Pak sab jaan lo | New Hindi Series 2020 | london

Pak sab jaan lo | New Hindi Series 2020 | london

Pak sab jaan lo | New Hindi Series 2020 | london
Yes, did you talk to them? They are saying he has not come for 6 months. Where can he go with her? That is what I am thinking. Where he could have gone I don’t understand why he did this. To take revenge, the way grandpa insulted him last night, he is taking revenge for that. Its possible Roshni did it herself. No papa, Roshni would never call Umar. Son, she is his wife. She is nothing to him. How do I tell you? Papa, they didn’t want this relation, nor did they want this wedding, they were not happy with each other. This means that he took her forcefully? Yes, now he will blackmail us. 

What should we do? We have no other way but to report it to the police. If we take it to the police, the family name will get a bad name son. and he? He took Roshni away from in front of everyone, won’t everyone know this? Yes, what we have to do, we need to do it smartly and after thought. We don’t have time to think papa, if he hurts Roshni…No, God forbid, you come to the DIG, I will call him. Umar. Umar. Umar. Umar. Umar. Umar. Umar. Umar. Where are you taking me? Umar. Umar, please leave me. Umar. For God’s sake leave me. Umar. Leave me. Umar, where are you taking me? Leave me. What is the hurry? Now is the time to take advantage from you. 

We were related some time back, I hope you remember. Move away. Umar! I am your husband, I have a right. Umar, leave me. You broke all ties. You are still my wife in the eyes of the world. Umar, shut up! Or else, what? You will shout? Scream as loud as you can, no one can hear you. You are mistaken, Rayan and grandpa will find me. Rayan? Hah, why would Rayan come looking for you? He must be at peace with his new wife. I feel sorry for you. They did wrong with you. I had thought that maybe Rayan would make you his, but even he said no.

 Shut your mouth. Its not your matter. You don’t like it? No problem, you rest right now, you must be tired. We will talk tomorrow. Umar. Umar, no. Umar, no. Umar, untie me. Umar, for God’s sake leave me, let me go. Is anyone there? Is anyone there? Untie me! Umar, you cannot leave me here. Is anyone there? Ayesha, did you find out where they are? NO, I am waiting myself sister Safia. What was the need for Rayan to go? He is emotional, you should have been careful. Sister Safia, I didn’t get a chance to say anything. I don’t get it, why does the whole family care so much about Roshni? Umar took his wife. I am surprised at this that why papa is over reacting. 

God knows. Papa doesn’t want to hear Umar’s name. Did Aqeel tell you anything? No. Since the day this girl came to this home, she has ruined everyone’s life. Everyday there is a new tension. You call them up. A new tension everyday. I got you breakfast. I don’t want to eat it. Have it. I am not here for your tantrums. Then why did you bring all this? Do what I tell you to. It will be good for you. You cannot force me Umar, so do what you want to. I don’t think you love your life, how would you? Rayan is now someone else’s. Stay in your limit. You have nothing to do with it. I am surprised, the girl who has no standing is talking about standing.

 You will regret it. I will not regret, the people in the mansion will regret. Then go fight them. I didn’t come here to fight. I came here for a deal, if you support me. I won’t support you till I die. Don’t forget you are my wife in front of the world. I will tell everyone. That time won’t come. Umar, stay away from me. I am surprised, you are so small, and you make such big claims. Umar, leave me. Umar. Leave me. Leave me, for God’s sake, leave me. If you support me, I will get you married to a friend. No, please no Umar. No. I will die, i will kill you but I will never do this. It doesn’t seem that way. Rehmat, where are you? Hey Rehmat, I got you food.

 How are you now? I am better Nasreen. I am living my final days, I have to live the days left. One thing is for sure, your son didn’t do good. Sir, got your son educated, brought him up, made him and officer and on top of that married his granddaughter to him, but your son couldn’t save it. Yes, I am sad about this too. My son left me no respect. Everyone is really upset. Tell me something, did sir ask for me? No, he didn’t get out of his room since last night. It would have been better had he killed his mother himself. You don’t cry, God will make it all fine. I will go, you eat and have your medication, I have to go serve the food too.

 Did you look for your beloved? No. Oh, so then you must be restless, you don’t know where Roshni is. You are being sarcastic? Why are you so worried Rayan? She went with her husband and me? I kept on waiting for my husband all night long. When you know nothing, its useless to tell you. I want to know, tell me. What was the reason that you left me here and went to look for her. Because she is my responsibility and its my duty to get her out of trouble. If I care for her, no one can stop me from it. Rayan. Don’t stop me. Rayan, Son, where are you going? I was sending breakfast for you. No breakfast, just send tea for me in grandpa’s room. Son it doesn’t look nice, she is your wife. What is wrong mama? She didn’t come from a second home, she used to live here. She will have it like everyday.

 It matters son, she is your wife and you will have to get used to her. Mama, there is so much tension at home and you are asking me to do this. Son, this is important too, the rights of a wife are more. Mama, I am worried about something, please, just send me tea. I spoke to the DIG twice. Why have they not been able to find them? They are trying papa, they will find them soon. Call the minister, let me talk. Before its evening, I want to see Roshni in this home. Papa, don’t worry, you will get unwell. I will not die till I get him what he deserves. God forbid papa, what are you saying? I made a big mistake Aqeel. I will not rest till I fix it. Everything will be alright. 

Hello. Hello. The police station called, they are calling again. Did they find them? Not yet, they are saying they need to go some place and investigate, so we need to come along. What are you doing here? Go. Yes, I was going, they are also saying that all the phones in the home will be tapped. Everyone? It’s a case of kidnapping, obviously Umar will contact someone, demand something, ask for ransom. I didn’t think of this before, you are right. We need to be alert. I gave her Bua’s number too, make sure she doesn’t find out. If he cared about his mother, it wouldn’t have been like this. Anyway, you are right, we will be careful. 

We will go papa, as soon as there is development we will let you know. Yes, inform me immediately. What was the reason that you left me here and went to look for her. Because she is my responsibility and its my duty to get her out of trouble. If I care for her, no one can stop me from it. Rania, you are here? Where else would I go? Rania, you got married, you should…What marriage? What wife mama? The one who’s husband cares more for that cheap girl than his wife. I know child, you didn’t like it, it’s a matter for a few days and papa is worried nowadays. If he is worried, he should go look for her, himself, why doesn’t he send Rayan? Yes, my love, it’s a matter of a few days. Not a few days mama, not a few days, that girl will be on my head all her life.

 All her life. Like a torment. Why do you get upset? Take it easy child. That woman has eaten my happiness, I am telling you she has ruined it. She has. God forbid, what are you saying Rania? What should I say mama? Rayan doesn’t even look at me, he cares more for that girl than me. That girl. Rayan is only yours. No mama, he has her in his heart. Don’t fool me, don’t convince me. I know. I know. She is Umar’s wife. Even I am Rayan’s wife, but how does that matter? He doesn’t care, he has her in his heart. There is nothing like that Rania, trust your mother. The woman has put evil eye on my happiness, she has ruined my happiness. She has curse my happiness. She has cursed my happiness. I got her evil eye. That witch has put an evil eye on me. 

Relax Rania. All will be fine my love. All will be fine. Trust me child. What will I have to do? Nothing much, you have to convince the family that you came here on your will and I didn’t force you. What will that do? This will benefit us, we will divide it equally. What benefit, what equal division? Look, you will ask that old man for your share in the wealth, then we will divide it equally, you go your way and I will go mine. and what is the guarantee of this Umar? Guarantee? Look, you will have to believe me, because we are in the same boat. No, you are mistaken, I am not your partner. Look madam Roshni, you will benefit the most out of this.

 You will get the love of your paternal family after all this, I will be the one who will get cursed. Everyone will say that I had a cheap mentality. You think all this is easy? Its not impossible if you support me. No, I wont do all this. Why? I am not entitled to tell you this. You are doing wrong. Umar, listen to me, what you are saying, that I wont do. You do what you want to do yourself. Think about it. I have thought about it. Think again. Because I don’t want that you regret anything. Umar! Leave Roshni, or else… Or else what? You will shoot me? If something happens to Roshni, I can do this. Leave her. I am opening her rope. Roshni. Umar.