Mawali Raaj (Bhaskar Oru Rascal) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Arvind Swamy, Amala

Mawali Raaj (Bhaskar Oru Rascal) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Arvind 

Swamy, Amala

Mawali Raaj (Bhaskar Oru Rascal) 2019 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie  Arvind Swamy, Amala

Mawali Raaj (Bhaskar Oru Rascal) 2019 New Swamy, Amala

yes, what’s the news? brother, those 4 are sent ahead about payment, he said… it will be done by next week why so? if the stuff is given now, then payment also now brother, I did talked to him, he just asked for some time.. this week only tell him, next time.. amount will be more, for the donors at the hospital brother knows about everything in order to run the business, we need to have the news also for sure brother what have you done to the last group of 3? I’ve sent the boy’s legs & girl’s eyes just waiting for the 3rd one, whatever you order make them sit at the signal as well as at the tomb it will be done brother, but how about the third one? do it as per your wish, but keep the angel of mercy alright brother, I understood..

Mawali Raaj 

. means a bit or so alright, where are the children now? presently they are closed in the container, by the night we’ll see take care, the policeman had called, he said strictness is going on alright brother, as you say so he threw me out after beating and now he says either my sister will go there (after marriage) or you also stay there this happens always, this is not the new thing you have told us he’ll take you, let me tell you one thing clearly you must have done something, for sure what have I done? I haven’t done anything this all happens, because his witch sister ask him to do so the treatment you want for me, right?..

Mawali Raaj 2019

. are you saying me a witch? No, I haven’t said this then what else you are saying? now you just see… I’ll make sure to make you look myself as a witch just remember this if I didn’t ruined your house, by becoming a witch, then my name won’t be Sofia anymore sister Sofia my house is already on fire if you put some more oil to that fire, then what difference does it make may you get destroyed, may God ask you what was the need to talk all this rubbish? what was the agony? you have become crazy I wasn’t crazy… but now I am I won’t anywhere from here, mom by staying in her house, I will spread that fire in her house (family), that the whole world will see she has ruined my house, right… she didn’t let me stayed in my house (family), 

Mawali Raaj 2020

so I won’t let her stay in her house (family) Oh!… new problem… may God see you all huh.. dad, why didn’t you come to the cafe today? child, I’m not feeling well you aren’t well? that’s why you didn’t pick up my call for the whole day? what has happened to you? in which tone you are talking to me? what has happened to me? you have asked Moosa, not to talk to me, right? yes daughter whatever I said, I’m right you said it right? you haven’t said it right, at all he didn’t talked to me for the whole day, just because of you and I didn’t do anything today at the cafe, just because of yours & his respect look child control on yourself I shall control? Please! I shall control? I shall! don’t know, what to do next we have to do, what they’ll ask us to do Damsa they didn’t do anything with you, till yet Shh…

Mawali Raaj Hindi Dubbed Movie

 stay quiet Chotu, whatever comes in your mind you just say it your world has become dark, Ayesha and you still want to keep everything alright for me? my mom use to say even though bad happens with you, but always think good about your friends my mom also says this let me bring the food No, leave it have you eaten already? nowadays, you are daily eating outside Moosa… yes… I was thinking to go back to work my heart becomes so restless, being at home this is a good thinking but your heart will also become restless at work my heart also becomes so restless but, what to do what to do, it is necessary where is Rahim? he has slept he again got an asthma attack today he misses Damsa yes… go to sleep, you have to wake up early, tomorrow morning Saman, please child… control yourself… please control take this…take it…

Hindi Dubbed Movie Mawali Raaj

 come home directly, Saman’s condition is not right please, be quick Saman… Saman child dad…. dad come Moosa, you also have the breakfast just coming, mom… Oh! Wow!, today she came so early in the morning have you listened, mom.. what he is saying your wife didn’t tell you, that I came yesterday you were tired, so it slipped out of my mind… sorry oh yes, it would have been skipped from your mind, because sister in law is at home alright, it’s over… finish it now she says, I don’t want to go back to my house that’s fine, from one aspect she is saying right… let her stay here it’s better to stay here in peace, 

Mawali Raaj Arvind Swamy

rather than going in those merciless people what sort of brother you are? you are into ruining your sister’s house (family) oh! mom… try to make her understand who wants her house (family) to get ruined? we just want her to stay in peace, that’s it you want peace? alright then I’ve got peace… alright Areeja! one minute how Areeja came in between? now I have to tell you again & again, that what Madam has done? I’m going to the hospital… bye! mom… Bye! going to the hospital? as soon as I came here, you remembered going to the hospital because you have to make four extra pancakes, where has the sorrow gone now for the daughter? Sofia my daughter’s sorrow is in my heart I don’t need to show it to somebody Areeja No.. wait a minute I’ve been listening from the past eleven years, I’ve been listening & tolerating but this joke won’t work my daughter’s joke won’t be happening you tell me I got married to you forcefully? was it the forceful marriage? No, it was of love yes, it was love marriage it was of love… listen to this next time, never joke upon my daughter don’t talk about my daughter Oh… Oh… so much anger Oh! Moosa… control your wife wives shall not be given such leniency, Moosa that, they insult your family members really! you are saying this? that women should get so much leniency… if you hold your tongue, so, many lives can be saved and one more thing mom, I wont be going to her in laws to ask for apology from anyone if she wants to keep her family, it’s her own will… 

else she can stay here Oh God! what a great problem has came up on our lives we can’t even have any food in peace Fakhira… then eat now what shall I eat? give me poison to eat Oh!… learn the work quickly, understand! else I won’t give you the food, to you also hey, Ayesha.. you aren’t crying, right? yes, princess… what is it? I had asked you not to come here… stand straight say it, what I had taught you, say it say it, “Give me something in the name of God, my mother has died”…say it give something in the name of God what about the rest, will you father say that? you father will say! say it, quickly give something in the name of God my mother….

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