MENTAL 4 – New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2020 | Aadi

MENTAL 4 – New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2020 | Aadi

MENTAL 4 - New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2020 | Aadi

 They’re pretending to give me a chance because they know I’ll fail. Why else? Because you’ve been bribing them! You and Minjun’s mom being close won’t make me turn into Minjun. Being with them won’t make my grades go up. Forget it. Bye. Why are you so down this morning? My mom is hanging out with some bad friends. The top star Song Huiyeong has announced that she will be getting married a third time. Her fiance is a businessman who is six years younger. They plan to keep the wedding private since her fiance is not a public figure. We wish them a happy marriage. Did you just get here? Do you want to eat anything special tomorrow? No. Everything you make tastes good. Wow. Balloons. 

Wow. You’re so lucky. You get to have a birthday party and see Mommy, too. Yes. That must be your Mommy. – Excuse me. / – Yes? Don’t tell her that I’m here, okay? I want to surprise Mommy, so it’s a secret. Okay, it’s a secret. Did the shoot go well? You know already. Did you think I wouldn’t know that you had people tailing me all month? These are divorce papers. 

Send them to me after you sign them. What are you doing? You didn’t marry me for love anyway. Our meeting, Taegwang being born, our marriage were all mistakes, weren’t they? That’s why I’m accepting my punishment. Taegwang and I are a punishment to you? Taegwang. You poor thing. You eat alone on your birthday, too. I don’t care about that. What’s wrong? Have some while it’s still warm. I don’t really like it. Sure. 

Seaweed soup isn’t for the person himself. It’s for the mom who gave birth that day… The director was upset that he couldn’t eat with you. He said to pick out a really nice gift. Sure. I will. Thank you. S-Stop! What is it? What? The girl over there. Isn’t she really pretty? Ouch! Ouch, that hurt! Hey, Taegwang. Are you okay? No. I’m sorry. Mr. Kim. It’s not like you to rear-end people. You need to always maintain a safe distance between the cars in front and behind, and between a teacher and a student. You should know better. Oh my. 

That will be pretty expensive. I’ll have to call the insurance company. Sir, your car insurance expired as of May 3rd. You’ll call the insurance company, right? I guess, right? I heard you worked multiple jobs to support the other kids. It was fine. I wanted to do it. They couldn’t help a friend trying to be strong without parents, but instead… Those wicked things. You had no one on your side. How hard life must have been for you to decide something so horrible.

 Call me at any time if you ever need anything. I will. Thank you for everything. And it wasn’t intentional, but I’m sorry. Because of me… Goodbye. I guess I was a happy kid. Hi, Mom. Mom. I don’t want to sleep alone. I like your scent, Mom. I still feel like I’m dreaming. Thank you for coming back to me, my precious daughter. Mom. Mom. Yes. Mom. Mom… Why do I still feel like you’re my daughter? I don’t know if I can’t believe it, or I don’t want to believe it. But to me, you’re still like my Eunbyeol. Do you want to erase all your memories of this place and live with me again? If I let you go too, I don’t know how I’ll survive. I don’t think I can do it.

 Can’t you just live as Eunbyeol for me? That’s crazy. How… How could I? Just like when we didn’t know anything, let’s just live together, you and I, holding each other, please? The May competition applications are due tomorrow. It’s the national team in Seoul, so you know how important it is. You know only two can compete per category, right? – Yes, sir. / – And Han Ian is doing the 100, 200 and 400 m freestyle, so the rest of you choose three categories each. Yes, sir. What was that? What? You better prepare yourselves, got it? Yes, sir. That’s all. Thank you. Hey. 

They give you the best and tell us to pick the leftovers. Don’t be like that. It’s because it comes to this punk too easily that he fools around at competitions. What? Do you want to fight again? I’m sorry. It will never happen again. That’s cold. Wake up. Are you taking after Eunbyeol? I want to show you something. Ta-da. They’re picking a school uniform model. I’m going to apply. If I make it, I’ll take you out to celebrate. I hope I catch someone’s eye and make my debut. You want to become a celebrity that badly? Yes. I’m jealous. Really? I have another application. 

Want it? Not that. You’re lucky you have something you want to do. It’s only good if I make it. That comes after. Why do I have millions of things I don’t want to do, but not a single thing that I want to do? I don’t know what I live for. Gosh. – You’re leaving already? / – Yes. Stop. Get away. Stop it. – What do you mean? Give it to me. / – You punk. Your body is your life. Don’t waste energy doing this. This is all exercise, too. You’ll hurt your shoulder. I’m fine. – Dad. / – What? It’s tough, isn’t it? Hang in there. I’ll try hard… Nonsense. You think I’d live off of my kid and live in luxury? You know that’s not what I meant. Look at this. 

Oil stains don’t come out easily. You should get only water on yourself. You know what my hope in life is, right? Yes. Good. I’ll see you later. – Dad. / – Yes? Don’t skip your meals. I won’t. You too. Go on. I’ll go in after I park. What are you doing? Get ready for school. I’ll go tomorrow. What are you talking about? Get ready. You don’t seem well, Ma’am. Why are you speaking so formally? Nothing has changed. Just be how you’ve been. – Please eat. / – Leave it. I’ll eat after I drop you off. After I see you eat, I’ll take the bus, Ma’am. Again. I’ll take the bus, Mom. Okay. Mom. Good.