Please consider this your final warning, the relief I gave you today is cause of Mr. Hatim’s regard. Sir, I have no relation with those people, if you are regarding me cause of Mr. Hatim, then don’t. What do you mean? Sir, if I am working in this office, its cause of me, if you want, I can leave your office and go. Fine, you return the 2 million loan and leave. Mama, I want to die. Rida, don’t say that, I feel bad.

Am I that bad, that no one believes me. I believed you. Mama, did you not get a bad thought about me in your heart? No, cause God has made a mother’s heart in a way that they cannot see their child’s flaw and the child that doesn’t have flaws, how can you see it, I wish I could show you my heart. Forgive me, you are in pain cause of me, how can I reduce it. You pray that God stops this test. I wish He hears my request. He will. He surely will. He always listens. But the test He has put me in, I am really weak, I cannot face it. God will give you the courage. He never burdens someone more than they can take.

You just pray that God doesn’t increase your test. You just pray to God. What happened mama? Are you ok? Yes, I am fine. Shamila is here. I got sad seeing her cry. Shamila is here? Yes Hatim and Asim dropped her. But how can she come here in mourning? Sister has made her life hell. Aunt cannot do that, I am sure Shamila is making it up. Have some shame Salman, she is your sister, you are calling her a liar? You are saying the same.

I know sister well. I know Shamila well she can make a mountain out of a mole hill. You can doubt your sister for your daughter, but I can’t, I know aunt well. Look Salman, now you don’t go and talk to Shamila like this, she is already sad, really sad, she is now a widow. Mama, you too talk to her and tell her, her position in this home. How she has to live. Her cunningness won’t work here, please. Should I get you water? I don’t want it. Hello. Hello aunty. I heard about brother Faham, I am really sorry, I tried calling Rida, she is not answering her phone.

Aunty, this is Tauqeer. Tauqeer? How dare you call here? You ruined my daughter, she is just like a dead person. What happened with Rida? At least tell me. Her husband dragged her out of the house, cause of the letter you… Letter? Meaning? Your cheap action has put a stain on my daughter’s character. Aunty. Aunty…Everything is over, my daughter’s life is ruined, our lives are destroyed, don’t you dare call here again! Do you understand? I don’t understand anything, I am tired of explaining to him, but Zeeshan is not willing to listen. But how long will this go on for? Will Rida stay at her home? Should we go and get Rida? Its nothing so small that we go and say sorry and get her.

Zeeshan misbehaved really badly, he should go there, apologize to them. You are right but this way, things will get worse… hey Zeeshan, come, we will just talking about you. Come sit. Me? All ok? Yes, we were thinking of getting Rida home. No one will talk to me in this matter. No one. Zeeshan, calm down and think, you cannot decide in anger, you need to find a solution to the problem, you tell me, why are you so upset with Rida? What happened? I got cheated by her.

Again the same thing, I told you there is nothing like that, but that doesn’t matter to you. But mama… Go from here, I don’t want to talk to you. Go from here. Leave it sister, one minute. Leave this, listen to me, Rida is not unfaithful, nor bad, you are mistaken, take this thought out of your heart. What do you think? Have I not tried doing this? What can I do? I cannot take it out of my heart. I am a human, think about me. This is not a mistake, it’s a sin, I am aware who put it there. These things end with time. Please, for God’s sake, I am begging you, I am telling you, I won’t be able to go. Sister, what is happening? If it goes on like this, it will get worse.

I don’t know what to do, I have no idea. How do I tell you that not bringing Rida is not my choice, its my helplessness. Its not that I cannot forgive Rida, I can forgive her, I cannot live without her, what I did I shouldn’t have done it, but I don’t have the courage to get insulted myself. I am not stubborn, I don’t want to get insulted in front of the world.

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