Mulan 2020 | Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li

Mulan 2020 |  Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li

Mulan 2020 |  Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li

Be patient child, just believe on that your mother have these breathes only, child do not be sad, in this world you are not alone, you are my responsibility. Roshni, father came here to get you, from today you will live with us in the castle. Child, I want to confess all my mistakes, just give me one more chance, I know that you are not happy and whatever faults I have done with you, just forgive me. Big father, do not say this, maybe, this is written in my fate. This is your big attitude child, but I will not leave umer alive. Big Father, I have no concerns with him, I have left all my punishments and happiness on my God. Whatever happened child, he will get the punishment on what he did.

 Big father Roshni is already upset, it is better that we will discuss this topic later. Yes, you are saying right, just be patient, just trust me, everything will be fine form now. Big father just take me with you. Let us go. umer, listen to me, what happened? What should listen of you? What you need to say, you have told that to your father, he is against me now. No, I have not said him anything, I promise, I have not said him anything. Please Maryam; you do not have any other way of joking me around? Just accept that, I am saying true, I have not said anything to father. I am not a kid, whatever you say and I will trust you.

 I swear, I have not said him anything because I have no concerns with your past, what happened in your past, it does not even affects me, what matters to me is this our relationship, please believe me, please trust on me, please. Just go and make this understand to your father, because he is making me proof that I am greedy. Just listen to me, I will talk to him, you please do not worry, please. Maryam, I have been already insulted a lot now, I do not know. Umer, umer. Just forgive me for what mistakes I have done with you. No, father please, my father have gone from this world, with the wish in his heart, they love you in the same way, they should give you the same respect that they give other daughters and daughter in laws. I am doing this all because this was the wish of wajahat, child, I do not want that on the Day of Judgment wajahat have any complain with me. 

Is everything fine what are you thinking? That to prove myself the daughter of wajahat ali, what big penalty I have given, first I lost my parents then I have the spot of divorcĂ© on my head, then I have got this respect. Do not think like that. Wajahat, is my appearance is lesser than any burden? First, I was the prickle of throat to my parents and now yours. Do not think like that. I am saying true, I have been an entertainment always; I do not want to be that anymore, Rayan, not at all, not in any cost. You are not entertainment for anyone, I am with you. I do not want your support, the favor that you have given to my dead mother, thank you for that but please; I do not want that anyone will get to know about our relation for now, please. Okay, enough, please, you are emotional right now, that is why you are over reacting, please sit down. I do not want to sit. Okay, I will sit; we have done the wedlock Roshni, not a sin. 

What do you want? The shroud of my mother is not dirty yet and will I give them the permission that they will put mud on my mother? No one will do anything roshni, I will take care of everything. I told you that I do not want your support, what has to be happened, it has happened, I do not want that anyone will know that there will be any relation between us, please give me this favor and go from here. You know I will never do this and yes, I can do one thing that I can leave you for some time, so that you can correct your mind, I will come. Big sir, you are here, you can order me, I can come myself. Rehmat, the way your son have killed my trust that have snatched the peace of my day and the sleep of my nights, he have done very wrong, very wrong. I swear sir, you have told me that where is he.

 I do not need your sorry rehmat; I need your son at any cost, alive or dead. Sir, if it will be in my hand, I will bring him to your feet. The people who rebel with us, the end of that person is not good, but it is very bad, my children do not dare to go against my decision, he is my servant, our take care, Sir, please give my motherhood a favor, if I will find him, I will give punishment form my hands. Hash mat ali, never forgives his enemies, I need him in front of my eyes, so that I can make him remember his value. My God, what have you done umer? The plate in which you have eaten, you have made the whole in that plate, and you have left your mother.

 From which face, I should call my mother, now the news of divorce will be in the jungle like fire, maybe, someone else will pick up the phone instead of mother, no, I will not put mother in more problem, I will do one thing , I will talk to Nadir, Hello, Nadir, how are you? Fine, okay, are you in Karachi? Okay, no, there is no problem, I need the information for someone, no, do not ruin your trip, yes, okay, I will call you later on, enjoy. Father, I never expected this foolish attitude from umer, he should have come in the funeral of Khadija. People were asking repeatedly that where is the son on law of wajahat ali, in fact they know that he is not here, still they were asking irrelevant questions. if you ask me the truth, now I think that there is something fishy, otherwise, he would have come for sure.