Mardaani 2 December 13, 2019 | Rani Mukerji,Vishal Jethwa,Vikram Singh Chauhan,Shruti Bapna

 Mardaani 2 December 13, 2019 | Rani Mukerji,Vishal Jethwa,Vikram Singh Chauhan,Shruti Bapna

Look Farhan, you got punished for what you did, no one did anything unjust with you. Faham, you have forgiven me too. You are my relative. How have we not lived up to being relatives? You are still our relative. We kept on giving you a monthly stipend, I am sorry to bring this up. You didn’t have a job, we gave you the job of a manager in our factory and what did you do? What did you do? You insulted my mother and sent her out of that home. My mother came over in a respectable way to get Rida’s hand in marriage, but no, you people don’t care about respect. Hey!Its ok, he’s our own, do what needs to be done. You didn’t get me married to Rida, I will see who will marry her. Let me get one chance, I will disrespect her so much that she will not be able to show her face anywhere. What did you say? Farhan, remember one thing, I can hear anything, but if someone says something wrong about Rida, I will not tolerate it. So after today, don’t even think of saying anything about Rida after today, or I will forget you are my relative. I will kill you, do you understand? Faham, cool down.

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 Take him away. Leave me. Leave me. I will see how Rida get married. Leave me. Shut up! Sit man. 
Don’t worry, things will be settled. Yes, I got upset for no reason. You have this tea. Thank you man, you have no idea you did a great favor on me, mama and the rest of the family was worried cause of this, you sorted this for us. In return whatever you say, Faham will do it. No need to thank me. I am surprised he was your relative, who can a man trust in this time. Yeah man, I feel bad seeing him, but I think he deserves this. You are right, this is what bad deeds get you. Hello. this is Zeeshan. Why did you call? Actually, I wanted to say something to you, I have a lot of words, but I don’t know how to say it. How do I tell you that I see you when I close my eyes, when I open my eyes. A lot of weird things are happening. No, not weird, I feel beautiful. I don’t know what I am saying, but I know one thing, I have never loved anyone in my life, but what I have heard about love, something similar is happening. I am sorry if you didn’t like what I said but what I have said is absolutely true. I just wanted to say… I don’t know what I had to say, what I am saying is true and beautiful too. Farhan has been punished by the court, but how will he get worried for how he bothered us? Ok, leave it. I cannot leave him, nor will I ever forgive him, I will punish him. You are right brother Hatim, how dare he torture us mentally like this and all this about Rida, why did he say this. Farhan’s mother, what is her name, Zehra, she asked for Rida’s hand in marriage, I scolded her and said no, I think she took revenge for that. But now you people believe that your sister is not like that.


 You are right, we should be relaxed that Rida is clean, she had nothing to do with this matter. I have to talk to you about something important, Zeeshan’s mother came again. The way she asked for Rida’s proposal with love, I am thinking. What do you mean? I think we should accept this proposal. That day you wanted to say no. But today she really begged me. Mama, her request may be fine on its place, but I think we had this discussion. Till the time Rida doesn’t complete her education, we will not talk about this. Fine son, but you can get married and continue studies. The love that Zeeshan’s mother came with, every mother wants that their child’s future mother in law, loves her like a mother. But all of you had an issue with his financial condition. Zeeshan is a good boy. Mama, there is no doubt Zeeshan is an educated and well mannered boy. Homes are made by good husbands. If the husband is bad, a good home is ruined. Why are we taking this risk? This is not the last proposal for Rida, what are you even talking about? What if such a proposal doesn’t come? Mama, leave him. You tell me, what did you decide. I have thought that we tell Zeeshan… 

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Rida has become good in everyone’s eyes. I looked for you all around the house, you make me climb the stairs again and again. Come have food. Mama, why is Rida’s family doing this? I don’t have the answer for this why, but I have full hope from my God. You are giving me hope. Think what you want, but I know if your love is true, God will not disappoint you. Mama, I don’t know why I am restless. What if they say no, then? Then? What will happen? Life won’t stop, nor will you stop breathing What are you saying mama? I am telling you the truth, a person should trust his love, whether you get it or not. Come on. Don’t be Romeo, Zeeshan, come on. Shamila, what happened? Faham, I was waiting for you, you took long coming from work. No, I was with mama, discussing something important. Were you talking about Rida’s wedding. No. Zeeshan’s mother is visiting often, so I thought. Rida is young, she is completing her studies we will see. Faham, you made the right decision, our Rida is young, for her working in the house will be difficult. You are right. Listen, after so long, I am really hungry can I have some food. why some? Have lots. You change, I will fix food. Okay. Rida is still young, this is what time will tell. Zahida. Sister Zahida, fix food for Faham. Child, stop it, go to work, you are getting late. Mama, nothing happens. Aunt, its time for your medication. Shamila you are so nice. Mama…oh my God, you know I passed, I got grade A, I am so happy. Wow. See, this is my role number. Ma! May God give you success in all tests. Amen, the treat is due now! Yes, that too and the promise to send you abroad will also be fulfilled. Yay! Thank you. See, has such a good result. Let me call brother Hatim and inform him, I cannot wait,. 

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Here you go, now we have to send her abroad, she wants to study, its good. Also, the treat should be arranged today or I will be in trouble. Aunt, the medicine. Zeeshan, this project is really important, it is an important client for boss, we cannot have any mishaps in this and you need to check each point in detail. Yes. Excuse me. Yes sure. What happened Rida? Why are you calling? What? What did you say? A grade. Impossible. You got A grade. Gift? What should be the gift, I don’t know. Yes, all that is fine, Rida I am in an important meeting, I will call you soon, I will try to come early. Okay, I will also get your gift, okay, bye. Okay Zeeshan, I said we will discuss the important points on this, tell your team to give me the details. Yes Sana, thank God, mama prayed so much, we passed with such good grades. There were so many failures, that girl who used to sit with me she failed one exam. Yes, I will call you back later, bye. Mama, I am really happy. Really happy. Did you pray and thank God? I will just go. Rida. Rida, your friend Rushna is here, meet her. Mama, I will go meet her. Tell fact, I am going, I will talk to her. Zahida, Rushna is here, make tea for her. Rida, congrats we passed with good grades. Yes! Congrats to you too. I am really happy, thank God my respect is saved in front of Faraz. You still worry about Faraz? Obviously, now I won’t have to be embarrassed in front of him. You are joining uni right? Yes, brother Faham is getting me an admission. Zeeshan, we need to spend a lot of time on this project, even if we have to sit late, we will finish it and go. One second, boss is calling. Yes boss. Zeeshan, you sit in my cabin, I am coming from boss’s room.

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 Hello. Hello. Look Zeeshan is calling, you talk to him. He cut it. His message is also here. You hear it. Hello, you called right now, I picked up it got disconnected, then I called you didn’t pick up, actually I just found out that you passed, my heart wanted to give you a bouquet, but I cannot do that, so congrats, I am happy. Aunt, these were the things that I was talking to Rida about the other day. She is like my sister, I was telling her for her betterment, she thought I was blaming her. We created a scene in front of Faham and I misbehaved with you. Aunt, I am sorry for that day, I don’t have any object to hurt anyone, see Rida was getting wrong messages. Before the wedding, talking to any boy won’t be right. Rida is naïve aunt, we cannot trust any boy like this. You know that talking on the phone and messages are not right for our Rida. Anyway, I will go check on Zahida, I will make the kebabs myself. That is great. Hello sister in law, how are you? Hello Rushna, congrats to you on the wedding and passing. Thank you so much. You two sit down, I will go make tea. Where are you going? You too sit and talk to us. No, you two friends would want to sit and discuss secrets, why would I be involved. I will go make tea. Why are you standing? Sit. Your sister in law says weird things, I thought she was being sarcastic. Nothing like that, leave it. I don’t like her, stay away from her. Leave this useless discussion, talk about something else. Leave all this, tell me how is Romeo, where is the story? Wedding or engagement? No, my family ended it. Why? What? I don’t know, you tell me, when are you going to Canada? I was going just now, I had done my packing but one of Faraz’s friend is getting married, we will attend that and go. Also, brother Tauqeer has called mama to him, she cannot stay alone here. If brother Tauqeer got married, he would have stayed here, but I don’t know what stupid girl he got married to. Who doesn’t care for him one bit. This love doesn’t leave you. Okay, tell me, will you eat something, okay, lets order something quickly. One minute. Where is my phone? I forgot it here I think. Mama, have you seen my phone? Here is your phone. Thank you. Why is it switched off? Zeeshan was calling so I switched it off. 

Zeeshan? Even Shamila heard it. Do you talk to him? No mama. I don’t talk to him, why would I talk to him. Did sister in law Shamila say something? No. Has Rushna left or is she there? She is here, I wanted to get my phone to order pizza. Then go, she must be waiting. Go. Surprise! Oh my God Congratulations and celebrations. Thank you. Congratulations and celebrations. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you sister in law, ma. I was waiting for you for so long. Yes, we got late preparing, bring the cake forward sister Zahida. Look at this. Yay. Cut the cake. Here you go. Thank you. Sister in law its beautiful. Move the Balloons. Yes, I will cut this. Wow, it looks so beautiful. Wow. Congratulations and celebrations. You cannot cut a cake. The cake is really fresh. mama, so early in the morning, is everything ok? I have decided to marry Rida. Rida’s wedding? Suddenly, why mama? She got her result yesterday and we decided she will continue her education. Zeeshan is a good boy, I don’t want to say no to this proposal. I have told you earlier, I like these people. Fine, we agree. But that is not the only good proposal, Rida deserves a much better proposal. Everyone said no yesterday, today you agree. What is this? Son, I took this decision after thinking hard. No one…Okay, did you ask Rida? That is not needed. Needed? Why not? Mama, you should ask though.

 I am sure Rida will listen to me. Brother Faham, why are you quiet? Say something? Are you ok with this? I have never had a problem with any of mama’s decision earlier and if mama decided then it must be right. Fine, what can I say. Hatim, call Zeeshan, me and Faham will go to his home today. Okay mama. Mama I have all my life I have not objected to any of your decision, or argued, I will just be sad about one thing, Rida won’t be able to finish her education. For a daughter and sister, the respect is more important, not her wishes. What do you mean? What do you want to say? Say it clearly. When something goes from one ear to another, it spreads like wild fire. People do not think before spread rumors. What are you saying mama? Tell me clearly. Look Faham, I have thought and taken this decision, its possible that I am wrong. But child, in this situation, this is best for Rida. You are my son, my eldest son, you tell me, you will stand by me, right? Mama, I have always stood by you, I will always stand by you. Yes sir, its your own home, come over. We will meet soon. Who is coming? Mama, sir Hatim is saying Rida’s family is coming over today. Today? Oh wow. This mean that they maybe… I was sure God would disappoint me, thank you God. I need to see the arrangement. We will have to get things. Yes, tell me. I will get them. Zahida. Zahida. 

Yes, yes. Zahida, I asked you for juice for so long, where is it? I didn’t know you are up, so I will make it. Its weird you don’t know, I have already told you. I am hungry, what’s to eat? There is nothing. What do you mean you didn’t cook anything. madam didn’t tell me. and where is madam? She has gone with brother Faham. He came home? Yes, for a while, then they left. Did Rida go too? No. What are you looking at? You do everyone’s work, but not mine, hurry up. Bring it to my room. Yes, I will just get it. Look sister, nothing is complete in the world, nor do you get it. But your love has made us helpless that we had to change our decision. I understand you, parents think before making a decision for their children, if I was in your place, I would have done the same. I would say something. We have not hidden anything from you, told you everything. Sister is right, Zeeshan is nice and simple. I am hopeful that he will not give you a chance to complain. God willing. One more thing, you will not lack love and respect for Rida in this home. Look, we trust your love and came here or else… Hello. Hello. Hello. Mr. Habib? Hello sir. Sir, how are you here? Mr. Habib is a friend of our business partner, Yahya. Okay. Sir, how are you here? This is my sister and nephew Zeeshan. That is great. Its good we met you. We will not delay the proposal.

 Tell us when we should come to get the date. We want to get the wedding done soon. Yes, on your insistence we are ready to get Rida married soon or we wanted her to complete her education. Mama is right, we wanted Rida to complete her masters, but now…anyway, God’s will. You tell us the preparations needed for the wedding, we will start. and the wedding date. This means the wedding is done, I will just get sweets. Congrats sister, you too son. Don’t worry, Rida is our daughter. Mama, what are you saying? Why child? You have an objection? Objection? Ma… Look child, Zeeeshan is a good boy and so is his mother, they have asked for you with love and Faham likes those people too. But mama, how can I get married now, my studies… Child, you can complete your studies after marriage, you know Zeeshan’s mother did the same. I am sure they will cooperate with you. I don’t understand anything, you please stop them. Rida, look child, they are loving people. I cannot make your education a base and say no and your friend Rushna is also married. How will I live with you people ma? Rida, child, this will be difficult for me too but you have to get married one day so why don’t I find the suitable time and get you married. Zeeshan’s mother is good, really caring, you have to respect her love. When you don’t respond to love with love, the heart hurts. You try child, that you don’t hurt her ever. I know why you are doing all this. Then stay quiet, if you know, then let what’s happening happen. Listen to your mother child, please. Information Main article.