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Did you call Zara? Yes, she is coming. Go. Come Zara, sit. I have to talk to you. What is the matter? Nothing. There is something. I get it. You didn’t like Nida’s behavior, you took it to heart. She behaves with me like this, why do you take it to your heart. I don’t care about her behavior. What is the matter? Why is your mood off? Where are you going? I am talking to you, sit. Sit. Zara, what happened to you? Its best that I don’t say anything. What happened? I don’t want to live here, that’s it. What? What are you saying? Are we tormenting you in this home? What didn’t we give me? We gave you more than you wished for. You better not talk about my wishes, it would be better.

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 Zara. Don’t shout, you have lost the right to shout at me. I respected you so much. I gave you the position of a mother, but you played such a cheap game with my life. God bless, may this new home be a blessing for you two. Amen. Thank you. In a week me and Nida will set the home. God willing. Also, do take the furniture that is there. No, new home, new designer furniture. Fine Nida, but you know we will need money for new furniture, you know my condition. Man, why are you worrying? Mama is there. You think your mom will give you money again? Of course, I am her only child, if she doesn’t give it I know how to get it. Safia, serve the food you made. No, mama, leave it.

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How do I leave it? I was cooking for so long, have it and go. Actually me and Nida are having a small party for the home. Okay, this is the deal. Fine child, you go and enjoy. We will call you once the home is set. Sure. God willing. You can live with your home and your son. No, listen to me, you know Nida is mad and she says weird things. Weird things? Why didn’t you slap her? Why didn’t you shut her up? Why didn’t you answer her? I don’t give importance to her But in my life, what I say has importance. I will tell Asad…No, Asad is really far off, he is alone, he will get worried. You wont say anything to him. Far? You have taken me far from him mama. We are so worried, I am the one who is alone, what did I do to you? I told you, you will not talk to Asad. That’s it. There is nothing left to talk about. That’s it! Hello. Hello mama, how are you? I am fine, how are you? mama, is Zara around? No, she is in her room. Did you have an argument with her? No, why do you ask suddenly? Nothing, just really feeling weird, I cannot even talk to her, she stays upset with me.

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 What is there to be upset about in this? You don’t talk to me daily, I don’t get upset with you. I don’t know I feel weird, my heartaches, I want to come back. No, you stay there and care for Rabia, run the business. I am here, I will handle it. I will also talk to Zara. Okay mama, take care. Will talk later. Yes son, you too take care. Eat properly. We will talk soon. Bye. Hello. Hello. How are you? However I am, why does it matter? It does. You will not anything if you keep yourself in pain. Forget it all. its easy to say Ashar, hard to do. I can understand, I worry for you so I say it all.

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If you want, I can come, we can go out, I am sure you will feel better. No, thank you. You don’t have to come. Don’t worry for me, I am fine. Take care. Sure, you too. Bye. Bye. Divorce papers? Hello. Hello, Zara, what did I just get? What? I got a notice of divorce in your name. who did this? If I can get my hands on them… I sent the papers. You? What joke is this Zara? You people kept joking with me. Why? What happened? Look, you were calling me, I couldn’t come, I understand, but I told you I will come soon, so then…You come or not, I don’t care, sign these papers and send them. Don’t be stupid. Look, after today, don’t talk to me like this again.

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Zara, us..Our ways are separate. Look, at least tell me, what has happened? Why are you thinking this way? That’s it. I will not answer anything, its best you ask your mama. It would be best if you sign those papers and send them soon. Zara? Hello. Hello… Mama, pick up. Today’s dose is for our happiness and success. What happened? Why are you looking at me like that? You are not doing it? I will. Only you need it, I don’t. Hello. So you spoke to Asad. Yes, I spoke to him. I am sure he convinced you. I would never have listened. If this is the case, then why do I feel regret in your voice. Not regret, just sadness. Doesn’t matter and these people shouldn’t matter to you.

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I don’t know but yes, the truth is that I gave Asad my life and everything. Please Zara, nothing is ruined, you have everything. You should be thankful that nature got the truth in front of you before the time passed. You cant really tell what nature wants from you Ashar, you can only tell this with time, whether my decision was right or wrong. You know Zara, a man spends his life thinking this. They tolerate the tortures of people, their schemes, still they achieve nothing. Trust me Zara, the decision you took is right. Yes, but I don’t think I will be able to live without Asad. If Asad loves you the same, he will surely come back, he will take a stand fro you. God willing. Okay, I will put the phone down, I will talk later. Bye. Bye. Cancel all my meetings for today, don’t call me again and again and bother me. I told you! What are you doing? Packing. I have my flight for Pakistan tonight. All of a sudden? You said you wont go anywhere, till my due date is here. Yes, I said it.

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 So was this a fake promise? Try and understand, going back is my helplessness. Don’t go right now, how will I handle it all myself, you have nothing but me here. Its just a matter of a few days. Why is this happening right now? Why cant it happen after a few days? It cant, I have to go right now. What happened all of a sudden? Do you mind telling me? Is it cause of Zara? Did you fight with her? No. Don’t lie to me, I heard you talking on the phone, you were fighting. Please don’t argue with me, I am already worried. Whatever it is, you cannot go right now.

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Fine, you too come along, I will get you a flight too right now. Right now? Yes, what are you thinking? Decide right now. I don’t have time. I am not going anywhere ,you go. But how soon will you be back? 4-5 days. Wont you tell me what happened? Zara is the reason, right? You fought with her. Yes . So, what will you do when you go there? I am going to decide. Either this or that. Shamim, where is Zara? Must be in her room. Zara. Zara. Zara. Zara… Zara. Zara. Zara… Shamim, Zara is not in her room? Did she go out? I don’t know madam. Do you ever know anything? She is not in her room, where did she go? Go get my phone quickly. Go. Get me tea. Hello. Yes, Ashar, did Zara come over to your place? No, she didn’t come here. She is not home, don’t bother me, tell me honestly, is she there? Aunty, you have bothered me by telling me that Zara is not home.

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Where did she go early morning? If you talk to her, let me know. Bye. Where can she go early morning? I should stay here and wait. I will not go to work, maybe she left to come here. I cannot stop vomiting. Okay, you relax, have water. I don’t want it, I am dizzy. Should I get you juice? No, my head hurts. Nida, all this is cause of an overdose of drugs last night. I had told you… I am in no mood to hear anything you say. Go call mama. Okay, you take care. Pick up the phone Zara. Come on Zara, pick up the phone. Your education is fine, but you have no working experience.

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Yes sir, you are right, I don’t have working experience. But if you give me a job, I will have experience. Why should I give you this job? Cause I really need this job. A lot of other people want this job and they have job experience, then why you? You are also married, how can you work with your home, how will you manage? I am sorry, I cannot give you this job. right sir. Thank you so much. Listen, sit back. Obviously you will go from here and apply for another job, but honestly, no company keeps someone inexperienced, but fortunately, we have a job vacancy, but the salary is a little low.

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I can give you that job. Sir, I would definitely do that job, can you tell me what sort of work tha tis. You will find out, its an opportunity for you, if you do your work with hard work you can come up. Sir, I will try my best, I will never disappoint you, I will not let you regret this decision. Thank you sir. Thank you so much. Good luck to you, you meet my assistant. Once, again. Thank you. I have sent Ms. Zara to you, please tell her the work. Child you have not eaten or drunk anything since morning, you got unwell. you got the evil eye, come home, I will get rid of it. Doctor, what happened to my wife? Don’t worry, her reports are positive. Positive? Positive? Means she is pregnant, once the drip completes, you can take her. Thank you.

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Thank God, nothing to worry about. I will go arrange for charity. Nida, you gave me such a big good news, thank you so much. Madam Zara, good you came back, we were so worried for you. Madam Tasneem even called you so much but you didn’t pick up. Yes, maybe the phone was silent, I didn’t see. Where did you go so early in the morning, all of a sudden? I went to find a job. Job? But for whom? For myself Shamim. For yourself? But why do you need to do a job madam? You are talking like you don’t know what is going on in my life. You are the only one who knows what is going on in my life. If suicide wasn’t a sin, I would have done it, I can no longer live a life of slavery. But madam…That’s it Shamim, I am tired, I will rest. Zara, this is the limit. You are so careless.