Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil

How will I live without him? All has ended. Everyone has left me, we are alone. Sister Khadija, be strong. Be patient. Son Faham’s sorrow is great, but Rida child is still there, may God give her a long life. You? How did you come here? Get lost from here…. No. No…You tell him to leave from here. Go from here! Listen to me. One minute. You two listen to your mother, consider me a mother, please listen to me. Mama…You won’t say a word, if you do, I will not talk to you all my life. All your children are really obedient, you talk to them. Yes. I am proud on the fact that my children listen to me and obey me. On this reason, I beg you for forgiveness, I know he has done wrong. Forgive me on his behalf, forgive him. You please don’t do that. A man makes mistakes child. Zeeshan, Zeeshan, ask them for forgiveness. God is really forgiving, if someone apologizes truly, He forgives. He wants the same for His men. Forgive him. Sister Rida. Sister Rida. Mr. Zeeshan and her mother are downstairs. They are begging brother Hatim, Asim and even sister Khadija for forgiveness. I feel they will take you with them. I will go see what is happening downstairs. Get out. Sir. Zeeshan, what are you doing? Just go from here. Please say that you lied about the child. Forgive Zeeshan, child. Fine, I agree with this, but it will only be paid for when he apologizes to Rida and takes her home. Where is Rida? In her room. Thank you so much. Come on. Rida, please open the door. Rida.

What did you punish me for? What was my fault

I will not open it. I came to get you. I will not go anywhere. I have apologized to everyone, your family, myself, from God, I want you to please forgive me. Open the door, Rida, please. I will never forgive you Zeeshan, I will never forgive you. Why not? The way my feelings, my emotions, my trust has been killed, tortured me, you made my mother cry. Do you realize this? I realize it. That feeling has my heart cornered. What did you punish me for? What was my fault? Think yourself, what was my fault, they gave me the wrong report. What is my fault in this? I loved you more than my life, I really loved you. I have really loved you, I made a mistake. For God’s sake, open the door or I will die. Such a big punishment for love. You called me characterless. I have apologized to you. My character, my respect, my love, my child, its all been taken away. I agree, I made a mistake, its all cause of me. I have apologized to you What will your apology do now? I don’t trust you. You don’t trust my love? There was love before, not anymore. I am going to die, I cannot breath, I will die.

I am really lucky to have brothers like you

For God’s sake open the door. Even God won’t forgive you till the time I forgive you. You trust me, I have loved Rida more than Zeeshan, she is like my real daughter. She really respects you, she has no complaints from you. Where is Rida? She didn’t forgive me. I will talk to her. No mama, we no longer have control, its with God now. What do you mean? What is this new drama from Rida? When he came to apologize she should have gone along. Someone ask her, what she wants. Rida. Rida, open the door. RIda, why are you not opening the door? Rida. Rida, open the door. Mama, for God’s sake, don’t talk to me right now. Happy birthday sister. Thank you. Happy birthday. I am really lucky to have brothers like you. We are lucky to have a sister like you. I don’t know why I am worried for you, you don’t worry. You know, no matter what happens, I am always with you.

She has faced a lot, she has been tormented

I don’t know what sin we committed, happiness has gone away from this home. I pray that my home is happy. I had one hope, that Zeeshan would convince Rida. I don’t know why, one things works, another goes wrong. You be strong, God will make it better. A person gets tensed and says things that the other minds. She has faced so much, her brother died, she stayed away from the home for so long. Zeeshan also was also upset, she must have gotten upset. She has faced a lot, she has been tormented, I am scared that we get her curse. God forbid, don’t say that sister, you have not done anything. Pray to God for the best, everything will be fine. Thank you. These hands have always saved me from falling. Brother. Brother… do you not trust me, your Rida? Its really late, go to your room. Brother, please look in my eyes once and tell me you don’t trust your Rida. Say it brother. Say that you consider me responsible, I swear I will not going to question you again. Why do you have to say things to worry everyone. You are worried, I will be tormented less. Tell me brother, you don’t consider me a sinner.

I am speaking the truth, I am innocent

Brother… Rida, whatever is happening with you, whatever it is, you are only responsible for it. I used to tell you not to blame your wife, God gets upset, maybe this is what you are punished for. I swear to you, I came with brother Faham. Just get out. Zeeshan what are you doing? Go from here. Zeeshan, I swear to God, all this is a lie. I swear all this is a lie, this is nonsense, it’s a lie. I will not let my home get ruined. I am lying? Is this something to lie about? God will never forgive you till i forgive you. All this is a lie, I am innocent, I swear Zeeshan, I am innocent. I am speaking the truth, I am innocent. I loved you more than my life, I loved you, you called me character less. My child, my love, its all gone. Brother Haider., how did you think of me? Can you come to the police station? Police station? At this hour? All ok? Yes, something important. Fine, I will come to you. I will come. Friends like Faham are rare. You are right. Once he left, the whole house is empty, after her death, it would have been hard for your mother and sister in law to face it. Yes. Sister in law is not well, she is not in her senses. Where is she nowadays? What do you mean? I don’t get it. I mean where is she nowadays? Brother Haider, she went to her mother for mourning. I hope she is safe there. What happened brother Haider? Why are you asking me these questions? Tell me openly. Come. Your sister in law. Sister in law, you are here?

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