worried too. Call Shahvaiz, ask him what the matter is. Not right now, let a few days pass, all will be clear. God make this girl smart, what if she ruined that home cause of her tongue. Now if she ruined this or saved it, she has to live there. God have mercy on her, if something like this happens, we will be ruined. Ruined in a small word. Do anything, even beg, I cannot see doll like this. I have sold everything. We are not even able to afford a meal, what should I do? Who should I beg? Did you go to the office? Yes, I went. Then? No one let me go inside. People are so selfish and unkind. Just like I was unkind and selfish one day. I didn’t even think I was killing someone’s respect once. What are you saying Kashif? Forgive me. What happened? Tell me, what is it. Kashif? Madam, sir and madam had a fight last night, she packed her bag and went to her parents, sir was really upset. Tell me, do you want soup or porridge. Give her poison. Get lost from here. Bloody spy. Get out of here. 

You are really happy that me and Tamkeen had a fight. You are at peace that she left home. I know your cunningness well. I am tolerating it all only cause of this wealth, but don’t be too happy, I will convince her and bring her back. If you make noise and ruin the peace of this home, I will really drop you to an asylum. I will not tolerate you. Akbari. Akbari! Hello. Hello. How are you? When did you come? I am fine, how are you? How long have you been here? I am fine, I have been here for a while. You tell me, how are you? How is the groom? Absolutely fine, you tell me, I heard you got engaged, how is she? My engagement broke. Oh, that is bad. Its good. It was not by my liking, it was mama’s liking. Leave it, tell me where Arfeen is, since you are here, has she taken an off from the kitchen? No, she is sleeping, she looked tired. I thought I will make breakfast for everyone, should I make you tea? Sure. What will you have for breakfast.

 I am a simple man, give me two rusks. You have become really simple, earlier you had bread made by Arfeen. I still do that but you are here as a guest, but if I make you make me bread it won’t seem nice. No problem, I will make it. Raza. Raza. Who is it? You are here, I am looking for you all around the house. She is a new item. Come on, give me your shirt to iron. You? Sister Tamkeen, how are you? What are you doing here? I am staying with sister. If the tea is ready, please send it over. You came here to your sister, stay there, you have no work here. Yes, I stay there, but I come over some time, I forgot to get the shirt in this discussion. Raza. What happened Doll? Doll, what happened? What happened to her? Why is she doing this? What happened? Doll, say something. Go get the doctor. I will go. Doll. My child. What happened? Kashif, come fast. Doll. Doll. Open your eyes. Kashif, come fast. Doll. Doll. Go ahead? I care for you that is why I am here. What care? Hey, you give me your shirt, I will iron it, if you do it, you might burn your hand. Okay, no this is not needed, you are a guest too, its not nice that you work. You only like giving your work to Afreen. Actually I have an old relation with Afreen. 

Her father and my father are old friends, I don’t know you.. It doesn’t take long to know someone. You spend time with me, talk to me, we will know each other. You know, what is your qualification? I have done my MBA. Wow, great I am doing my BBA. There is one thing common between us, ask me what? Ok, don’t ask, I will tell you I want to do my MBA. okay. My mama really wants that her daughters study and get a good job and stand on their feet. Don’t beg anyone. My sister Shehla works in a big firm with brother Azhar. That is great. Yes, it is. What type of girls do you like? No, I mean, working women? Yes. I really care for working women, because they support their home protecting their respect. 

Yes, absolutely. You think good. Come over some time. I don’t make that bad tea. Yes, sure, I will come over, but I am getting late for work right now. Yes, fine, give me your shirt… No, its not needed, I gave my clothes at the laundry to iron. Check if you.. Thank you. Thank you Fine, you must have given it, it would have been nice. I am getting late for office. Fine, you go, do come upstairs.