Miley Jab Hum Tum

You said you would never leave, used to call me spiderman What happened to my princess? Why is she so sad? Now my princess has to get married, I will be sad then. Pray that time comes soon. I have come here with love to ask for your hand, please don’t say no. You don’t trust her love, fine, trust your love, you really loved her. I had started torturing Rida since I got my reports, her unfaithfulness wasn’t revealed till then. I would say, God ruin that girl, may she never get peace.

May God ruin her. Get out of my house. Zeeshan. You too get out. Leave my hand Zeeshan. Get out. Zeeshan, what are you doing? Zeeshan. Yes, I am really weak, I am really weak on the outside and inside, so what should I do? What do I do? Will she ever forgive me? Will she? Hello. Rida, how are you? Believe me, I am really sorry to hear about brother Faham, I don’t believe that she is not there, what can we do, its God’s will. I know you must be in pain, I wanted to come to you, but the doctor has told me not to travel. Actually, I am pregnant. I wanted to give you a good news.

What good news? That girl is ruined, the one you and aunty used to curse. What? What are you saying Rida? Who are you talking about? The one your brother used to love. She got cursed. She is ruined. Her brother is dead, the one who cared for her the most, her husband dragged her out of the house, the one who couldn’t live without her. Rida, listen to me, who are you talking about? I don’t understand. You don’t need to understand. Just know this, that your brother’s love has ruined me, I was innocent.

For God’s sake, don’t blame me for brother Faham’s death. I am equally sad as you are. You only lost a brother, two more are there, my husband went Rida. Who was my life, my love, all my relations for me, my protector, he will never come back. He will never come back, I was nothing without Faham. Tell me, tell me now, who got a bigger loss, you or me? Forgive me. No Rida, how can I forgive you? I can never forgive you. You know, when I see you there is a fire inside me. My blood boils. I cannot forgive you. Faham left cause of you, just you. Rida, what is all this? Drama.

The same drama that you mother and daughter are experts at. stop this nonsense. You go from here, leave. Mama… I am telling you to go from here. Hatim. Asim. Hatim. Is there anyone? Save me. Sister in law, what is going on? Look what she is doing with me. What are you doing? She has gone mad. What do you people want? Hatim, I went to the kitchen to make tea, aunt dragged me out. She didn’t let me make tea. She is lying. You people are lying. Have you gone mad? You don’t trust your mother? I don’t believe you two. Asim, drop sister in law at her home, here her life is in danger. Hatim, you cannot do that, you know we will get defamed in the family.

We have already been defamed that too cause of Rida, what respect do we have to save. Brother, you are talking to mama…. You be quiet, all this is cause of you. Shut your mouth. What do you think? I am lying? Yes, you are lying. I am embarrassed, but you forced me to talk like this. brother… Sister in law, please come from here, you life is not safe here. No, Hatim, this is my Faham’s home, how do I leave his memories, I will not go, she can torment me as much as she wants, but I won’t leave. Try and understand. Brother Hatim is right sister in law, you come with us.

This is what you wanted? I am really bad, really bad. You want to drag me out of the house, cause Faham is not here, I will leave, I will not show you my face again, but I will never forgive her. I will leave, I apologize to you aunt, if I have ever hurt you, I ask you for forgiveness. Forgive me. Forgive me. I will go from this home. This is what you wanted. I will go. Mama. Mama.. I am the one responsible for this house being ruined, I should go from here. No Rida, Faham left me, if you leave me, then how will I live? How will your mother live? You will not go anywhere my child, no where.

What happened? Why did you two bring Shamila here? Sister in law Shamila will stay here. Sister was saying she will complete her mourning there. Then how did she send her? Say something, tell me what happened Aunt, try and understand, its best that sister in law Shamila stays here. Did something happen? Here is some money , if you need something else, do call me. I don’t want this money, take it back. I wanted my Faham, that you people have taken from me. Shamila, tell me, what happened? Mama, that was my Faham’s home, he was the head of that home, these people made me a beggar. Mama took everything from me. Everything. I am surprised at how sister sent you here. She didn’t send me, she dragged me out of that home mama.

You really trusted your sister, you know what she did with me? She tried to kill me, she got a knife. Hatim came at the right time, if he was not there, she would have killed me. What are you saying Shamila? I didn’t know these people would do this with me. Yes, what is going on? You thought of me after so long, all ok? You know I keep on waiting day and night when I will become an uncle. When are you giving me the good news? Hey, what happened? You look so upset, all ok? Brother Faham got murdered.

What? When? How? How is Rida? Is she fine? Why did you do this to her? If you liked her why didn’t you tell us? We too wanted you to marry Rida. Brother Faham’s sadness and her husband dragged her out of the house. Her husband dragged her out of the house, why? God knows what happened? She didn’t tell me properly, I am calling her, she is not picking up. Okay, relax, I will see. Don’t worry. If something wrong happens with Rida, I will never forgive you. Mr. Zeeshan, you are really upset nowadays. No sir, I am fine.

I gave you this file to complete, first you completed it late and then you have made big blunders in this, it feels like you were not in your senses when working. Sir, I don’t get you. IF I had not seen you work, I would have thought you would be incompetent, but someone smart as you cannot make these mistakes. Sir, let me fix this.

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