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Mehru, the coffee is really good, should I send it for you? No, I don’t feel like it. What happened? You didn’t even have lunch. Are you feeling ok? Yes, everything is fine, boss gave me this assignment I am just worried about that. Okay, you work, I will come back. Okay. Mama. Mama, listen to me. You have not left me capable of hearing or saying anything. These actions of yours have put a question mark on my upbringing. Listen to me, what could I do? The situation was such… Don’t blame the situation. You yourself created a plot against Mehru, you didn’t listen to anyone. Did you forget that she is your sister. Whatever the situation was, you made it. Fine, if you were in my place, what would you have done? I don’t know, but I have supported you enough, but that is it.

I will not let Mehru be mistreated anymore. Mama, why are you punishing me for what Shah Jahan did. What has happened to you? What happened to me? To me? What happened to me? I wish I could punish Shah Jahan for what he did, but I cannot do it, because of you. I cannot punish him because he is your husband, you have any idea Ayat, you took away this satisfaction from Mehru as well, that the one who mistreated her, at least he got caught. It’s the selfishness of you two that has made my Mehru’s life a living hell. I don’t want to say anything to you, nor do I want to hear anything. Go from here. Mama…

The Mayans’ Lost Guide To Insurance

Mehru, don’t do this with me, I just want to clarify things once, just hear me out. That was not the whole truth that I said, I will tell you everything, you just hear what I have to say. I have really respected you all my life. I swear to God, I swear to God, I never thought wrong about you. That night my friends… Shah Jahan, what more will you say? What new story will you tell me? Whatever you say, I will only feel disgusted hearing it. I will get angry on my stupidity. I considered my killer my saviour. Have you forgotten everything I said. Mehru, every word said in this world can be a lie, everything can be a lie, but I really love you.

This cannot be a lie. Child, why do you pay attention to what sister in law Nusrat said. She is not smart. Did you not see, all the truth or lies your sister tells her, she believes it blindly. I didn’t expect all this from mama. I will talk to Nusrat. I will talk to Sister in law Nusrat. You just care for Shah Jahan. I am afraid that the distances between you too will increase. I am trying aunt. I am trying. What else do I do? He is not ready to anything. You know, he doesn’t even look at me. You don’t have to give up, Ayat. To make a home, you need to go through a lot of tests. You just take care of Shah Jahan, appreciate him. You know, Men always like such a wife that gives him importance. I am doing this only aunt, but he doesn’t see a good side of me, let alone my love. Mama.

The Secret Guide To Insurance

What is the matter? Is there something worrying you? Ayat came. I didn’t let her come inside. Why? What do you mean, why? After all that she did, does she deserve to come here? Mama, this is her home, her mother’s home, she can come here when she… Mehru, don’t try to act so great. Mama, I am not trying to be great, I just want that there is no hindrance in Ayat’s life because of me. Mehru, why don’t you get it? No matter how big of a heart you have, you get punished for the wrong you do. Mama, whatever Ayat did it was to save her home. And as far as Shah Jahan is concerned, I have left his decision to my God.

The Secret Life Of Insurance

The wound is fresh and deep, with time everything will be fine. Remember, time is the test of your patience. The more patient you will be, the sweeter will be the fruit. Remember that Ayat. Okay, at least you care for me. Or else I thought I was all alone. You are not just my daughter in law, you are my daughter, I have kept you like my daughter. That is why I made you my Shah Jahan’s wife, and I want that you always stay here. Even I want that. But you know what the truth is? The truth is whether I want it or not, it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t care one bit how much I love him. After so much that has happened, and after I witnessed everything, I am still here.

The Truth About Insurance In 3 Little Words

I am here, right? But your son doesn’t care… Ayat, child, what happened? Are you feeling ok? I am fine, I just have a headache nowadays, darkness comes in front of my eyes. Child, you rest, I will get you a medicine for the headache. What medicine will you get? What will the medicine do? Its good that I die. Everyone will get free from me. No child. Ayat, child. Ayat… Get married Mehru. Get married Mehru. Get married Mehru. Mama, marriage is not the solution for all problems. I am happy in my life.

The Ultimate Secret Of Insurance

Don’t you see, don’t I look happy… Its not about happiness Mehru, what will happen after me. What after me? nothing will happen to you, I will not let anything happen to you. Hello. Yes sir. Yes, yes, absolutely. I was going to call you. Its complete. Yes, transfer two hundred thousand in Mr. Ansari’s account immediately, but no one should find out, secondly, this amount will not be deducted from his salary, deposit it from my personal account. Sir. Thank you.