No, we went to the victims home to cover this, that’s where I saw her for the first time. She must not remember, a lot of reporters came there but I remember her well and then the next day I saw her at a talkshow, talking about the issue of female harassment. No, this means you are mistaken, because you don’t know Nageen well. Nageen is innocent and quiet, she stays reserved, she… I knew well you wont believe me, one minute. So Nageen, tell us, the place you work… Watch this video. See. You will believe me yourself. What did you see that day? We went together and this accident happened in front of me.

What was the need to tell Haroon

Who was that man. Did he have a relation with your friend? He liked Faryal, he kept following her. Then you must not even know she used to work as a bus hostess. We went there together and this accident happened in front of my eyes. We went to the victims home to cover this incident, that is where I saw her first. A lot of reporters were there, but I remember clearly. Next day, I saw her at a talk show, talking on the topic of female harassment. What did you do? What was the need to tell Haroon about Nageen’s job? Sir, I saw Haroon suddenly, I was shocked, so I showed him that video. What video? Sir, Nageen went to a talk show, where she spoke on female harassment. That video went really viral, but Haroon didn’t see it, so I showed it to him. Focus on the mission you have been brought here for. I gave you a job because you were Haroon’s first love, I thought you would convince him easily. You too failed.

But I have full faith that they will fight on this

Its not easy to take Nageen out of Haroon’s life, that is why I told Haroon about Nageen’s past so that he gets upset. But Haroon knew nothing about Nageen’s job. He was shocked. But I have full faith that they will fight on this. One minute. What do you know about Nageen’s past? Exactly what I told you sir. Can I ask you something sir? How long and how do you know Nageen? Its not important for you to know this, you focus on the work you are here for, your work is to take Haroon away from his wife, this is what I have called you here from Lahore, or else I have many reporters like you. I am giving you extra money on side with your salary for this. I am so sorry sir, I will do what you tell me to. You may go now. Sir, I will try my best… You may go now. Why would a rich and handsome man like him lack in terms of girls, then why Nageen? In the past did they…. no. What relation could Sultan Durrani have with a bus hostess like Nageen? Its not possible. But how did he fall in love with her? He must have seen her at Haroon’s home for the first time. Yes. That must have happened. You are back. You took too long. I will get you water. Wait. I wanted to ask you something. Yes, go ahead. You worked as a bus hostess? So she told you everything. Answer what I am asking you. Were you a bus hostess.

I didn’t think it was important.

Yes, I was. Why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t think it was important. I am your husband and you didn’t find it important to tell me. You said before the marriage that you don’t want to know about my past. I wanted to tell you but you stopped me. You said you don’t know what you know or care about my family background, what I did in the past, you don’t care. Yes, I had clearly told you my past. If there was something you should have told me, why didn’t you tell me? Haroon, what is wrong in working as a bus hostess? God knows how many girls step out of the house to work, what is wrong in that? I didn’t say that. You are changing the direction of things this way on purpose. I didn’t say I had an objection with you working, you know well I am a broad minded man, I have a problem with hiding this from me, why did you lie to me? I didn’t lie to you, I hid one thing. This is a lie. You kept me in the dark. You know you hiding this got me embarrassed badly.

What did you think? had you told me this

The thing I should have found out from my wife, I found out from someone else. Our condition was bad, I didn’t find another job, so I worked as a bus hostess. Yes, but why would you lie about this to me? That too to a man, who for your sake left everything. What did you think? had you told me this, I wouldn’t have married you? Stupid woman, I fought my mother for you, and you cheated me. I don’t know what other lies you have told me, what you hid. Rimsha must have told you this. These things don’t remain hidden for long. If Rimsha had not told me, someone else would have. I had told you, find out about this girl, who is she, who are her parents, did she run away from home? But you, you didn’t listen to me, you were in love. Mama, go inside, I am talking. Why should I go? This is my home and I should know everything that happens here. Did you ask her? Did she tell you who she is? Where she came from? Who her parents are? Mama, I told you, I am talking, you please go. Listen, you used to serve food to people in the bus? Waiter? Mama, nothing like that, you go inside. I wont. You people will drive me mad, I will go from here. Damn, I hate you, if possible for me, I would drag you out of the house.